10 Facts you didn't know about cannabis

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Ever since the discovery of marijuana and the compounds it contained enhance the individual to use it due to the said effect it could bring after taking or using it. To buy marijuana seeds is just as epic as playing hide-and-seek but what’s more with that was the unbelievable facts to be tackled below.

Weird ways to use hemp

In the old times, several discoveries proved that marijuana plant is not used only for smoking for its fibers can also be made into rope or fabric; perhaps the oddest use of hemp rope on record is a method for transporting Eastern Island’s giant stone statues.

Mythical origins

The hippie generation did not discover pot but the drug’s true origins remain a bit murky and the reality is, the identity of the first person to discover it is still mysterious.

Baby soap oops

In an unusual case, a hospital in North Carolina noticed an uptick in the number of newborns who were testing positive for marijuana in their urine which concludes that maybe the involvement of their moms to drugs contribute to this symptoms. But it turns out that these babies weren’t suffering from pot exposure. They were just soapy.

You can be allergic to pot

Like many other plants, marijuana can trigger allergic reactions in people. Both the plant’s pollen and its smoke can cause allergies in some people, the researchers said.

Mind-altering green

Getting high might affect how you perceive things the normal people would do. In a 2016 study, participants played a game in which they could win a few cents or lose a few dollars, depending on how well they did. As they played, researchers scanned their brains, focusing on a small area called the nucleus accumbens that’s responsible for processing rewards as they found out that people who had obtained a greater amount of marijuana showed weaker nucleus accumbens responses to the prospect of winning than people who are just a moderate user. But the study doesn’t merely prove the certain reason of the said altering effect because it could be that there is some third cause of both or an underlying reason why someone with a lessened reward response might gravitate toward marijuana use.

Drug bust record

The Guinness Book of World Records apparently does not keep any records about marijuana for it seems bizarre after all but the drug does show up in the several record books. The “bulkiest drug seizure” of marijuana ever according to a 1982 New York Times article was 2,903 metric tons, or 6.4 million pounds, that came from a Colombian drug operation which was one-fifth of the entire illegal importation into the US per year during that time.

Hemp bought some slaves their freedom

Surprisingly, this is also true. A slave was required to break 100 pounds of hemp per day and was paid one cent. A good worker or much likely I’d call the most motivated, strong worker could break about 300 pounds, so it was possible to earn about two dollars a day and this is the only way to buy their freedom.

Cannabis used to be a rich man’s drug

This one was hard to validate as the only reference is the discovery of Scythian tribes leave cannabis seeds as offerings in royal tombs and Queen Arnegunde of France that was buried with hemp cloth.

The U.S. government tested marijuana as a truth serum

Based on researchers, happened in 1942, after testing several compounds, the OSS scientists selected a potent extract of marijuana as the best available “truth serum” or Truth Drug (TD) that when added into food or tobacco cigarettes, it facilitated to loosen the reserve of recalcitrant interrogation subjects that makes them give the right and true answers.

Colonists were required to grow hemp

Nearly 55 tons of fiber was needed for the lines and rigging on the USS Constitution alone. Revolutionary War-era farmers originally grew the fibrous crop for the British Crown, as Britain’s colonies were bound by law to grow hemp.

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