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Frequently Asked Questions

Most growers find purchasing marijuana seeds from online seed banks to be a daunting and somewhat intimidating prospect. Growers who order from online seed banks for the first time may have doubts about whether their purchase is even legal. This is especially true for buyers who live in the United States and want to order from seed banks located in other countries like the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

The truth is you don’t have to worry about anything if you purchase your supply from a reliable seed bank. With many states in America now legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, growers have more leeway when it comes to buying marijuana seeds online. When looking for a seedbank online, there are some particular things that one should look out for:

  • Provide worldwide shipping, including to the USA
  • Shipping is discrete and stealthy
  • Reliable customer service
  • Money-back or refund policy in case the buyer receives damaged or poor-quality cannabis seeds
  • Offer a good selection of seed varieties
  • Sell cannabis seeds of the highest quality
  • Accept multiple currencies and payment methods
  • Decent selection of cannabis strains
  • Offer discounts and sales
  • Shipping always arrives on time
  • Seed collections have customer reviews for each available strain
  • Rewards/Loyalty Programs
  • A user-friendly website that is easy to navigate

Just remember to look for these things whenever you decide to shop for some cannabis seeds from an online seedbank. This way you won’t have to worry about getting your purchase from an unreliable source.

Seed Bank USA

The decriminalization of cannabis dates back to 1973, but this march towards widespread legalization in the country didn’t start until 1996. This was the year when California voters passed Proposition 215 which asks for the legalization of cannabis in the state. Now more than 20 years later, many states all across the country have legalized cannabis use.

Some states have legalized use of both recreational and medical cannabis while others only allow the latter given that the user has a doctor’s permit. This plant has always been popular in the US, but now with its widespread legalization, it has become even more popular than ever before.

While most legalized states have their local dispensaries where people can shop for marijuana seeds, a lot of enthusiasts prefer to buy through online seed banks. Purchasing cannabis seeds online has become a favourite thing to do in the 420 community in the USA.

Shopping for cannabis seeds through a local dispensary is a practical thing to do, but one drawback that this has is that the number of cannabis strains these shops have available will be somewhat limited. Getting them from online seed banks gives you a more comprehensive selection of high-quality seed collections.

Since cannabis legalization continues to be a bit of a complex law in the country, it is highly recommended for customers to purchase their marijuana seeds only if they live in a state that legalizes the growing of the plant at home. There are also some online seed banks in the USA that sell their supplies using subterfuge to ensure that their clients receive the marijuana seeds that they ordered.

Marijuana Seeds USA

The United States has long been acquainted with marijuana. Even George Washington himself used cannabis to get some momentary relief from toothaches. In the 1840’s cannabis indica was officially accepted and introduced as medicine after its beneficial effects were discovered by William Brook O’Shaughnessy. As you can see, America has quite a discourse with this plant.

Plenty of American cannabis growers have also developed their own high-quality cannabis genetics. In fact, many of the American cannabis varieties have attained legendary status in the 420 community. Here are some of the marijuana varieties from the USA that are worth growing:

  • Girl Scout Cookies – this cannabis strain is named after the little girls who sell their cookies door-to-door. It is 60% indica and 40% sativa, making it slightly balanced. Anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on Girl Scout Cookies seeds should try growing this plant. It is known for its potency and is regarded as the 2nd most popular cannabis strain in California.
  • Blue Dream – this hybrid cannabis strain has become a legend in the West Coast. It delivers a relaxed, yet happy high minus the sedative effects. A popular daytime strain, it is the perfect companion for users dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, and chronic body pain. Many dispensaries and seed banks in California are sure to have Blue Dream seeds in stock as it is in very high demand in the sunny state.
  • Sunset Sherbet – the lovechild of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, this indica-heavy strain has a sweet, berry-like aroma and sweet lemon flavor that belies its high potency. The strong indica genetics of the Sunset Sherbet strain make it one of the most relaxing cannabis strains ever bred.
  • Grand Daddy Purple – this strain is the product of Purple Urkle and Big Bud and has become a staple in the West Coast. It has a mix of sweet flavors that resemble berries and grapes and is considered to be one of the more potent indica cannabis strains in the market. Those who live in California should have no trouble finding Grand Daddy Purple seeds being sold there as it remains quite popular in the state.
  • Green Crack - despite sharing a name with an infamous illegal substance, sativa does not cause any of the adverse effects that crack is known for. Instead, it is renowned for its ability to calm the senses and reduce stress. Green Crack is the lovechild of an Afghani strain crossed with Skunk #1, and it smells and tastes like sweet fruit with some hints of tanginess and flowers. Those who are interested in growing Green Crack seeds are advised to do so outdoors as the plant thrives best there.

Cannabis Seeds USA

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of growing cannabis in your own backyard was considered a precarious move because the plant had yet to be legalized. These days, however, things are a whole lot different, and there are now certain states that allow cannabis breeders to legally grow the plant right at their own homes.

In the United States, 5 regions are considered to be the best place to grow and harvest cannabis. Those who have seed collections lying around at home may want to consider moving to one of the following areas:

The Emerald Triangle

The area known as the “Emerald Triangle” is located right around the northwest portion of California. The region is known for having balmy Mediterranean weather and mountainous slopes that make it premiere location for growing this plant.  It is estimated by state regulators that at least 1.7 million pounds of cannabis plants are grown in the Emerald Triangle each year. This makes the region the number one supplier of cannabis strains in America.

And when you factor in the ever-evolving legal framework of the state of California, you have yourself a hotbed of everything that is needed to grow the finest varieties of cannabis in this part of the world.

While California ranks on top of the list in terms of cannabis production, the second and third places go to the states of Kentucky and Tennessee respectively.


Washington ranks second in terms of indoor production of the plant right behind California. Despite being located in a precipitous region, this north-western state makes for a formidable rival for Oregon. The areas close to Seattle often experience plenty of heavy rain and a lack of sunlight. This leaves growers with no other choice except to grow indicas and fast flowering cannabis strains. Those who prefer using autoflowering cannabis seeds will feel right at home in this region because it has the right climate for it.

However, the areas located around the Cascade region get more sunlight, while the rest of the other regions in Washington offer plenty of fresh water and high-quality soil for the plant to grow in. The cannabis farmers here take Croptober very seriously because in October 2017 they were able to produce 90,000 pounds of cured marijuana. This was a new record for Washington for a one-month haul.


The lax personal cultivation laws along with the easier access to the commercial cannabis industry make Oregon a great place for growing cannabis strains. It ranks number four in indoor production, and the rising demand has also caused it to grow the plant in excessive amounts. The decline in prices has caused many farmers some problems, but smokers are happy though because they get to enjoy $50 in legal ounces. This is 80% cheaper than the prices in California in 2018.

Legislators have also had to delay new cultivation applications because of the latest surplus. They are expected to address this issue this year which will once again make Oregon a hotspot for small time growers and big businesses.


While the East Coast is not exactly known for producing high quality cannabis strains, the Northeast is different because it has the conditions needed to grow the plant outdoors. Maine is one such state in this region. While the shorter autumn season and humid summers might not make it an ideal location for harvesting regular cannabis seeds, indicas, and other hybrids will benefit tremendously from the fresh water and nutrient rich soil.

Maine is also one of the few states in the northeast where cannabis plants have been legalized. Although sales of the plant are still illegal, adults are legally allowed to grow cannabis in the state, making it a rare haven in the northeast coast.

Weed Seeds USA

The best time to start planning for one’s grow garden is right at the beginning of the new year because it gives you a good head start for the outdoor grow season which starts from March to November. However, trying to make your way around the cannabis market can be more challenging than it looks because of the different levels of legality in each state.

Most growers in the US purchase their marijuana seeds online because it’s more convenient and offers them plenty of cannabis varieties to choose from. But before one can even think about purchasing seeds online, one must think about what kind of cannabis strains to grow as well as the seed bank to purchase the seeds from.

US federal law prohibits marijuana making it difficult to find information about breeders and seed banks. Seed banks and breeders who have an established reputation are usually the best ones to start with.

Before one can shop for cannabis seeds online, it is important to check on the laws of your state to see if there will be any legal complications if you were to shop through an online seed bank.

American Seed Banks USA

The number of dispensaries in America has increased over the last few years albeit gradually. This is because of the widespread legalization of cannabis in the country. But despite this, American cannabis users and growers prefer to get their supplies from seed banks online. Purchasing online instead of going to a physical marijuana shop provides one with more varieties to choose.

Studies have shown that the number of online marijuana purchases have more than tripled between 2005 and 2017. With many lawmakers in different states already considering making cannabis legal, it is safe to assume that these sales figures will increase tenfold within the next decade. In 2018 alone, the legal marijuana industry grew to $10.4 billion while providing employment to 250,000 people. Just think of how much more it can add to the economy once more states become legalized in the future.

Best Seed Bank for USA

Growers living in the United States who want to purchase seeds online so they can start growing their crops are advised to only do business with trusted seed banks. An example of a good seed bank to order from is the aptly named “I Love Growing Marijuana” founded by cannabis expert Robert Bergman.

They offer free and discreet shipping to the United States and Europe and have plenty of great cannabis varieties to choose from. Their regular, autoflower and feminized cannabis seeds are all sold in packs of 5 for reasonable prices. This makes I Love Growing Marijuana the best seed bank for the USA not only because of the free shipping, but also because they sell cannabis with superior genetics.

Colorado Seed Bank

The state of Colorado is a pretty significant location for the 420 community because it is the first state that legalized marijuana. Colorado has a long and storied history with this plant’s legalization, and it dates back to 1975. This was the year when it became one of 10 states to decriminalize cannabis.

This didn’t mean that it was safe for smokers to light up a joint though because it only served to lessen the penalties associated with possession and use of cannabis to discourage heavy use. It would be nearly 40 years before marijuana was finally legalized in the entire state. This monumental event took place in November 2012 with the passing of Amendment 64. This bill allows Colorado residents aged 21 and above to legally purchase, possess, grow and smoke cannabis provided they have a valid government ID. Residents can purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana per transaction.

On New Year’s Day 2014, businesses began selling recreational cannabis for the first time. Some customers waited in line for up to 20 minutes. This event came to be known as Green Wednesday and has become a significant part of cannabis history in the United States.

California Seed Bank

On January 1, 2018, California officially became the first state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Purchasing recreational cannabis is still illegal in most states, but on New Year’s Day in 2018 it became almost banal for growers and smokers who lined up in dispensaries outside Oakland. Medical cannabis has been legal in the Golden State for nearly 20 years, but full legalization adds yet another feather to the cap of the nation’s fast-growing cannabis industry.

This also marks an important milestone in a saga that has been going on for more than 100 years. California first attempted to legalize the plant in 1972 through Proposition 19 which failed to pass. It has been a long battle, but the wait is now over for Californians who wish to light up some sativa and indica cannabis strains without having to worry about getting fined or punished.

Oregon Seed Bank  

In 2014, Oregon voters said “yes” to the state-wide legalization of cannabis. This came two years right after Colorado and Washington also legalized sativa and indica plants in their respective states. About one year later, legislators made some changes to the criminal statutes of Oregon’s marijuana laws making it legal for people 21 and older to have 1 ounce of cannabis in public while allowing those at home to possess up to 8 ounces. These changes also made it possible for people to grow up to four cannabis plants at home.

Even though the state’s cannabis program might be far from perfect, it is still one of the most environment friendly programs in the country because it regulates the use of pesticides, allows growing the plant outdoors, and encourages growers to practice sustainable cultivation methods. It is safe to say that the future is looking bright for sativa and indica cannabis strains in Oregon because legislators are already considering proposing a bill that would mark a massive step in the legalization of domestic exports of these plants.

Michigan Seed Bank

The history of cannabis in Michigan dates back to 1967 when the Michigan Daily (local college newspaper) published an article urging lawmakers to make marijuana legal. It took more than 50 years, but cannabis is now finally legal in this part of the U.S.A. It officially became legal in December 2018, about ten years after voters legalized medical marijuana.

The new law allows people aged 21 and over to possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana at home and grow up to 12 of them for personal consumption. Michigan residents have plenty of reason to start shopping for regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds so they can start growing their crops.

Michigan also has the largest legal carry limit in the country at 2.5 ounces. However, it is illegal to sell marijuana and marijuana seeds. It is also illegal to smoke in public as smoking is currently restricted at home. Even lighting up a joint in public will subject a person to legal sanctions.

It may have taken 95 years, but Canada finally took a huge step when they legalized cannabis nationwide on October 17, 2018. This made them the second country to legalize recreational marijuana. However, there are still a few restrictions in place throughout the country for those who wish to sell or buy the drug.

Operating a Canadian seed bank requires one to apply for a license from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before one is allowed to sell cannabis. Once the license gets granted, the person applying must then purchase and put cannabis excise stamps on all of their products. They are also required to calculate the duty of sales made from their seedbank and file and return their excise duty to the CRA.   

The legal age differs from province to province in Canada, and the places where one can purchase them also varies as well. So, it will be your responsibility to research the cannabis laws in your province to see what the age limit is and where you’re allowed to make purchases of regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds.

It’s also important to remember that even though they have legalized cannabis nationwide, bringing in or exiting Canadian borders with marijuana is still considered illegal, so be careful.

Vancouver Seed Bank

In Vancouver, the legal age for purchasing and using cannabis is 19, and they can only be bought through government-sponsored dispensaries or an online seedbank. The public possession limit for the entire province of British Columbia is 30 grams. Purchasing from unauthorized seedbanks or vendors can get one in plenty of trouble, so be sure to obey the law to avoid having this problem on your hands.

Growing cannabis at home in Vancouver is also legal, and under new provincial laws, all homeowners will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes. However, an exception is permitted if an adult is authorized to grow medical cannabis under the federal Cannabis Act.

Choosing a place for growing the plants will also be a bit tricky as cultivators are required to select a location that is not visible from a public area. Cultivators are only allowed to grow in their residences and are not allowed to raise their marijuana seeds in more than one home at a time.

Ontario Seed Bank

In the province of Ontario, the legal age for cannabis is 19, and the public possession limit is 30 grams. Adults 19 or older can only purchase from government-sponsored dispensaries or online seedbanks. For now, the only place where residents can legally buy marijuana and marijuana seeds in Ontario is the OCS or the Ontario Cannabis Store. This will be the case up until April 19, 2019.

According to the official Ontario website, the province has around 70 varieties of marijuana seeds available, but this number is soon expected to expand to 150. Just think of all the indica and sativa strains one can enjoy in Ontario.

Ontario also has a money back guarantee policy for customers who purchase marijuana seeds and aren’t satisfied with them. As long as the product is unopened and returned within 14 days after purchasing, customers are entitled to a complete refund.

Just like British Columbia, residents of Ontario are only allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants at home. Cultivating marijuana seeds in more than one residence at a time is illegal, and purchasing edibles is also not allowed, although people are allowed to make them at home.

Ontario also has more “relaxed” laws in place with regards to smoking cannabis in public. People are allowed to smoke in public as long as they are of legal age and do it in a location where smoking tobacco is permitted.

There is also a zero-tolerance policy in effect for people under the age of 21 who drive while high. They will be subject to legal sanctions regardless of their license status and even if they have learner’s permits.

Cannabis has become more popular and accepted than ever before thanks to its widespread legalization in a handful of countries all over the world in varying degrees. Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, and it might only be a matter of time before the entire United States joins that list as well.

For now, though, smokers and breeders will have to be within the nine states where marijuana is considered legal.

When looking for a seedbank online, it is always important to check their background. The most reliable seedbanks usually have great reputations in the community and offer discreet international shipping. In addition, they also sell cannabis that are not only of the best quality but also possesses superior genetics.

No one is going to want to spend hundreds of dollars on low-grade marijuana. So, if one were to shop online for seeds, regardless of whether they’re regular seeds, feminized seeds, or autoflowering seeds, one should always do a careful background check on the seedbank they wish to purchase from.

Best Cannabis Seed Bank

There are a lot of smokers and growers who are excited at the thought of cannabis being made legal all over the world. Even though only a handful of countries and nine states in the USA have legalized the plant in different capacities, just the mere thought of being able to purchase it legally is something to be happy about.

Dispensaries are usually the place to go to for people who want to purchase cannabis, but most prefer to do it online because it’s faster, more convenient and provides more choices in terms of marijuana varieties. For first-timers, purchasing online can be an intimidating prospect because cannabis is always going to be a controversy magnet even if it has already been more accepted by the mainstream audience these days.

To avoid yourself the trouble, always search for the right seller. There are many sellers online, but not all of them can be trusted or are as good as they claim. This is the real secret behind finding the best cannabis seedbank online.  A good seedbank should not only have a solid reputation, but it must also sell quality indica and sativa strains and deliver their products on time.

Another critical thing to consider before purchasing from a seedbank is their seed collections. Do they have the sativa or indica that you’re looking for? Do their cannabis strains possess great genetics? Reputable seedbanks will always properly label their seeds to avoid confusion among their customers.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Dispensaries and seedbanks are the go-to places for people who want to purchase seeds that they can raise and cultivate for their personal use. There are thousands of seedbanks online, but inexperienced buyers may not be able to tell the difference between an OK seedbank from a great one.

It’s easy for any online cannabis seedbank to label itself as the best in the industry, but only the ones that have a proven track record will earn a good reputation in the market. Before purchasing cannabis from an online seller, you should normally do some research first and look for any customer reviews about the seedbank you want to buy from.

For exactly that reason, we have created Royal Seed Bank for showing you the best and most trusted Seed Banks from which you can buy online. You save a lot of time and get in touch with the best vendors on the market.

Furthermore when you are a beginner in this space, you find all information for successful growing under Beginners Guide on How to Grow Weed.

Weed Seed Bank Alternative  

Having your marijuana garden may come in handy in case there are no seedbanks or dispensaries to purchase from. Growers who have a collection of cannabis strains in their home can harvest their buds once they become mature. This is great because having a personal stash for the rainy days ensures that you never run out of pot to smoke.

When growing cannabis at home, it is recommended for one to use feminized seeds over regular seeds because they do not produce any males. When harvest time comes, growers won’t have to worry about their cannabis leaving behind any seeds because females will only produce healthy and aromatic buds.

Before growing any cannabis strains at home, one has to make sure that they are complying with their state or province’s cannabis regulations. It is essential to know the number of plants that one can cultivate at home to avoid getting into legal trouble.

Most Reliable Seed Banks

Despite being legalized in some parts of the world, purchasing recreational cannabis strains from online seedbanks continues to be a tricky endeavor for some. Imagine all the stress that one feels if his order of cannabis were to get confiscated by customs. Even in Canada where marijuana has been made legal nationwide, entering or exiting their borders with cannabis is prohibited.

Yes, there are dispensaries to buy from, but sometimes they don’t have the cannabis strains that one is looking for because their seed collections might be limited. Buying online is the best option in this scenario because they usually have cannabis strains available that one may not find in a local seedbank.

It is important only to make transactions with reliable seedbanks like I Love Growing Marijuana, MSNL, and Seed City to name a few. These seed banks all offer discreet international shipping and affordable prices for their supplies.

Best Seed Bank for Feminized Seeds   

Ask any experienced breeder about what kind of seeds are the best to cultivate because nine times out of 10 they will tell you that it’s feminized seeds. Regular seeds produce male plants that can make harvesting the buds more tedious and autoflowering seeds often produce lower yields.

Female plants are better to work with because harvesting their buds is easy and straightforward. Female plants do away with the tedious and often unnecessary task of having to prune and maintain any male plants that usually end up becoming discarded. Moreover, female seeds are just as good as regular seeds for making mother plants.

So, when it comes to purchasing feminized seeds, the best seed bank to go with for this one is MSNL. They have been in business since 1999, and they have great selections. The genetics of their cannabis strains are of superior quality, and they sell their stocks at reasonable prices. They provide discreet shipping worldwide and even throw in a free seed for every order made. Shipping is free for orders of €60 and above.

There are plenty of seed bank reviews online, but not all of them are reliable. When looking for a review about an online seedbank always go for ones that have an objective tone. There is no such thing as a perfect marijuana shop so any articles that provide only positives without any negatives should be tagged with red flags. For getting deeper knowledge about Marijuana related topics, you should have a look at our Cannabis Blog.

No matter how good a seedbank’s reputation is, there will always be flaws associated with it both big and small. It is also essential to see whether the seedbanks you plan to get your seeds from offer international shipping and can keep everything discreet.

It is also better to read reviews sent in by customers because they are usually partial and will tell it as it is. Don’t expect all seedbanks to have glowing reviews from their customers because everyone will have a different experience when shopping from them. Just remember to see how much the good reviews outweigh the bad ones before you decide on which seedbank to go with.

Recent Cannabis Articles

What is OG Kush?

What is OG Kush?

OG Cush is a legendary and highly popular strain of marijuana. Kush is a type of cannabis that grows in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, one of the few places on earth where cannabis grows natively. Kush can easily be grown in the US because of the genetics that makes this plant highly resistant to different environmental elements. It is easy to manage these plants as they do not grow very tall. It resulted in the strain becoming a popular choice among cannabis growers because of the availability of many strains with kush genetics.

Kush cannabis has very dense buds. This strain of cannabis features colas that are deep green in color with a purple tint on the leaves. The tiny hairs of the cannabis, called pistils, are either rust-colored or orange. Kush is known for its powerful smell, ranging from natural to earthy and floral to sweet, making it difficult to spot kush using smell alone.

A very popular  strain of kush is the OG Kush, a hybrid. OG Kush provides a relaxing but uplifting euphoric high, not as sedating as other strains of kush. 

The name OG Kush is so popular that even many non-users of marijuana are familiar with the name. it is not clear what “OG” stands for although there are different speculations as to what the letters mean.

The origins of “OG” have given rise to endless debate and discussion and still, nobody is sure about its meaning. The meaning of “OG” is a genuine mystery although there are many different theories.

Some people believe that “OG” was a tribute to, a very popular cannabis website at the start of the 21st century until it was shut down by Canadian authorities. Another school of thought is that “OG” refers to “Original Gangster” as it was a strain that was grown in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles. The most probable meaning of OG Kush is “Ocean Grown Kush” in reference to the place where the strain is grown - close to the Bay of California. However, the discussion on the real meaning of “OG” does not end there as many other theories are coming from the different areas of California, which means that the investigation should continue.

The OG Kush bud is easy to identify even before feeling its effects because of the unique way it looks and smells. The strain has flowers that are medium-sized, usually in bright green that are covered in crystalline trichomes which leaves a sticky resin on the fingers. The OG Kush flowers contain many terpenes, such as humulene, limonene, and pinene, which combine to provide OG Kush a signature sour and earthy aroma. 

OG Kush is a notoriously difficult plant to grow. It is probably the most difficult variety of marijuana to cultivate. The strain prefers an arid, outdoor climate, taking about 8 to 9 weeks to flower. This marijuana strain can also be grown indoor but you should take into account its pungent smell. Growers must bear in mind that OG Kush is a building block strain used for cross-breeding.

Consumers of OG Kush claim that the strain can relieve headaches, lower stress levels, and help attain focus when dealing with an attention deficit disorder focus. It produces mentally-stimulating highs coupled with uplifting and energizing effects that build to a sense of euphoria instead of a purely physical “body buzz.” OG Kush affects individual users differently. It is known for its potency and consistently high THC composition so it should not be used by a first-timer.

OG Kush History

The beginning of OG Kush in California could be traced somewhere in Los Angeles in 1996. The Golden State was contemplating changing the game when it comes to cannabis reform by passing Prop 125 that established what would become the largest medical marijuana market on the planet.

Even before the passage of Prop 125, intrepid cultivators have been harvesting countless cannabis crops from their backyards and the hills and canyons of Los Angeles, where Josh D, known as @therealogkushstory, was living a rebellious life growing weed for the black market. Josh first experienced cannabis at the age of 13, immediately falling in love with its effects. By age 17, Josh was traveling the world to meet cannabis connoisseurs and collect pot seeds for his garden back at home.

At about the same time, in Florida, Matt “Bubba” Berger was also playing with law enforcement as he grew his cannabis plants. Berger was known in Florida for his prized cut of a Northern Lights phenomenon, which he called ‘Bubba.’ Berger is also known for another Florida cannabis legend known as Kryptonite. This is a high-grade week that allegedly originated in Seattle and shipped back east in hard-packed rectangular bricks. The overpowering effects and added density are the reasons the strain was called Kryptonite.

Kryptonite, over the years, got chopped down to Krippy, a term that was used to describe all high-grade cannabis in the region.

According to the story, a friend of Burger’s loved Krippy very much that he referred to the dense nugs as “Kushberries,” with no intended correlation to or knowledge of the Hindi Kush mountains in Afghanistan that produced some of the world’s most potent cannabis at the time. The name became a hit and it was eventually cut down to “Kush”.

Back to Los Angeles

By this time, things were beginning to heat up in Los Angeles because of the topic of medical marijuana. 

Matt Berger moved from Florida to Southern California and was linked with Josh through a mutual friend named Chris. Josh, Matt, and their buddy moved into a place in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. Josh dug into the extensive collection of seeds that he had been stockpiling for a while. 

Berger observed his buddy Josh growing cannabis and observing that nothing quite like Kush was grown in LA, packed his clothes and went back to the Sunshine State to retrieve his prized strains of Kush, Bubba, and KY and brought them back to the west coast.

With the rare cannabis strains from Berger, Josh D started a cannabis revolution in the West Coast of not only the strains to be grown but also how to grow them well. Much like some of the most iconic strains known, Bubba Kush was the result of accidental pollination of a lower nug of the Kush strain.

At that time in Southern California, law enforcement treated weed and grow operations as Public Enemy # 1. People were getting arrested regularly over their association with the cannabis plant.

The practice of growing Sativa-leaning marijuana plants, like lemon thai, in the yard carried a lot of risks as they could hardly be concealed from nosy neighbors, the threat of cannabis thieves, and of course, the pesky police.

High Times Magazine released around that time an article about a “Million Dollar Crop” that showcased the emerging technology of indoor growing of cannabis instead, using the system of  rock wool hydroponic instead of planting in the soil. Growing cannabis indoors changed the game in Los Angeles and everywhere else. It took out the watchful eyes of law enforcement and concealing everything behind doors and blackout windows.

The Kush strain is notoriously difficult to grow properly as it is super sensitive to light. It is picky about its nutes and when stressed, it can throw seeds and wreck the entire crop.

By 1997, the strain was fetching up to $8,000 per pound based on low supply, high demand, and ever-higher quality. This incredible popularity of the Kush strain is something that could not have happened outside of Los Angeles.

Today, various cannabis strains can be sourced legally from licensed growers such as the Royal Seed Bank and Royal Queen Seeds, where growers can find popular varieties such as the sunset sherbet strain, a direct descendant of the Girl Scout cookies. The California seed bank provides interested growers with the basic knowledge of marijuana growing such as how to germinate marijuana seeds. The knowledge is now available and seeds of various strains are available to start a well-paying operation to grow cannabis legally. Royal Queen Seeds, like most seed banks are always in search of better hybrids, by crossing strains themselves.

Is Kush a Indica or Sativa?

Kish is one of the strains of Cannabis indica. The Kush cannabis originated from landrace plants that were mainly grown in Afghanistan, North-Western India, and Northern Pakistan. Some strains come from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Strains of Hindu Kush Cannabis were taken to the US in the 1970s and continued to be grown in the country, specifically in Southern California, to the present. 

It is known that Sativa gives more “head high,’ and should be used while the user is physically active. On the other hand, Indica, with its more sedating effect, tends to calm the body. But the effects of either Indica or Sativa always vary, depending on the genetic make-up of each plant, the consumption method, the dose, and the user’s tolerance. Hybrids combine the elements of Indica and Sativa to produce both body and mind effects.


People wrongly refer to every exceptionally good cannabis plant as Kush. However, Kush is a very specific variety. The Hindu Kush, with a naturally 20% THC content, is considered as one the purest Indicas in the world. It is similar to Indicas in that the plant is short, with dark green buds and orange hairs. When you see a grower to look for weed seeds for sale, you will easily identify the Hindu Kush because of its strong, floral aroma. The original Hindu Kush has many strains, each has its unique aroma, appearance, effect, and flavor.

Sellers of marijuana seeds online, Purple Kush, which is a cross of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush is one of the best strains of Hindu Kush. Other famous varieties of Kush include OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Skywalker OG, and Master Kush. 

Novice growers are not advised to plant Kush right away because the strain is notoriously difficult to cultivate. New growers will be better off starting with autoflowering seeds, which are Sativa or Indica that are crossed with a ruderalis species as they are easier to grow.


Is OG Kush a hybrid or indica?

OG Kush is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that has slightly more sativa characteristics. The body high that it produces may be described as an inducing couch lock. The THC levels are very high and the cerebral euphoria has made this strain extremely popular to users. The popularity of OG Kush contributed to the development of many other Kush, OG Kush strains.

OG Kush is a hybrid with a very unique terpene profile, boasting of a complex aroma with notes of spice, fuel, and skunk. It is a 55/45 Indica dominant hybrid that has a whopping THC average of 24%. 

Kush, OG Kush has become a worldwide staple that has been used in creating other famous strains such as Headband and GSC. OG Kush has many different phenotypes such as SFV OG, Tahoe OG, and Ghost OG.

Is OG Kush high in CBD?

CBD is the second-most abundant cannabinoid content of cannabis. High-CBD cannabis strains deliver clear-headed and functional effects minus the euphoria that is common with high-THC strains. A strain with high CBD is a good choice for people who need to medicate throughout the day for pain control, anxiety, inflammation, and other chronic conditions.

CBD Kush is a small plant that reaches only 100 cm in height. It has high medicinal value with up to 5% of CBD level and 7% THC. It is considered a treasure for patients who suffer from tension and pain, and who do not want to experience a strong brain high. 

CBD Kush has many medical uses that are highly preferred than the recreational ones. The strain offers relief from deep-seated pains and aches, either temporary or chronic. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe daily annoyances such as nausea and headaches. The high concentration of CBD allows for fewer distractions, allowing users to focus on a single task. CBD Kush elevates mood by providing temporary relief from depression, stress, and anxiety.


Despite being notoriously difficult to grow, OG Kush remains a popular cannabis strain. People love it because of its unique scent, taste, and appearance. It has a nice feel and euphoric cerebral high. Kush, OG Kush is a potent strain that is not recommended for the newer smoker or someone who may be considered lightweight. 

OG Kush has a THC concentration that averages 21-24% levels, with some of the related strains going higher than that. When grown correctly, OG Kush is a must-have for cannabis connoisseurs.

What is the Cherry Pie Strain?

What is the Cherry Pie Strain?

People with sweet-tooth and enjoy using weed, they will love the Cherry Pie Strain. It has a moderate and strong THC volume that depends on the cut you used. You will expect some punches too when taken to the THC level properly. The weed is a combination of scent and fragrance straight from baked goods in the kitchen with a mouth-watering flavor of cherry—the best treat you can have for all your senses.

Those in the Cannabis industry and experienced users surely have an idea of how Cherry Pie ever tasted and pleasantly smelled. Yes, it hasn't won a lot of awards, but it was recognized and received the 3rd place finish during the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014. If you are a fan of baked cherry pie goodies, you'll be excited to try this sensational strain as well.

As defined, the weed is strongly an Indica dominant hybrid cherry pie (80%), which is a product of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. The strain is indeed a combination of both rockstar parents. It is a top-shelf quality, and you will not be disappointed in buying it, especially from the right sources.

Aside from giving users the pleasantly sweet and a sour flavor, it also has a concentration of high terpenes. It includes Myrcene, which is considered the most abundant one, Linalool also, Limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, and Alpha-pinene. It is said to have originated in the state of California and gained a lot of feedback to be a massive hit.

Cherry Pie Strain Characteristics

The flowers of Cherry Pie are often small in size, but there are medium ones as well. The characteristic and bud structure is like those predominantly Indica strains. The Leafly cherry pie is tightly curled and densely grouped in mossy green colors. They are perfectly threaded through with intense orange hairs colored pistils. Though some phenotypes of it have purple flashes on their leaves, this is because of the high concentration pigmentation on the plant's different genes. It shows only during a cold temperature while in the growth process. Overall it's a colorful bud you can see that is translucent in its white trichomes, which gives it a silver-shiny texture.

When compared to its parent's genetics, the nugs of Cherry Pie are much denser compared to the Durban Poison. The shape of the weed is not as those with Grand Daddy Purple. But it's a good quality strain like its parents. You will never experience a crumbling danger in your hands while holding it. The overall look of the plant is derived from Durban's genes because you mostly see the color orange hairs and forestry green leaves, which can be associated with the characteristics of Durban too.

In terms of smell, you won't get surprised because it came from its name itself. It tastes and smells like a freshly baked pie with cherry flavor on it. It fills the room with a gorgeous tangy aroma, combining all flavors of cherries or blueberries, plus earthy spices. If you also tasted strawberry cough strain, the berry flavor comes out like this one of Cherry Pie too.

Users who smoke the Cherry Pie are often stunned with its piney taste too, which can be tasted from its first toke. But eventually, the cherry pie sweetness comes along and gives out a very delectable smoke with cherry flavor that remains on the user's tongue. If you're a beginner, you'll experience the cough because of the spicy taste, but overall, it's less pie and more cherry to taste on it.

Cherry Pie can help take away all the stress you're feeling, but it is not recommended to cure insomnia. It's worth considering though with anxiety and stress-related symptoms. It can elevate a mood, which became the reason why it was also recommended to people who are suffering from depression.

It is considered the most potent among all strains and is often prescribed for people in treating migraines, muscle pain, nerve pain, headaches, and even PMS. But there are other strains aside from cherry pie marijuana that also provide the same health benefits like the purple haze strain and sherbet strain. It can increase your appetite also. Therefore if you are having a low appetite or any other illness associated with it, then this medical marijuana or marijuana strain is a must-try too.


Is cherry pie a Sativa or Indica?

The Cherry Pie strain is also called Cherry Kush strain and a well-known potent Indica leaning hybrid cherry. It's a cross between strong Sativa Durban Poison and relish-packed Indica GDP or Grand Daddy Purple. This is the reason why Cherry Pie offers the best of the best because it came from good parent strains, which both have the best characteristics in the cannabis industry. The high content is balanced but mind-expanding as well, which you can enjoy. The strain's functionality, together with its fruity taste and tart flavor, made its popularity gone widespread in the whole world. According to Cannabis Lab Testing Analytical 360, the Cherry Pie, founded with a high consistency level of THC result, took an average of 20%.

Is cherry pie a good strain?

The weed consists of a high THC level, which is able to induce happiness, euphoria, and energy. If you are working on one project, this should be taken since it can improve one's creativity brought by the THC level effects. Plus, you are going to enjoy the sweet cherry pie taste and the delectable tart's flavor in it. Cherry Pie is considered one of the many parents' genetics of the other good weeds people are enjoying today, including cherry bomb strain and cherry berry strain. Just like its parents, it's one of the sweetest strains as well that gives out an unexplainable sensation to the user.

How do you strain a cherry pie?

It can grow from a small to medium-sized weed plant, and it prefers to grow indoors. It can yield an estimated size of 16 ounces every sqm of the sticky and dense light green buds. Flowering time takes around 8 - 9 weeks. If you choose to plant it outdoors, growers must keep it in a warm setting with many lights or sunshine that must be taken by the plant too. It's anti-pests and molds too, so technically, it's an easy plant to grow and harvest. It can be yielded for about 14 ounces, and when it grows, you will already smell the sweet sensation from it. Flowering time will be expected around October and ready for harvest too! Today, growers can also cross Cherry pie weed to another delicious zkittlez strain. You will love to taste the product of the two, which is intoxicating and has a candy-cherry aroma flavor.

What strain is dank Vapes cherry pie?

Dank vapes are pretty amazing in producing cartridges with different strains of flavors. There's a lot of recommendations about this product, including the production of Dank Vape cherry pie flavors. From the distillation to the oil itself, it is made of quality. The flavors are exceedingly excellent, and you will greatly taste the flavor as what the packages stated. Without any doubt, the Dank Vapes with Cherry pie flavor is the smoothest one. It can provide effortless hits to the user with a well-balanced high level for body and mind while enjoying the taste of cherry. Other strains flavors included in Dank Vapes cartridges are Mimosa, Fruity Pebbles, and Grand Daddy Purple, which is a very good strain too that you can cross with other popular weeds like a critical mass strain that has amazing flavor and color too.


For a long period, Cherry Pie Strain was recognized as a kept-secret among weed or strain users on the West Coast of America. California travelers then soon uncovered this exceptional strain and started bringing it to the other U.S. States after considering the positive effects on the user. Yes, it is one of the strongest in the market, but you must not neglect the potency of the strain too. Many users profess that they feel the euphoric aura and energy of the weed. It doesn't give their body the kind of high everyone expects from it. It's just a moderate highness that provides benefits too. While it manages a high potency, it also leaves the user to function securely without negative effects like having a dry mouth from these well-balanced hybrids. It provides enjoyment to the user, especially when taken with friends. Overall, the strain perfectly brings an uplifted and energetic high spirit.
Blue Dream Strain - The 60/40 Strain with a Difference

Blue Dream Strain - The 60/40 Strain with a Difference

Blue Dream strain is a powerful cross between Blueberry and Haze and is also called Azure Haze. This Sativa- dominant hybrid brings an outstanding flavor and causes cerebral high. Though its origins seem to be a mystery, it is believed to have originated from Santa Cruz, California, before it was noticed by a legendary breeder known as DJ Short. Blue Dream's THC is relatively high, with an average of 24% high and a low of 17% while its CBD level is 2% and its CBN level at 1%. This Blue Dream marijuana strain is an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses. With Blue Dream, the blueberry and sugar flavors stay long in the tongue and the air even after moments when the smoke has evaporated. This strain has a long and bushy plant with deep blue colors as well as amber and blue hairs with tons of milky white trichomes. The effects of this Blue is that it gives an extremely relaxed state that makes you feel very calm and hazy, and it causes a numbing sensation as well that you will not feel any pain and will prepare you to handle all the tasks ahead as it offers heightened focus. Blue Dream may work for those who are experiencing depression, lack of appetite, and chronic fatigue as it is a stimulant, so it will boost your mood and get you moving. This can also be an effective treatment for mild muscle spasms and other pains that are caused by an illness or physical injury. However, this Dream of marijuana is not recommended for those with anxiety disorders, as it may further agitate the condition. This Sativa- dominant hybrid takes about ten weeks to start flowering when grown indoors, and when grown outdoors, it will begin flowering around late September to early October. Blue Dream yields about 21 oz. per plant and grows upwards to about 5 feet. This Blue strain is a perfect combination of its lineage as it takes in all the best features of its parent strains, which then results in something unique and distinctly it's very own. This dream marijuana strain may be ideal for those who are suffering from an artist's block and may encourage their creativity, or it can simply be for lifting the mood.

History of Blue Dream Strain

Who created Blue Dream marijuana is a mystery. Still, this strain was first known in Santa Cruz, California, and is known to be one of the most popular ones both in the medical and recreational marijuana marketplace. Blue Dream was reinvented as Azure Haze and used a special Silver Haze and a Blueberry F4. This dream strain is 60% Sativa and 40% indica. When growing this plant, you can potentially get a batch that is mostly on the indica end of the spectrum. Its THC levels range from 13% to 26%. The Blue Dream CBD is usually at 10%. Other hybrids are Blue Cheese strain, which is a classic indica- dominant hybrid and is produced from the crossover between UK native strain Cheese and Blueberry. This strain has a fruity flavor. Another result of combining strains is the White Rhino strain, which is a cross between White Widow and 80% indica variation with a mixture of South Indian, Afghani, and Brazilian genetics. Its THC is 18%, and its taste hints at some sweetness. Other important varieties include the blueberry headboard strain, blue widow strain, and the blue kush strain.

Characteristics of Blue Dream Strain

Dream Blue produces so many effects, which makes it versatile and a great choice for any smoker. One of the effects Blue Dream creates is that it sets you for a long workday ahead, so it is said that it can be used before you start your day. This strain, though, is not advised to be used before bedtime or at night as you will have a hard time getting some sleep. Sunset Sherbet strain, on the other hand, is another type of hybrid, which is 85% indica and 15% Sativa. This result of strains causes full-body relaxation. Meanwhile, the Durban Poison strain is 100% Sativa that comes from a South African port city called Durban and leaves a citrusy aftertaste. Its aroma is a combination of piney, earthy, and sweet.

How to Grow Blue Dream Strain

When cultivating Blue Dream seeds, you must know the right way of growing it to ensure success, even if this Dream blue strain can grow in any weather and condition. To produce a healthy plant, this strain requires the proper nutrients and care to yield a quality crop. Part of the right care in growing Dream Blue is by giving it a lot of certain fertilizers along with nitrogen and magnesium, and in fact, it can tolerate great amounts of nitrogen without burning. This weed requires a great amount of fresh water as well to produce a bud that is healthy and happy. Because of its need for large amounts of water, Blue Dream is known to be popular as among the heaviest drinking strains of weed, so if you are cultivating one, expect that you would need to give it several gallons of water each day. The Blue strain does not flower as fast as the other varieties of weed, but when it starts flowering, you can expect to get a large yield along with a very strong bud. Those who have been growing this type of plant and have a lot of experience with it can expect to harvest around 500 to 600 grams of fresh reefer per plant. If you are growing outdoors, harvest time for this kind of cannabis is around mid- September to mid- October. Those that are grown indoors produce about the same amount of yield. If you are cultivating Blue Dream and is a newbie as a grower, you would need to know that it takes some patience as it needs time and a bit of effort because this strain needs certain types of nutrients to be healthy. However, once it is in its flowering stage, you will be surprised at how the branches will stretch and reach upwards and will grow so quickly overnight! Dream Blue can grow as tall as about 5 feet in height. Choosing a superior soil can create a big difference with this kind of strain as well because you will get a densely- packed flavor, which then means that if you use soil with higher quality, you will also be able to harvest a more flavorful weed. Another helpful tip to get good results with this kind of strain is the use of hydroponics should you choose to grow it indoors because this method will more likely produce the best yield in relation to harvesting buds with the highest potency. In terms of the difficulty level, the growing Blue Dream is from easy to medium category, and it can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Growing this Dream indoors is perhaps the best option if you are doing it for the first time because you will be able to control the conditions as well as the temperature, which can then give you a higher chance for a successful harvest. Should you choose to grow it outdoors, the kind of climate where it can properly thrive is the one that is like those of the West Coast in California. The right temperature for this plant is between 20° and 30°C, but they are permissive to cooler temperatures during night time as well. Due to its Sativa nature, Blue Dream can grow as high as 5 feet, and pruning it properly will make this plant thrive. You may also consider providing the plant with trellising on its flowering stage to give it more support, and you may want to watch it closely for spider mites and powdery mildew. In case you notice that there is health deterioration or if your plant might have any virus, do make sure to cut off the unhealthy parts of the plant immediately so as not to infect the healthy ones. Some other hybrids that are produced from other strains include Chemdawg strain and LSD strain. Chemdawg strain is a well- balanced cannabis hybrid with 19% THC and offers a little bit of indica body buzz that is accompanied by an extreme cerebral high that is influenced by the Sativa. LSD strain, on the other hand, is a hybrid of Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1. This indica dominant strain causes psychedelic reactions and also cerebral high.


This article intends to educate and provide information about Blue Dream strain to give more idea about what this weed is all about and what happens to your body when you take it. It certainly has some beneficial effects, but do take it with care and do not overuse.
Super Glue Strain for Medium Strength THC

Super Glue Strain for Medium Strength THC

When you hear the name Super Glue Strain, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Did you wonder why it was called superglue? If you are one of those who asked the same question, its time to shed some light on this strain. If you are looking for a strain that will offer you a relaxing effect, SuperGlue is famous for it. Trying SuperGlue will make you glued to the continued state of relaxation. SuperGlue is Indica dominant and a crossbreed of Northern Lights and Afghan, and it comes with thick buds with high potency. Looking at the appearance of SuperGlue strain, you will immediately determine that it belongs to Indica. But the flower of this plant offers a rancid smell with some hints of sour-sweet features. When you grind the herbs of SuperGlue, the scent will become spicy and wood-like.

Super Glue Strain History

superglue history SuperGlue Strain started its popularity after it won as the third place for the best Sativa during the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup 2015, which was conducted by Vallejo Patients Care. There is no clear information about who originally made this SuperGlue, yet Seedism Seeds is popular for its SuperGlue bud. If you are looking for the best place to buy marijuana seeds, there are many popular recommendations besides Seedism seeds. Most of them offer excellent marijuana seed online that you can grow in your backyard. Since this is a crossbreed of Afghani and Northern Lights, you will eventually know that SuperGlue is a quality kush that you would love to try. SuperGlue has maintained its popularity in the west coast of the United States, but its excellent reputation is known globally. SuperGlue is well-loved because of its high yield and exceptional high, which makes it a cash crop during the warmer weather. The Northern Lights is very popular and most-used in northern Europe while the Afghani is known as the OG of Indica cush, which creates a prodigal sticky bud. The popularity of SuperGlue started in the year 2015 after it gained its fame during the Cannabis Cup. Unfortunately, this popularity of SuperGlue was taken over by its cousin GorillaGlue. Despite unfortunate take over and not being given much praise, SuperGlue is a crazy glue strain that is still considered as a great choice. It is less of a couch lock and has less THC, which makes SuperGlue more sociable.

Super Glue Traits

The Super Glue strain is characterized by a distinctive smell leaning towards a heavy chemical or diesel smell, coupled with a woodsy scent, and a strong citrus streak. It can be best described as a lemony fresh wood furniture cleaner kind of smell. It is oddly satisfying in a wood shed or living room setting. It also tastes like it sounds. It lingers on the palate with a sweet woody pine, citrus-like, chemical taste.It is unique, distinctively pungent and almost sticky sweet at the same time. Users often experience dry mouth, and for a minority, dry eyes. There have also been other adverse reactions like anxiety attacks, paranoia and some cases of dizziness. Super Glue has less side effects than others, but it can happen for some. For medicinal purposes, Super Glue helps a lot when experiencing stress, depression and pain. It also works well with insomnia, as users can get sleepy when they toke while lying on the sofa. It also helps boost the appetite beside the munchies which some people experience when having marijuana. It induces a state of happiness, and users also experience total body relaxation from this weed. It can also help in the treatment of muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, pain and tremors. The first toke can bring a feeling of relaxation but, at the same time, it also induces the mind to focus. The effects of Super Glue are varied and it may differ between individuals. With a clear focused mind, the person can be able to continue working, however, if the person’s aim is to sleep, he can be dozing off without any problems. When planted outdoors, the expected flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks. In contrast, the controlled growing environment afforded by indoor growing allows Super Glue to flower in 8 weeks or less. Indoor yields are between 14 to 18 ounces, while outdoor grown weed yield 14 to 22 ounces.

Is Super Glue a Sativa or Indica?

superglue traits SuperGlue is a crossbreed of Afghan and Northern Lights, and it is an Indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 60:40. Although this split typically yields stable strains with well-known and documented effects, Super Glue has produces atypical reactions. The hybrid results in a potent strain that comes with thick buds that are filled with trichomes. If you have smelled SuperGlue strain, you will feel like you are walking into a fresh forest because of its fresh, bold, and piney flavor. As soon as you start toking, the Krazy glue strain flavor will be defined as woody and earthy. For inexperienced tokers, give some extra caution because the 18% to 19% of THC can knock your socks off. Although the THC level is not as high as others, Super Glue is noted for its varied effects and gives users a calming and relaxing feeling, while at the same time helps the person to focus. It is not often that a weed can be both body relaxing and mind focused. SuperGlue OG seed can be a great alternative for other cannabis strains Bubba Kush seed and Acapulco Gold seed if you are looking for a plant to cultivate indoors or outdoors. This is one of the autoflower marijuana seeds, which is great for new growers. If you are looking for mmj seeds that you can grow at home and will help you with your medical condition, you should consider buying Super Glue strain.


Super Glue strain is one of many glue variants and close cousins like Krazy Glue and Gorilla Glue. This does not mean that it also closely follows the traits of the other glue strains. On the contrary, this is a distinct marijuana strain which has almost contradictory effects on a person. It relaxes the body and can help when a person has trouble sleeping, but it also contributes to focus and a sharp mind. It smells of a walk in the pine woods, with a decidedly chemical diesel smell. It usually works well, but it is alway better to err on the side of caution and start slow when taking Super Glue. The Super Glue Strain is living to its name. But if you are interested in growing SuperGlue seeds indoors or outdoors, you need to give some time and effort to make it grow and reach its flowering time. Starting with SuperGlue should start with a small dose. Afterward, you can decide if you need or want a higher dose or stick with what you have.

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