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Frequently Asked Questions

Most growers find purchasing marijuana seeds from online seed banks to be a daunting and somewhat intimidating prospect. Growers who order from online seed banks for the first time may have doubts about whether their purchase is even legal. This is especially true for buyers who live in the United States and want to order from seed banks located in other countries like the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

The truth is you don’t have to worry about anything if you purchase your supply from a reliable seed bank. With many states in America now legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, growers have more leeway when it comes to buying marijuana seeds online. When looking for a seedbank online, there are some particular things that one should look out for:

  • Provide worldwide shipping, including to the USA
  • Shipping is discrete and stealthy
  • Reliable customer service
  • Money-back or refund policy in case the buyer receives damaged or poor-quality cannabis seeds
  • Offer a good selection of seed varieties
  • Sell cannabis seeds of the highest quality
  • Accept multiple currencies and payment methods
  • Decent selection of cannabis strains
  • Offer discounts and sales
  • Shipping always arrives on time
  • Seed collections have customer reviews for each available strain
  • Rewards/Loyalty Programs
  • A user-friendly website that is easy to navigate

Just remember to look for these things whenever you decide to shop for some cannabis seeds from an online seedbank. This way you won’t have to worry about getting your purchase from an unreliable source.

Seed Bank USA

The decriminalization of cannabis dates back to 1973, but this march towards widespread legalization in the country didn’t start until 1996. This was the year when California voters passed Proposition 215 which asks for the legalization of cannabis in the state. Now more than 20 years later, many states all across the country have legalized cannabis use.

Some states have legalized use of both recreational and medical cannabis while others only allow the latter given that the user has a doctor’s permit. This plant has always been popular in the US, but now with its widespread legalization, it has become even more popular than ever before.

While most legalized states have their local dispensaries where people can shop for marijuana seeds, a lot of enthusiasts prefer to buy through online seed banks. Purchasing cannabis seeds online has become a favourite thing to do in the 420 community in the USA.

Shopping for cannabis seeds through a local dispensary is a practical thing to do, but one drawback that this has is that the number of cannabis strains these shops have available will be somewhat limited. Getting them from online seed banks gives you a more comprehensive selection of high-quality seed collections.

Since cannabis legalization continues to be a bit of a complex law in the country, it is highly recommended for customers to purchase their marijuana seeds only if they live in a state that legalizes the growing of the plant at home. There are also some online seed banks in the USA that sell their supplies using subterfuge to ensure that their clients receive the marijuana seeds that they ordered.

Marijuana Seeds USA

The United States has long been acquainted with marijuana. Even George Washington himself used cannabis to get some momentary relief from toothaches. In the 1840’s cannabis indica was officially accepted and introduced as medicine after its beneficial effects were discovered by William Brook O’Shaughnessy. As you can see, America has quite a discourse with this plant.

Plenty of American cannabis growers have also developed their own high-quality cannabis genetics. In fact, many of the American cannabis varieties have attained legendary status in the 420 community. Here are some of the marijuana varieties from the USA that are worth growing:

  • Girl Scout Cookies – this cannabis strain is named after the little girls who sell their cookies door-to-door. It is 60% indica and 40% sativa, making it slightly balanced. Anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on Girl Scout Cookies seeds should try growing this plant. It is known for its potency and is regarded as the 2nd most popular cannabis strain in California.
  • Blue Dream – this hybrid cannabis strain has become a legend in the West Coast. It delivers a relaxed, yet happy high minus the sedative effects. A popular daytime strain, it is the perfect companion for users dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, and chronic body pain. Many dispensaries and seed banks in California are sure to have Blue Dream seeds in stock as it is in very high demand in the sunny state.
  • Sunset Sherbet – the lovechild of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, this indica-heavy strain has a sweet, berry-like aroma and sweet lemon flavor that belies its high potency. The strong indica genetics of the Sunset Sherbet strain make it one of the most relaxing cannabis strains ever bred.
  • Grand Daddy Purple – this strain is the product of Purple Urkle and Big Bud and has become a staple in the West Coast. It has a mix of sweet flavors that resemble berries and grapes and is considered to be one of the more potent indica cannabis strains in the market. Those who live in California should have no trouble finding Grand Daddy Purple seeds being sold there as it remains quite popular in the state.
  • Green Crack - despite sharing a name with an infamous illegal substance, sativa does not cause any of the adverse effects that crack is known for. Instead, it is renowned for its ability to calm the senses and reduce stress. Green Crack is the lovechild of an Afghani strain crossed with Skunk #1, and it smells and tastes like sweet fruit with some hints of tanginess and flowers. Those who are interested in growing Green Crack seeds are advised to do so outdoors as the plant thrives best there.

Cannabis Seeds USA

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of growing cannabis in your own backyard was considered a precarious move because the plant had yet to be legalized. These days, however, things are a whole lot different, and there are now certain states that allow cannabis breeders to legally grow the plant right at their own homes.

In the United States, 5 regions are considered to be the best place to grow and harvest cannabis. Those who have seed collections lying around at home may want to consider moving to one of the following areas:

The Emerald Triangle

The area known as the “Emerald Triangle” is located right around the northwest portion of California. The region is known for having balmy Mediterranean weather and mountainous slopes that make it premiere location for growing this plant.  It is estimated by state regulators that at least 1.7 million pounds of cannabis plants are grown in the Emerald Triangle each year. This makes the region the number one supplier of cannabis strains in America.

And when you factor in the ever-evolving legal framework of the state of California, you have yourself a hotbed of everything that is needed to grow the finest varieties of cannabis in this part of the world.

While California ranks on top of the list in terms of cannabis production, the second and third places go to the states of Kentucky and Tennessee respectively.


Washington ranks second in terms of indoor production of the plant right behind California. Despite being located in a precipitous region, this north-western state makes for a formidable rival for Oregon. The areas close to Seattle often experience plenty of heavy rain and a lack of sunlight. This leaves growers with no other choice except to grow indicas and fast flowering cannabis strains. Those who prefer using autoflowering cannabis seeds will feel right at home in this region because it has the right climate for it.

However, the areas located around the Cascade region get more sunlight, while the rest of the other regions in Washington offer plenty of fresh water and high-quality soil for the plant to grow in. The cannabis farmers here take Croptober very seriously because in October 2017 they were able to produce 90,000 pounds of cured marijuana. This was a new record for Washington for a one-month haul.


The lax personal cultivation laws along with the easier access to the commercial cannabis industry make Oregon a great place for growing cannabis strains. It ranks number four in indoor production, and the rising demand has also caused it to grow the plant in excessive amounts. The decline in prices has caused many farmers some problems, but smokers are happy though because they get to enjoy $50 in legal ounces. This is 80% cheaper than the prices in California in 2018.

Legislators have also had to delay new cultivation applications because of the latest surplus. They are expected to address this issue this year which will once again make Oregon a hotspot for small time growers and big businesses.


While the East Coast is not exactly known for producing high quality cannabis strains, the Northeast is different because it has the conditions needed to grow the plant outdoors. Maine is one such state in this region. While the shorter autumn season and humid summers might not make it an ideal location for harvesting regular cannabis seeds, indicas, and other hybrids will benefit tremendously from the fresh water and nutrient rich soil.

Maine is also one of the few states in the northeast where cannabis plants have been legalized. Although sales of the plant are still illegal, adults are legally allowed to grow cannabis in the state, making it a rare haven in the northeast coast.

Weed Seeds USA

The best time to start planning for one’s grow garden is right at the beginning of the new year because it gives you a good head start for the outdoor grow season which starts from March to November. However, trying to make your way around the cannabis market can be more challenging than it looks because of the different levels of legality in each state.

Most growers in the US purchase their marijuana seeds online because it’s more convenient and offers them plenty of cannabis varieties to choose from. But before one can even think about purchasing seeds online, one must think about what kind of cannabis strains to grow as well as the seed bank to purchase the seeds from.

US federal law prohibits marijuana making it difficult to find information about breeders and seed banks. Seed banks and breeders who have an established reputation are usually the best ones to start with.

Before one can shop for cannabis seeds online, it is important to check on the laws of your state to see if there will be any legal complications if you were to shop through an online seed bank.

American Seed Banks USA

The number of dispensaries in America has increased over the last few years albeit gradually. This is because of the widespread legalization of cannabis in the country. But despite this, American cannabis users and growers prefer to get their supplies from seed banks online. Purchasing online instead of going to a physical marijuana shop provides one with more varieties to choose.

Studies have shown that the number of online marijuana purchases have more than tripled between 2005 and 2017. With many lawmakers in different states already considering making cannabis legal, it is safe to assume that these sales figures will increase tenfold within the next decade. In 2018 alone, the legal marijuana industry grew to $10.4 billion while providing employment to 250,000 people. Just think of how much more it can add to the economy once more states become legalized in the future.

Best Seed Bank for USA

Growers living in the United States who want to purchase seeds online so they can start growing their crops are advised to only do business with trusted seed banks. An example of a good seed bank to order from is the aptly named “I Love Growing Marijuana” founded by cannabis expert Robert Bergman.

They offer free and discreet shipping to the United States and Europe and have plenty of great cannabis varieties to choose from. Their regular, autoflower and feminized cannabis seeds are all sold in packs of 5 for reasonable prices. This makes I Love Growing Marijuana the best seed bank for the USA not only because of the free shipping, but also because they sell cannabis with superior genetics.

Colorado Seed Bank

The state of Colorado is a pretty significant location for the 420 community because it is the first state that legalized marijuana. Colorado has a long and storied history with this plant’s legalization, and it dates back to 1975. This was the year when it became one of 10 states to decriminalize cannabis.

This didn’t mean that it was safe for smokers to light up a joint though because it only served to lessen the penalties associated with possession and use of cannabis to discourage heavy use. It would be nearly 40 years before marijuana was finally legalized in the entire state. This monumental event took place in November 2012 with the passing of Amendment 64. This bill allows Colorado residents aged 21 and above to legally purchase, possess, grow and smoke cannabis provided they have a valid government ID. Residents can purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana per transaction.

On New Year’s Day 2014, businesses began selling recreational cannabis for the first time. Some customers waited in line for up to 20 minutes. This event came to be known as Green Wednesday and has become a significant part of cannabis history in the United States.

California Seed Bank

On January 1, 2018, California officially became the first state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Purchasing recreational cannabis is still illegal in most states, but on New Year’s Day in 2018 it became almost banal for growers and smokers who lined up in dispensaries outside Oakland. Medical cannabis has been legal in the Golden State for nearly 20 years, but full legalization adds yet another feather to the cap of the nation’s fast-growing cannabis industry.

This also marks an important milestone in a saga that has been going on for more than 100 years. California first attempted to legalize the plant in 1972 through Proposition 19 which failed to pass. It has been a long battle, but the wait is now over for Californians who wish to light up some sativa and indica cannabis strains without having to worry about getting fined or punished.

Oregon Seed Bank  

In 2014, Oregon voters said “yes” to the state-wide legalization of cannabis. This came two years right after Colorado and Washington also legalized sativa and indica plants in their respective states. About one year later, legislators made some changes to the criminal statutes of Oregon’s marijuana laws making it legal for people 21 and older to have 1 ounce of cannabis in public while allowing those at home to possess up to 8 ounces. These changes also made it possible for people to grow up to four cannabis plants at home.

Even though the state’s cannabis program might be far from perfect, it is still one of the most environment friendly programs in the country because it regulates the use of pesticides, allows growing the plant outdoors, and encourages growers to practice sustainable cultivation methods. It is safe to say that the future is looking bright for sativa and indica cannabis strains in Oregon because legislators are already considering proposing a bill that would mark a massive step in the legalization of domestic exports of these plants.

Michigan Seed Bank

The history of cannabis in Michigan dates back to 1967 when the Michigan Daily (local college newspaper) published an article urging lawmakers to make marijuana legal. It took more than 50 years, but cannabis is now finally legal in this part of the U.S.A. It officially became legal in December 2018, about ten years after voters legalized medical marijuana.

The new law allows people aged 21 and over to possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana at home and grow up to 12 of them for personal consumption. Michigan residents have plenty of reason to start shopping for regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds so they can start growing their crops.

Michigan also has the largest legal carry limit in the country at 2.5 ounces. However, it is illegal to sell marijuana and marijuana seeds. It is also illegal to smoke in public as smoking is currently restricted at home. Even lighting up a joint in public will subject a person to legal sanctions.

It may have taken 95 years, but Canada finally took a huge step when they legalized cannabis nationwide on October 17, 2018. This made them the second country to legalize recreational marijuana. However, there are still a few restrictions in place throughout the country for those who wish to sell or buy the drug.

Operating a Canadian seed bank requires one to apply for a license from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before one is allowed to sell cannabis. Once the license gets granted, the person applying must then purchase and put cannabis excise stamps on all of their products. They are also required to calculate the duty of sales made from their seedbank and file and return their excise duty to the CRA.   

The legal age differs from province to province in Canada, and the places where one can purchase them also varies as well. So, it will be your responsibility to research the cannabis laws in your province to see what the age limit is and where you’re allowed to make purchases of regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds.

It’s also important to remember that even though they have legalized cannabis nationwide, bringing in or exiting Canadian borders with marijuana is still considered illegal, so be careful.

Vancouver Seed Bank

In Vancouver, the legal age for purchasing and using cannabis is 19, and they can only be bought through government-sponsored dispensaries or an online seedbank. The public possession limit for the entire province of British Columbia is 30 grams. Purchasing from unauthorized seedbanks or vendors can get one in plenty of trouble, so be sure to obey the law to avoid having this problem on your hands.

Growing cannabis at home in Vancouver is also legal, and under new provincial laws, all homeowners will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes. However, an exception is permitted if an adult is authorized to grow medical cannabis under the federal Cannabis Act.

Choosing a place for growing the plants will also be a bit tricky as cultivators are required to select a location that is not visible from a public area. Cultivators are only allowed to grow in their residences and are not allowed to raise their marijuana seeds in more than one home at a time.

Ontario Seed Bank

In the province of Ontario, the legal age for cannabis is 19, and the public possession limit is 30 grams. Adults 19 or older can only purchase from government-sponsored dispensaries or online seedbanks. For now, the only place where residents can legally buy marijuana and marijuana seeds in Ontario is the OCS or the Ontario Cannabis Store. This will be the case up until April 19, 2019.

According to the official Ontario website, the province has around 70 varieties of marijuana seeds available, but this number is soon expected to expand to 150. Just think of all the indica and sativa strains one can enjoy in Ontario.

Ontario also has a money back guarantee policy for customers who purchase marijuana seeds and aren’t satisfied with them. As long as the product is unopened and returned within 14 days after purchasing, customers are entitled to a complete refund.

Just like British Columbia, residents of Ontario are only allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants at home. Cultivating marijuana seeds in more than one residence at a time is illegal, and purchasing edibles is also not allowed, although people are allowed to make them at home.

Ontario also has more “relaxed” laws in place with regards to smoking cannabis in public. People are allowed to smoke in public as long as they are of legal age and do it in a location where smoking tobacco is permitted.

There is also a zero-tolerance policy in effect for people under the age of 21 who drive while high. They will be subject to legal sanctions regardless of their license status and even if they have learner’s permits.

Cannabis has become more popular and accepted than ever before thanks to its widespread legalization in a handful of countries all over the world in varying degrees. Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, and it might only be a matter of time before the entire United States joins that list as well.

For now, though, smokers and breeders will have to be within the nine states where marijuana is considered legal.

When looking for a seedbank online, it is always important to check their background. The most reliable seedbanks usually have great reputations in the community and offer discreet international shipping. In addition, they also sell cannabis that are not only of the best quality but also possesses superior genetics.

No one is going to want to spend hundreds of dollars on low-grade marijuana. So, if one were to shop online for seeds, regardless of whether they’re regular seeds, feminized seeds, or autoflowering seeds, one should always do a careful background check on the seedbank they wish to purchase from.

Best Cannabis Seed Bank

There are a lot of smokers and growers who are excited at the thought of cannabis being made legal all over the world. Even though only a handful of countries and nine states in the USA have legalized the plant in different capacities, just the mere thought of being able to purchase it legally is something to be happy about.

Dispensaries are usually the place to go to for people who want to purchase cannabis, but most prefer to do it online because it’s faster, more convenient and provides more choices in terms of marijuana varieties. For first-timers, purchasing online can be an intimidating prospect because cannabis is always going to be a controversy magnet even if it has already been more accepted by the mainstream audience these days.

To avoid yourself the trouble, always search for the right seller. There are many sellers online, but not all of them can be trusted or are as good as they claim. This is the real secret behind finding the best cannabis seedbank online.  A good seedbank should not only have a solid reputation, but it must also sell quality indica and sativa strains and deliver their products on time.

Another critical thing to consider before purchasing from a seedbank is their seed collections. Do they have the sativa or indica that you’re looking for? Do their cannabis strains possess great genetics? Reputable seedbanks will always properly label their seeds to avoid confusion among their customers.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Dispensaries and seedbanks are the go-to places for people who want to purchase seeds that they can raise and cultivate for their personal use. There are thousands of seedbanks online, but inexperienced buyers may not be able to tell the difference between an OK seedbank from a great one.

It’s easy for any online cannabis seedbank to label itself as the best in the industry, but only the ones that have a proven track record will earn a good reputation in the market. Before purchasing cannabis from an online seller, you should normally do some research first and look for any customer reviews about the seedbank you want to buy from.

For exactly that reason, we have created Royal Seed Bank for showing you the best and most trusted Seed Banks from which you can buy online. You save a lot of time and get in touch with the best vendors on the market.

Furthermore when you are a beginner in this space, you find all information for successful growing under Beginners Guide on How to Grow Weed.

Weed Seed Bank Alternative  

Having your marijuana garden may come in handy in case there are no seedbanks or dispensaries to purchase from. Growers who have a collection of cannabis strains in their home can harvest their buds once they become mature. This is great because having a personal stash for the rainy days ensures that you never run out of pot to smoke.

When growing cannabis at home, it is recommended for one to use feminized seeds over regular seeds because they do not produce any males. When harvest time comes, growers won’t have to worry about their cannabis leaving behind any seeds because females will only produce healthy and aromatic buds.

Before growing any cannabis strains at home, one has to make sure that they are complying with their state or province’s cannabis regulations. It is essential to know the number of plants that one can cultivate at home to avoid getting into legal trouble.

Most Reliable Seed Banks

Despite being legalized in some parts of the world, purchasing recreational cannabis strains from online seedbanks continues to be a tricky endeavor for some. Imagine all the stress that one feels if his order of cannabis were to get confiscated by customs. Even in Canada where marijuana has been made legal nationwide, entering or exiting their borders with cannabis is prohibited.

Yes, there are dispensaries to buy from, but sometimes they don’t have the cannabis strains that one is looking for because their seed collections might be limited. Buying online is the best option in this scenario because they usually have cannabis strains available that one may not find in a local seedbank.

It is important only to make transactions with reliable seedbanks like I Love Growing Marijuana, MSNL, and Seed City to name a few. These seed banks all offer discreet international shipping and affordable prices for their supplies.

Best Seed Bank for Feminized Seeds   

Ask any experienced breeder about what kind of seeds are the best to cultivate because nine times out of 10 they will tell you that it’s feminized seeds. Regular seeds produce male plants that can make harvesting the buds more tedious and autoflowering seeds often produce lower yields.

Female plants are better to work with because harvesting their buds is easy and straightforward. Female plants do away with the tedious and often unnecessary task of having to prune and maintain any male plants that usually end up becoming discarded. Moreover, female seeds are just as good as regular seeds for making mother plants.

So, when it comes to purchasing feminized seeds, the best seed bank to go with for this one is MSNL. They have been in business since 1999, and they have great selections. The genetics of their cannabis strains are of superior quality, and they sell their stocks at reasonable prices. They provide discreet shipping worldwide and even throw in a free seed for every order made. Shipping is free for orders of €60 and above.

There are plenty of seed bank reviews online, but not all of them are reliable. When looking for a review about an online seedbank always go for ones that have an objective tone. There is no such thing as a perfect marijuana shop so any articles that provide only positives without any negatives should be tagged with red flags. For getting deeper knowledge about Marijuana related topics, you should have a look at our Cannabis Blog.

No matter how good a seedbank’s reputation is, there will always be flaws associated with it both big and small. It is also essential to see whether the seedbanks you plan to get your seeds from offer international shipping and can keep everything discreet.

It is also better to read reviews sent in by customers because they are usually partial and will tell it as it is. Don’t expect all seedbanks to have glowing reviews from their customers because everyone will have a different experience when shopping from them. Just remember to see how much the good reviews outweigh the bad ones before you decide on which seedbank to go with.

Recent Cannabis Articles

How to Plant Weed Seeds

How to Plant Weed Seeds

Growing marijuana plants can be a rewarding and relaxing activity. Much like the way you would care for plants, marijuana also has different requirements and specific caring guidelines. Some beginners find a load of information from various websites which are confusing and overwhelming. It always leaves them wondering how to plant weed seeds in the right way. There are more than 2000 strains of marijuana and gardeners can choose among Sativa, Indica or a hybrid plant to grow. Depending on the kind of seed or strain that you choose to grow, you must also choose the right kind of environment and soil. There are also various ways to temper their growth and these plants can survive in various garden environments.

What is needed for Marijuana Seeds to Germinate?

After picking out the seeds that you want to care for, and spending your money at a cannabis seed bank it is time to germinate and start growing your marijuana seeds. Germinating your weed seed requires three factors – darkness, warmth, and moisture. We have created a step by step outline of the most popular method of germinating cannabis seeds. There are also only a few materials needed to start germination. But before proceeding, make sure that you have older, unchecked seeds or those that are partially dried out. Newer and freshers seeds do not require sensitive germination and they can be planted directly into a growing medium. The things needed for germination are:
  • Chlorine-free, unbleached paper towels or some other types of tissue paper and napkins.
  • A Thermometer
  • Clean water
These are the steps to follow:
  1. Cut the paper towel in two portions, then fold each portion in half.
  2. Wet the paper towels, but make sure that it is not soaked. All parts of the paper should be damp. In case you have soaked it, squeeze out the extra moisture and make sure that it is not dripping.
  3. Put half of the paper towel on a dish.
  4. Place the seeds on the paper by putting them on their rounded end. Put the seeds at least half an inch apart to avoid the roots from getting tangled when the come out.
  5. Cover the seeds with the other half of the wet paper and ensure that it touches the seeds.
  6. Then, place another dish upside down on the top. Make sure that the dishes you use have a similar size and shape. This will keep them in the dark and maintain a high humidity to moisturize the dried seeds.
This environment is the perfect one for germinating weed seeds. There are several things to ensure for these seeds to start growing. Here are some tips to follow:
  • Keep the temperature of your germinating dish to about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A great location to keep your dish is the top of the refrigerator. Just ensure that the paper towels never dry up otherwise the seeds will not sprout.
  • Monitor the seeds two times daily until the case of the seed splits. Check for the exposure of tiny roots and shoots. Most viable weed seeds crack up within two days in the germinating dish. Once they have sprouted, they must be handled carefully because they are very delicate.
  • When the root and the shoot are out, the seeds can be transferred to a growing medium. But before you can transfer the seeds, some of the most important things to remember is to ensure that the growing medium has the correct pH for the cannabis seeds and that it grows best in arid soil conditions. Then here are the steps for replanting them.
  • Use a 3 or 4-inch sized pots or use a seedling tray. Fill it up with good quality growing medium with the proper pH.
  • Press the soil lightly down, do not compact it. Make half-inch holes using your finger or a pencil.
  • For planting new or fresh seeds, horizontally put the seed, then cover it with soil then gently tap it down. For planting germinated seeds, put it in a vertical position, make sure that the root tip is facing down and the shoot is facing up.
  • Water the plant using water with a pH level of 6 or 6.5. Avoid using tap water except if it is tested to have the right pH. Make sure to water the plants uniformly. It should not be soggy or logged with too much water. Your pots should not be placed in a tray that can fill up with water. When watering, use a spoon or small cup to water properly instead of pouring in.
  • Place the tray or pots in a warm place. A good place is under lighting with a temperature of 75 degrees F or warmer to hasten germination. However, do ensure that the soil will not dry out or let the pots stand in less than 70 degrees F. If the surface of the soil dries up, always water the pots correctly. Misting the surface with a spray is not effective.
During the germination state, you can use lamps to provide warmth until the first seedlings appear out of the soil. This can happen within 3-7 days after planting the seeds. These seeds have more activity at night, so keep the lamps lit for 24 hours to help the seeds grow out of the soil.

What to Avoid When Planting Weed Seeds

Some people who are new at planting marijuana seeds tend to be too eager or too keen to see how the seeds are doing. In their eagerness, they miss out or overdo something that can be harmful to the seedlings. So here are some of the things to avoid to ensure that your weed seeds do not die.
  • Do not create a humidity dome or a mini-greenhouse to fully cover your seeds
  • Do not use a heating mat that is too hot
  • Do not cover the pots with plastic
  • Do not rush germination and avoid peat pellets
  • Do not use the wrong type of soil
  • Do not fertilize the seedlings
  • Do not use too much or too little water
  • Do not keep your germination room dark and cold
  • Do not keep your plants in cold outdoor temperature or exposed to frost
  • Do not use the wrong pH level of water
  • Do not use water with chlorine or with bad quality
  • Do not spray seedlings with organic tea/pesticide/water

Choose the Right Cannabis Seeds

Soon as the final rains of winter wear off, it is the best time to plant and grow weeds. After the legalization of marijuana in several states, more people have shown an interest in growing and cultivating marijuana plants. Those who have just started will wonder on the various strains of marijuana available. Choosing the right kind of seeds is essential for you to know the right kind of soil and caring environment that the plant will need.

The Type of Effect you Want

Consumers and those new at planting marijuana seeds are usually given two main choices, the Indica dominant strain or the Sativa dominant strains. There are also options available for those looking for hybrids or crossbred strains. Indica-strains are associated with relaxation while the Sativa-strain tends to have a mild high. The effect can vary from one person to another so choose the high that you want based on the samples you have tried out. You might also like the crossbred or hybridized versions like the LA confidential seeds.

What is the Level of Difficulty in Growing?

Not everyone venturing out to marijuana cultivation has a green thumb, but if you can grow tomatoes and have it bear good fruits, then you can probably grow good marijuana. Various environmental conditions must be considered when growing good tomatoes. The same can be applied to consistently grow healthy marijuana plants. However, different marijuana strains have different levels of tolerance for inadequate conditions. Some strains are easy to take care of and they are fun to grow. But other strains require more attention to nutrients and environmental conditions to get the best results. If this is your first time, go for the super-easy to grow types of strain.

Height and Space Requirement

Marijuana plants can grow from tiny seedlings to about 6 or 8 feet high plants if the root system allows. Consider the space and height requirement when preparing your growing space. You can determine the size of the plant-based on its genetics, pruning, root size and training. Most Sativa plants are taller with longer and heavier buds. Indica, on the other hand, are shorter in height but are bushier with big pine cone-shaped buds. The size of your plants will be based on the root system which can be restricted by the space of your growing medium. In most cases, these plants are pruned for the right shape and height. If you have limited vertical space, plants can be trained to grow in specific ways such as using netting techniques to keep them from their natural vertical growth.

The Kind of Climate You Have

Plants should be grown outdoors as nature intended. But most marijuana growers prefer to grow and propagate their plants indoors. This is because more marijuana can be produced in a small space by maintaining a climate-controlled environment than when it is planted once or twice in a season outdoors. The white Lightning strain is proven for indoor hydroponics. Planting indoors will need significant investments with regards to climate controls, plant maintenance, and energy costs. On the other hand, an outdoor grower has to consider the micro-climate of their area including the privacy of the growing area. Other things to consider are the total hours of sunlight, hillside, shades, open space, rainfall, wind and other variables which will affect the mean temperature in your location. All these factors should come into play when choosing the kind of seeds to plant. Make sure to pick weed seeds that can adapt to your growing conditions. While any type of cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, there are specific strains like the black destroyer strain and the strawberry ice strain that are better in certain conditions.

Length of Growing Season

Different marijuana plants have different lengths of the growing season and this must also be considered when still choosing weed seeds. Some plants are ready to be harvested in just eight weeks after flowering. And some plants take up to 14 weeks to be ready. You may want to pick out seeds that will be ready for harvest in the allotted time for the season outdoor or indoor. If picking out Sativa-strains, remember that they can take a while in flowering and some strains refuse to finish before the winter sets in.

Sexing: Choosing Females or Going for Naturals?

Marijuana plants can be males or females. When you buy the seeds, you will be given an unknown mix of both sexes. Some growers kill the males as they grow and turn their attention to the females. Unfertilized female flower buds are very potent. Within a week after inducing flowering, it can be determined whether you get a female flower or a pollen sack male. Male plants pollinate female plants to produce seeds. The plants must be quarantined until their sex is determined to prevent accidental pollination. In most cases, male plants are destroyed and females are kept to finish. Although sex can be done completely on all-natural gardening, there are feminized seeds available as well. The seeds are treated chemically to change genes and guaranteed to sprout a female plant. The downside of using feminized seeds is that genetics become unstable and you will not be able to use the plant to make new seeds.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds Like A Pro

There is not much requirement in germinating seed, but pro growers make sure that the following things are in order:
  • Warmth – Marijuana seeds need the kind of springtime warmth for germination. It should not be the scorching type hot otherwise it will die. The seed should awaken from its slumber to finally germinate and sprout roots and shoot.
  • Moisture – Marijuana seeds should never, in any case, be left to dry out. Whichever method you use, be sure to keep it moist.
  • Darkness and Peace – After the process of germination has been initiated, you have to wait for a few days for the roots and shoot to come out. Check twice a day.
Once the seeds have sprouted, you can proceed with the germination method of your choice. But you should never let the sprouts dry out and you should avoid touching them. The taproot and shoot are very fragile and can easily snap off, thus extra care is needed when handling them. Now there are four common germination techniques that marijuana pro planters are using. Each grower has their own opinion on what is good and what is not. But the majority would agree that these four techniques are better than the others. Whether you’d be growing weed indoors or outdoors, it is best to start plants indoors and just replant them twice to promote better root growth. After germination, you can initially plant the taproot in a plastic pot and move it to a bigger container after several days.

Jiffy Pellets and Starter Plugs

Starter plugs or mats are one of the most common tools newbies use for germinating marijuana seeds. If you are someone who counts on germinating seeds even without research, this is the best way to start. Using starter plugs lets newbies off the guessing game on the whole process of germinating weed seeds and they also avoid the extra handing process of germination. Starter plugs are also referred to as rapid roosters. It has holes that are designed specifically for weed seeds. You just stick the seed in the hole and pinch it together with your finger. Water the plants thoroughly and that’s it. This method can be used with different types of growing mediums. When it comes to using Jiffy pellets, things are a bit more complicated. This method is best if you will be growing on soil or coco coir. Jiffy pellets are shaped like a hockey puck, but as soon as they are submerged in water, they expand and become a full-sized incubation space for the weed seed. They are used similarly with a starter plug once they have expanded. These two methods are easily available in most garden stores and through online stores. You can also find alternative means but these two ensure that new growers will be able to succeed at germinating their precious seeds and proceed with their project.

The Paper Towel Method

This method has long been used by gardeners as a tried and tested method for germinating seeds. Even novice gardeners can do this easily as it comes with simple and straightforward steps. First, dampen the two pieces of paper towel and place the cannabis seeds between the sheets. Then place it on a dish and cover with another dish to keep the moisture inside. Keep adding water over the next few days to keep it moisturized. Healthy seeds will take around two to four days to sprout. If it takes longer, there might be some problems with the seed so it is best to throw them away. Check the seeds at least twice a day and be careful in handling them as the tiny roots can be very fragile. When the time comes for you to transfer them into individual pots, do not forget the most important thing – Always plant root down.

Soaking Seeds in Water

Another method of germinating seeds that have long been used by gardeners is the soaking method. This works well with harder cannabis seeds and it is easier to check than the paper towel method. Simply soak the seeds into a glass of room temperature water. Keep it soaked for about 32 hours only. Longer than this period may drown the seeds before they germinate. The seeds will start to sink once they are hydrated. This is normal and it also helps separate the good seeds from the bad ones. Some eager seeds can even sprout while soaked in the glass. After 32 hours, take away all the seeds which did not sprout, and dispose of them. Place the sinkers in paper towels to proceed with the paper towel method. This will help slow the seeds which sprouted to break from their soak and continue to keep them moist. Those that sprouted in the water soak and the paper towel are now ready to be planted.

Planting the Seeds Directly

This method is a lazy grower’s technique. It is going straight-up planting the seeds directly in the soil or some soil substitute. This can be risky for amateur growers who are unaware of the importance of pH soil levels, humidity and nutrient requirements. However, some people have successfully grown healthy marijuana plants by planting the seeds jokingly. While direct planting may not be the best approach, it still has plenty of benefits. First, there is less risk of touching the taproot and you don’t have to undergo the ordeal of transferring the taproots into individual pots. So, if you are growing the seeds in the soil, plant them at about one inch deep in moist soil. It will also be helpful to have some lighting or heating bad to keep things warm for the first few days. The same approach can be used if you prefer a soilless medium for growing your marijuana plants.

Transplantation of Germinated Marijuana Seeds

Transferring germinated weed seeds is a process that can be challenging for newbie growers. There is the tenement rule of not touching the taproot for they are very fragile. It is also of utmost importance that you plant them properly and that the root is facing down to ensure that it will proceed with the growing process. If you have used the starter plug or you’ve planted the seeds directly, there is no need for transplantation. Here are some things to keep in mind when it is time to transfer your seeds.

No Touching of the Roots

The tiny taproot of the weed seed is very sensitive and it can be easily damaged. And while it is possible to move the seeds using your fingers, it might be safer to use a pair of tweezers to handle the seeds better and transfer it to individual pots or in the soil.

Plant Directly Below the Surface

Place the seeds root down into the starter plug or on a pre-poked hole in the soil. The soil must be moist but it should not be saturated. The seed should just sit on the surface and still visible.

Wait Patiently

Most seeds almost instantly sprout above the soil surface. You can see two little leaves to start with. Other seeds may take some more days to appear. Be patient at this point. If nothing happens after ten days, it might be best to start over. Seeds that failed to sprout during this period no longer guarantee to become productive cannabis plants.

Replanting for Healthy Growth

Some growers will directly plant the seedlings in the final container. However, this is not recommended for two reasons. First, it will be harder for the plant to get oxygen when it is surrounded by too much growing medium. May also lead to a weaker root system which will cause slow development and stunted growth for your plants. Another reason is that tiny plants in a huge container can easily drown. So it is ideal to replant your marijuana seedlings in three steps.
  • Place the seedlings in a disposable cup that is filled with growing medium and has holes on the bottom. Let it grow to have more leaves for a few days.
  • Transfer the plant into a bigger container for the roots to develop and become stronger. You can use 1 to 3-gallon pots for this step.
  • Then, when the plant has grown slightly bigger, you can transfer it to your final container.
It is advised to replant earlier to avoid having a “root-bound” plant. This happens when the plant is left for too long in the starter container and the roots have grown too large for the small space. It will asphyxiate the plant and it might die. If you notice the plant absorbing water within the day, it might be time to transfer it. Replanting or transferring the plants can be a stressful phase for the gardener and the plant. To make things slightly easier, here are some points to remember:
  • Use a plastic knife to separate the whole plant from the container. Never attempt to remove the plant by pulling out the plant by the stem.
  • Create a hole in the middle of the new container and make sure it has enough room to accommodate the root ball. The hole must be the same size as the previous container to fit everything.
  • Before attempting to transfer the plant, make sure that the growing medium in your final container is well-moist, it should not be dry or soggy.
If the thought of transplanting your weed seeds sounds tiresome and challenging for you, then you can always plant directly in the final container. But do expect slightly slower growth and make sure you watch out when you water the plant.


Taking care of marijuana seeds are similar to common gardening. There are environmental factors to consider to ensure that the plants will grow to be healthy and productive adult plants. The trickiest part of learning how to plant weed seeds is on the germination and transplanting it. This is can be challenging especially for new growers, but once you get the hang of it, you will surely start enjoying this rewarding activity.
Top Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Issues Warning CBD Oil Not Legal In All States

Top Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Issues Warning CBD Oil Not Legal In All States

CBD or cannabidiol a component of cannabis has recently gained popularity among US citizens because of its claimed benefits in alleviating pain among other health claims. The legalization of cannabis-based medicine in the United States has been a hot topic with pro and anti advocates throwing their claims at each other. Currently, states are exercising their right to regulate the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of this once controlled substance. Woman smoking

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived from the cannabidiol compound found in cannabis. It is different from the cannabinoid (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC that has a “psychoactive” and causes the high when using marijuana. CBD has the benefits of painkillers without the “high” effect associated with marijuana use. A number of studies show that CBD helps with a variety of pain and mental anxiety.

Federal Ruling on Hemp

The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill in 2019 that legalizes marijuana on the federal level. This means that marijuana is no longer part of the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance Act. The production of hemp is now under the Department of Agriculture, not the DEA. This is to help increase revenue from marijuana production and commerce. However, products derived or that contain cannabis or its components are still not allowed to cross state for trade. There are still a lot of additional provisions that need to be discussed by congress to eliminate gray areas in the law.

State Laws

States have their own stance with the use of marijuana and their products. Most states allow the use of marijuana and their products for medical purposes, while others allow recreational use. According to this site, although marijuana has been legalized in Colorado through Amendment 64, there are still restrictions in the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis. Only those over 21 years of age can partake and not more than 1 ounce of the substance can be possessed. The nuances of the legalization of marijuana have led to many arrests even after the law has been passed. Below is a categorized differentiation of each state’s stance on the different CBD products:
  • Hemp-based CBD for all purposes
CBD sourced from Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC compared to the other variety of cannabis. The following state legalized its use for all purposes: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming
  • Marijuana-based CBD for Medical use
CBD sourced from Marijuana contains more than 0.3% of THC and this category has states that legalized it for medical purposes only. They also legalized Hemp-based CBD for all purposes: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • Marijuana-based CBD for Recreational use
These states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and its CBD derivatives. They also legalized Hemp-based CBD for all purposes and marijuana-based for medical purposes: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, D.C. Each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to CBD. It is important to know what are the legal CBD products and its boundaries with regards to production, trade and consumption. To avoid getting into a serious offense, the above mentioned facts will truly guide you to be responsible for using CBD products.
Is Weed Legal In Virginia?

Is Weed Legal In Virginia?

There are several studies that explore the use of marijuana, or weed as it is also called, for medicinal purposes. While there are those that vouch for its effectiveness in treating the symptoms of several ailments such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, there are still several controversies that surround its legality. This is because several states are still hesitant to fully legalize the use of weed for medicinal purposes because of the possibility of the use of the drug being abused. If you are living in Virginia, here are some facts that you need to know regarding the legality of medical marijuana in the state. Cannabis plant Weed, in general, is still strictly prohibited in several states, and this includes Virginia. Thereby, the simple answer to the question ‘Is weed legal in Virginia?’, is NO. However, the state legislature recently passed a bill that approves medical marijuana use for specific people with certain ailments. It cannot be denied though that several people in the state strongly support the legalization of medical marijuana and there are several surveys that back this up. Apart from being used for medicinal purposes, there are even people who support the use of weed for recreational purposes. Nevertheless, it is best to gain a deeper understanding of the laws surrounding marijuana and its usage, particularly in the state of Virginia.


Virginia laws charge an individual caught with possession of marijuana with a misdemeanor. He or she may face jail time of up to 30 days, as well as a fine of $500 for his or her first offense. People caught with possession, the second or succeeding time, likewise face jail time, as well as a bigger sum of fine.


Those who are caught selling marijuana face a steeper penalty. A person caught selling even half an ounce can already be charged with a misdemeanor, and anything more than this can result in felony charges. Furthermore, the law states that a person selling anything more than five pounds of the substance can face up to 30 years of jail time. The consequences are even graver if the sale happened within school proximity or if the sale was made to a minor.

Other Consequences

People who have been convicted with the possession and sale of marijuana may have a hard time looking for employment opportunities. In addition to this, the records or arrests can remain permanently on their files, which may hinder a successful future for the individual. Thus, it is important to be aware of the laws surrounding the drug if you are considering using it, even for medicinal purposes.

Medical Marijuana

Recently, a law was passed in the state to protect people who use marijuana for medical purposes. However, there is a criterion that people need to meet in order to be eligible for the use of medical marijuana in Virginia. For one, only persons suffering from intractable epilepsy are allowed to use marijuana to treat their condition. Unfortunately, this is the only ailment wherein medical marijuana is permitted initially. In addition to this, the marijuana extract must have no more than 5% of the THC compound or the cannabinoid element that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the drug. Finally, this same marijuana extract must have at least 15% of cannabidiol or THC-A.

Who are qualified for the use of the drug?

Nevertheless, the law has been expanded over the last year to permit the use of medical marijuana to treat other debilitating conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, HIV/AIDS, severe nausea, glaucoma, neuropathic pain disorders, Crohn’s disease, terminal illness, spasticity, muscle spasms, anorexia and bulimia, inflammation, as well as Cachexia and wasting syndrome. However, even if a person is diagnosed with any of these conditions, he or she still needs to present a written certificate from his or her doctor or nurse. In parallel, the medical practitioner writing the certificate must be registered with Virginia’s Board of Pharmacy. In addition to all these, only residents of Virginia are allowed to secure the drug even if an individual already has a written recommendation from their medical practitioner.

How can the drug be acquired?

Nonetheless, even if an individual is already diagnosed with an ailment that can be treated with medical marijuana, and even if he or she already has a written recommendation from an accredited medical practitioner, that person still needs to follow a certain process in order to receive the medication. In applying for eligibility to acquire the drug, patients must be able to present a valid identification card issued by the state. He or she must also register with the Department of Health Professions and pay a certain fee. In case the patient is a minor, his or her parents or guardians should accomplish the application on his or her behalf. The application is usually processed within 10 days and the registration cards are shipped out to the address that the patient has provided during the registration. After this, the patient is already free to shop in any of the licensed dispensaries of the state.

Licensed Dispensaries

The state has five licensed marijuana dispensaries where the plant can be cultivated, grown, and processed. Each of these dispensaries serves a certain region of the state. PharmaCann covers health service area 1 while Columbia Care covers health service area 5. Dalitso covers health service area 2 or the northern part of the state, while Dharma covers the southwestern part of the state or the health service area 3. Finally, Green Leaf is the dispensary that covers the health service area 4 of the state. Weed, or marijuana, has several medicinal uses which dates back to ancient history. However, these advantages were misused and abused over time, paving the way for governing bodies to declare it as an illegal substance. This is the reason why the people who would have greatly benefited in the treatments involving medical marijuana missed the opportunity of being relieved from their diseases. Nevertheless, the future seems bright for medical marijuana because more and more states are now legalizing and regulating its usage.
Is Weed Legal in DC? Here's What You Need to Know

Is Weed Legal in DC? Here's What You Need to Know

Marijuana, or weed, has long been used to treat specific ailments and diseases because of its several medicinal properties. Along with it came several by-products from the same plant where the drug is extracted. However, marijuana is also a substance that is often abused, especially when used for recreation and other purposes. This is the reason why its legality has been subject to several debates in different states and countries, with some people voting for its legalization, while others lean against it. Particularly in DC, the legalities regarding the use and sale of weed may confuse you, so here are some of the important things you need to know. Marijuana Leaf

So, is weed legal in DC?

YES. Marijuana has been legal in DC since 2015, but its legality has several restrictions. Under the ballot initiative passed in November of the same year, adults who are 21 and older are already allowed to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants for their own personal use. They can, however, give an ounce of weed as a gift to other adults who are also aged 21 and above. So while weed has been already legal in DC, entrepreneurs who wish to make a profit out of it may still get jailed. This is because selling marijuana is still not allowed in the state. Hence, while DC residents can now own and possess a certain amount of weed, sales are still considered illegal. In the same manner, smoking pot in a public place is also a ground for a penalty.

So, how can I get weed in DC?

You, as a customer, can purchase an item from a store that provides a free ounce of weed for every purchase you make. Legal pot makers leveraged on this loophole, which enabled DC residents to be able to acquire marijuana for recreational purposes. More often than not, they get hold of the substance through a private service of weed delivery DC locals and residents arrange. The deliveries are usually scheduled, but if the delivery amount falls below $75, then a private meet-up is arranged, or the buyer is required to attend one of the courier’s events. The events are not restricted to DC residents only, but oftentimes, these are also open for residents of other states, as long as they are adults 21 years of age or older. These events provide a safe environment for the people who wish to acquire marijuana without breaking any laws. Weed has several medicinal purposes which have proven to be effective, especially for people suffering from a certain ailment or disease such as epilepsy or other cognitive defects. However, it is a substance that is also prone to be abused, and when people do, its psychoactive effects on a person’s mind may even result in unfortunate crimes or fatality. Hence, everyone can expect that the debates regarding the legality of weed in several states or countries will continue to be on the brew for the next couple of years.

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