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ACDC Strain

May 5, 2020

The ACDC strain belongs to a Sativa-dominant type with a high CBD Cannatonic substance that is a very remarkably high ratio with that of THC. It produces less or even no intoxicating side effects but preferably helps an individual in treating certain ailments like anxiety, pain, sclerosis, epilepsy, and chemotherapy’s negative effects.

Just how comforting and relaxing it is to listen to your favorite tunes, the strains will provide you with revitalizing energy that is ready to rock. The ACDC has super high leverage of Cannabis, which makes it one of the topnotch CBD strains you can use for medicinal purposes. ACDC can help combat nerve pain, PTSD, and epilepsy. And there are no psychoactive side effects yet recorded.

When it comes to taste, it has a pleasant one with a mixture of sweet, skunk, and earthy savor too. It’s very aromatic, just like those sweet earthy scents. The taste has a citrus palate as well. The appearance shows a leafy moss, which is very strange for an orange greenish color of it. After smoking and consuming ACD, you will realize how focused you are with work, and it makes you want to socialize with other people. Since it has high Cannabis content, it’s excellent in aiding chronic pain, seizures, sclerosis, anxiety, nausea, tremors, and tumors too. It can also lessen the negative side effects of undergoing chemotherapy.

History of AC DC Strain

ACDC Cannabis is considered a phenotype of CannaTonic with Ruderalis cross. CannaTonic has a special and perfectly produced hybrid that has low leverage of THC and high leverage CBD percentage. In other words, it can have both a potent psychoactive high and prolonged lowness that is very useful for healing pain. The hybrid gains a reputable profile and makes it everyone’s favorite.

The AC DC CannaTonic, which also gives a calming sensation, was produced by crossing the Legend G-13 Haze and ML Ulta. The combination resulted in a relaxing and soothing smoke.

New York University's Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center has an early study on CBD, preparing it as an agent substance known as Epidiolex. Experts found out that this kind of drug is safe and effective when tolerated well, like AC DC.

Growers of this plant must expect a bushy breed with feathery and thin leaves, just like the one with white rhino strain, a bushy, and stout plant too. It can grow like 4 feet high with a variety of big colas. Its leaves may appear purple too. The flowering period occurs in 9 - 10 weeks, and it may take longer during the colder season or in a colder place. You will spend more time maintaining this kind of plant, providing the growers with a platform to develop fully.

Another plant that is close to ACDC Cannabis is the Durban poison strain. Many considered it as their favorite because of its sweetness, piney, and citrusy smell and taste just like the ACDC have.

Is AC DC Indica Sativa?

It’s a 50/50 Sativa/Indica from a phenotype of Ruderalis and CannaTonic bred through Resin Seeds. In some situations, AC DC showed a slightly lean Sativa too. The ACDC won a variety of Cannabis Cup because of its high content on CBD.

Because of the balance number of Sativa/Indica from Resin Seeds bred, the user of the ACDC will feel like having an uplifting, positive effect like happiness and peace. Also, it makes you more focused on things you do and sociable at the same time. Some users of AC DC describe it as a complete relaxing option without worrying about its impact.

The ACDC has no recorded psychoactive effects but has a lot of medicinal benefits. It is used to relieve pain, muscle pain, and control seizures. It will not impact your daily activities at all. Other classic Indica-dominant hybrids that provide a memorable taste and smell just like the ACDC are blue cheese strain, Chemdawg strain, LSD strain, and La confidential strain.

How do you grow AC DC?

Indoors or outdoors, ACDC can grow both. It will produce green, tight, and fluffy buds covered with hairy orange particles. The plant can grow to 4 feet and will give you a feathery kind of leaves. It just needs a clear and open space or platform so it can brace itself better since it will be popping more when growing.

It is not easy to grow ACDC. It needs more effort when compared to other kinds of it. You might need to shake AC DC or set up a fan for its growth. Yes, give it a little effort and stress out yourself too just to make sure that the ACDC will work and grow better.

Do not forget to give it some mineral supplements like calcium and magnesium. But you don’t have to worry about the pests that might ruin your plant because the ACDC is not too resistant to that. You don’t need to watch out on that.

If you grow it indoors, the flowering period is between 65 - 72 days. And it has an average yield of 140 oz per M2.

If you choose to grow it outdoors, the flowering period will take 9 - 10 weeks. But if you have a colder environment, it will take more time for flowers to bloom. If you want the yield to be increased, make sure to follow the guidelines on how to supplement this kind of plant. ACDC Strain Canada has this growing method so far.

What are the best CBD strains?

For the top 5 CBD strains with a high percentage of Cannabis substance, here are their names from the top 1 to the bottom base from strain review available online.

1. The Charlotte’s Web

This is one of the noticeable names in the Cannabis industry since a daytime TV show endorsed it, which makes it so popular and legalizing the use of it too. There is a recent study about it that shows how beneficial it is for patients with epilepsy and seizures. It can improve their mood, appetite, and focus too.

2. The AC DC Strains

ACDC is another high Cannabis oil tested that provides many positive side effects for patients who have epilepsy. It is popular in providing energy to those who consume it. It’s also useful in aiding pain, stress, epilepsy, inflammation, depression, and Parkinson’s disease.

3. The CannaTonic

This is the best one to use for your stress and anxiety. It can create warm fuzzies too, so if you want a kind of booster for your mood, this one is a good choice.

4. The Remedy

This is from a CBD Indica strain, which means to say that it is also best for any kind of relaxation you want. It can reduce muscle pain and tension and improve sleep, as well. If you're going to stop your insomnia, you must use this Remedy. It’s earthy, and citrus-flavored profile gives you a feeling of calmness too.

5. The Pennywise

It’s a cross of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin strain. It’s used to make a person happy. That is why it’s a perfect treat for your depression and other PTSD illnesses.

Other strains you can include to this list are Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Ringo’s Gift, Trident, and Harle-Tsu.

Does Cannatonic get you high?

marijuana bud

Because of the high CBD content, CannaTonic is one of the top medicinal strains today. But that doesn’t mean that it will make the user high. The low THC content from it can only reach around 15 percent. It will help you relax and calm, but not high.

Since they are also famous from different marijuana strain options, that’s not necessarily mean that you will experience a mind-blowing highness as you also take the ACDC strain. What you should expect from ACDC is just a more relaxing experience that makes you happier even after using it. Some medical marijuana is proven, giving this kind of side effects too. You can search for a strain review to help you decide on what Cannabis strain is also applicable to you. Before indulging with it, make sure to ask for medical advice as well from someone who can give you enough and proper information on CBD and THC strains.

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