10 Reasons to buy marijuana in the Internet

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E-commerce sales worldwide rose to over $600 billion in the year 2011 but consumers won’t simply buy Cannabis seed online from anybody. Products with a big price tag and things that are perishable are among the most difficult types of items to sell online, not to mention products that people want to touch, smell or try on before they pull their credit card. Here are the most common reasons why consumers tend to buy weed online:

  • The convenience of shopping from home. Convenience is the biggest and most significant reason why e-commerce is so huge. You don’t have to dress up, travel and care about dispensary working hours. Especially people that don’t live near to a dispensary, people that are disabled and therefore incapable to leave the house, ones that can’t take public transportation or drive a vehicle. Online ordering is the way to go.
  • You don’t have to talk to anyone. It is such a gain especially to those who are always in a hurry or having a bad day and just don’t feel like talking to anyone. Additionally, if you are an introvert and really feel anxious in social settings, weed dispensaries can be a bit irresistible. When you buy weed online, you don’t have to deal feeling in rushed and can never have enough time to make decisions. You can take as much time as you want, then just add the product you want to your shopping cart, pay, and you are done.
  • Huge selection of products. Online stores usually have warehouses, where they store tons of product inventories. They can constantly offer you more selection when matched to your local cannabis dispensary. Your local store has a limited supply of pot depending on its location, its storage area, and the stuff that people mostly buy. They can’t keep strains aging on their shelves, but an online store has a lot more flexibility. They also are dealing with a much larger customer base and therefore have a better variety of products to choose from. Because they have more products in stock, you can also have a comparison between shops among several online dispensaries for products, reviews, and prices. When researching online, you can also investigate the dispensary’s credibility and certification.
  • Typically better prices. Because the online dispensary deals with larger volumes and has a much larger customer base, they can afford to offer better deals and discounts that are not available in a physical store. The online stores also have a less overhead. They don’t need security, or budtenders, or stock décor. They could just operate in a warehouse and these things save money and these savings can be passed on to the consumer. They also offer free delivery but sometimes with a minimum purchase. When you buy stuff in a physical store, if it’s not within the walking distance, you will spend some money to travel whether it’s gas money or for public transportation.
  • Patients with severe and critical conditions. In cases such as patients have severe anxiety and depression or may be suffering from other critical illnesses, leaving the house and traveling to a store is not just an inconvenience, but not practically possible. For patients like these, online is the best way to re-order the product.
  • It might be your only option. Lately, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that if a Canadian province doesn’t set up a framework to sell marijuana legally, the federal government will guarantee pot is available to all Canadians online.
  • Others have terms and conditions being written. Speakers at the conference specified many times that industry participants should strive for ways to be an active part of the rulemaking process instead of waiting for rules to be defined for them.
  • Avoid crowds. Crowds force us to do a hurried transaction most of the time.
  • Makes it easy to compare sellers before buying and we can all benefit greatly from this endless competition between online retailers.
  • Check the reviews. Purchasing online means you can read millions of reviews, ensuring that the weed of your dreams wings its way to you speedily.
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