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Best Weed in the World – The Best and Strongest Marijuana Strains

January 20, 2020

There are more than 780 variants of marijuana that exist in the whole world. Since legalization is now making its way to different US states, people are on the lookout for the best weed in the world. Hybrid and pure weeds all have CBD and THC, however, they have different potencies which lead to wide-ranging effects. There are other marijuana strains that stand out for having stronger potency and effect.

Though THC is the primary source of potency, you must understand the vital role of terpenes when it comes to creating and improving the quality of high that each strain gives. Terpenes such as limonene, linalool, and myrcene are the ambrosial substance that provides marijuana its all-inclusive fragrance. Also, a marijuana strain that is packed with both THC and terpenes usually offers a more exceptional experience compared to strains that don’t have chemical versatility.

Are you searching for a marijuana strain that will test your tolerance or treat your recurring medical symptoms? The questions on which strains are the most powerful are asked by users in different parts of the world. This list puts together the best strains that you can find in the market that offers strong euphoric effects, all thanks to their powerful genetics and careful breeding technique.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are completely authentic and their chemical structure is preserved. They are bred from a female and male parent and they can also create female or male plants. They are considered as the purest form of strain since their genetics are un-altered. They create almost 50% female offspring and 50% male offspring.

Though all-female plants are gaining more popularity these days, regular marijuana seeds remain as one of the most sought after variants. Their authentic genetics is well-loved among farmers who want to upgrade their crops and improve their earnings.

If you want to cultivate female strains, it’s essential to know that regular seeds are more difficult to work with compared to their feminized alternatives. You need to consider several factors and that includes the size of grow space, the growing environment, and the overall grower capacity. If your goal is to grow female plants only, it is crucial to identify the male plants during the early stages of the flowering process and remove them as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you wanted to breed, regular seeds are the ideal ones to use since they grow substantial male and female plants.

Currently, marijuana is getting more and more popular across the United States. According to a study in 2018, marijuana consumption has increased among American adults who use it regularly. Furthermore, Forbes reported that the international marijuana industry is worth approximately $7.7 billion. By 2021, it is expected to land at $31.4 billion.

The major reason that the marijuana industry is flourishing is because of its medicinal uses. Various researches suggest that marijuana can alleviate the symptoms of some medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. However, as most medical and recreational marijuana users know, not all marijuana is produced equally. Different strains have different effects, which means that various marijuana strains can be utilized for various purposes.

What is a marijuana strain?

When researching about marijuana or visiting several pot shops, you will likely encounter terms such as Sativa, indica, and hybrid. These terms refer to the primary category of marijuana in the market.

Indica is a native of the Hindu Kush Mountains in India. It has a calming effect on the user. On the other hand, Sativa has an energizing effect while hybrid offers both.

This is the kind of strain you select will rely on the effect that you want to experience. As mentioned above, marijuana has a wide-array of medical uses, however, some strains work better in certain conditions compared to others. It pays off to research the possible effects of the strain that you are planning to try out. Most strains that you can find out there have side effects that include dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness. It can also alter the medicine that you are consuming. Take note that you can’t operate machinery while you are under the influence of marijuana.

Sativa is the type of strain that you will likely choose if you are looking for something that will help you with your sleeping problems. In contrast to indica-dominant strains that have high levels of CBD, pure sativa products are more powerful, making them ideal for treating medical conditions including:

  • eating disorders
  • chronic pain
  • seizures and muscle spasms
  • PTSD and other mental conditions
  • anxiety disorders
  • Cancer-related symptoms and Alzheimer’s and Crohn’s disease

If you are diagnosed with one of these conditions, and conventional treatment doesn’t seem to work for you, then you will likely find a cure in Sativa strains. However, before you stuff your medical kit with weed and rely on medical cannabis, make sure you consult your doctor first.

If consuming or cultivating marijuana is legal in your state and you are planning to give it a shot, there is a comprehensive list of marijuana strains that you can choose from. Finding the right strain will make your life much easier. Here are the best and most potent marijuana strains in the market.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most popular varieties of strains. It is a pure indica that’s renowned for its speedy flowering phase, resinous buds, and strength during growth. It is an offspring of Thai landrace and indigenous Afghani strains. Northern Lights gave way to some of the prominent hybrids out there, including Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. According to some claims, this sought after the strain was first grown in an area in Seattle, Washington, then it was propagated in Holland right after 1985.

Northern Lights give off a spicy and sweet smell that branch out from its crystal-packed buds, which sometimes end up having a purple color. Its psychoactive effects impact the whole body, calming the muscles and taking the mind in a delightful intoxication. It treats body pain and allows sleeplessness. It also fights off stress and depression. Northern Lights has a flowering time of 45 up to 50 days.


  • Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry, and Euphoric.
  • Medical Attributes: Depression, Stress, Pain, Insomnia, and Headaches.
  • Flavor: Pine, Earthy, Sweet.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa race from the South African port city of Durban, thus its name. It is known for its sweet aroma and energy-boosting effects. For those who want to maintain productivity throughout a long day, this strain is perfect since it will keep your creative juices flowing. Durban Poison has large resin glands that are sought after by farmers and concentrate users. Its rounded and thick buds leave a chunky coating of trichomes all over the plants. Durban Poison seeds are popular bestsellers everywhere they are sold.

  • Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Energetic, Focused, and Euphoric.
  • Medical Attributes: Pain, Stress, Headaches, Fatigue, and Depression.
  • Flavor: Sweet, Earthy, and Pine.

Purple Power

Purple Power is known for being the Sativa-dominant hybrid between Skunk #1 and Dutch Dope. This strain is quite popular among greenhouse and outdoor marijuana farmers. Since this one is unpredictable, it is difficult to cultivate inside. The Purple Power strain produces massive yields of resin-packed purple flowers that radiate a powerful aromatic smell. When smoked, it has a fruity and skunky taste. The effect takes action right away with a strong punch to the smoker. It comes with trippy visual effects and a calming feeling of elatedness.


  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Tingly, Focused, and Happy.
  • Medical: Pain, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, and Fatigue.
  • Flavor: Flowery, Earthy, and Berry.

Thai Stick

Thai stick is the variety of marijuana that is mainly cultivated in Thailand. It was taken to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. Since its buds are naturally dried and tied in lengthy sticks, this pure sativa landrace is usually referred to as “Thai Sticks”. It is the foundation of some of the most popular strains we see today including classic Haze, Juicy Fruit, and Voodoo. Thai Stick delivers comfortable yet strong effects and it has a unique citrusy and fruity fragrance. For growers who reside in places outside tropical climates, this one is a bit of a challenge to tend.

But for experienced growers who can deal with its lengthy growth cycle and slow flowering time, growing Thai Stick in the greenhouse is the best.


  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Tingly, Focused, and Happy.
  • Medical: Pain, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, and Fatigue.
  • Flavor: Flowery, Earthy, and Berry.

Feminized Seeds

If you ever smoked a joint, your delightful experience was made possible by the fruits of the marijuana plant, or most especially to the female marijuana plant. Why females? Female marijuana plants are the only ones capable of creating cannabinoid-packed flowers that offer rich flavors and incredible effects. Due to this, more and more growers are choosing to feminize seeds – the marijuana seeds that can grow 100% all-female plants. Thanks to the latest technologies, modern breeders can now preserve the female genetics of seeds.

Female vs. Male Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants that are fertilized naturally or with modern breeding strategies can create both female and male seeds. They are called regular seeds and usually, they can produce equal seeds of both sexes. Growers can expect 50% of females and 50% of male plants from regular seeds. This results in inefficient growth for most marijuana cultivators since almost half of their plants could end up being males. Though this might be helpful to some, it is a disaster to most because a large number of male plants can damage marijuana production.

Typically, cultivators plant twice as many seeds with the hope of harvesting more female plants and throwing away fewer males. However, this usually doesn’t go well, with most of their plant ending up as males. But if you just want to multiply your harvest, planting more regular seeds is the best way to increase your production and earn more money.

Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you start gardening with feminized seeds, there are many advantages that you can reap. By eliminating the time-consuming process of germinating standard seeds, feminized seeds speed up the growing process and save you time, money, and space. This efficiency is very important, especially for hobby growers and medical marijuana users. Since the majority of marijuana regulations only allow a limited number of marijuana plants, growers tending for personal use want to guarantee that they are getting the most out of their garden.

The thing about growing male plants is they take up a huge amount of space in your garden. Aside from this, they also consume time and resources which doesn’t just work for most growers. When female and male genetics are both presents in the seeds, growers need to grow both until they reveal their sexes. Most strains show their sex before transitioning to the flowering stage but some marijuana plants don’t show their sex until they begin to mature way past the vegetative stage.

Marijuana plants transition to a different stage when the amount of light and dark that they receive are altered. When cultivating outdoors, this change occurs naturally since the plants adjust with the seasons, but for indoor crops, human intervention is essential to set the light timers. Once the plants are mature enough, growers need to determine their sex, making sure that every male is eliminated before they can pollinate the females.

Growers can save more time, space, and money by using feminized seeds instead of regular seeds. It has a 100% chance of producing female plants which negates the need to identify and throw away the male plants to safeguard females. These specifically-engineered seeds help make it easier for growers.

Feminized Marijuana Strains

Here are some feminized marijuana strains you can check out that are guaranteed the strongest among existing marijuana strains.

Purple Afghani

Purple Afghani is a potent plant yet it is incredibly easy to cultivate. This indica-dominant breed makes chunky and heavy buds that are loved by consumers and growers alike. It has deep green foliage and calyxes that transform into purple during the flowering stage. It has a subtle fragrance and amazing high. Its leaf to flower ratio is medium to high.


  • Effects: Energetic, Sleepy, Relaxed, Hungry, and Euphoric.
  • Medical Attributes: Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Pain, Nausea.
  • Flavors: Woody, Sweet, Earthy


Zkittlez is widely-popular as an indica-dominant cross between Grapefruit, Grape Ape, and another unknown strain. This candy-flavored marijuana is a breed of Terp Hogz and 3rd Gen Family. This is a critically-acclaimed strain that bagged first place awards from the most prestigious competition, including 2015 Cannabis Cups in Michigan and San Francisco and 2016 Emerald Cup. Its sticky buds emerge in a spectrum of light green tones and radiate a blend of fruity, tropical, and sweet flavors. Being an indica-dominant strain, the blue Zkittlez strain delivers uplifting effects, making users happy, alert, and focused for the day.

  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Hungry, and Happy.
  • Medical: Lack of appetite, Pain, Depression, and Insomnia.
  • Flavor: Grape, Sweet, Berry.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze was bred by Green House Seeds and it was the first place winner during the High Times Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years, namely 1997, 1998, and 1999. It combines the genetics of Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk. It offers an uplifting and long-lasting physical high. The energetic effects are suited for those who are dealing with stress, nausea, or lack of appetite.


  • Effects: Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, and Relaxed.
  • Medical: Depression, Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Lack of appetite.
  • Flavor: Citrus, Earthy, and Sweet.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a blend of robust and flavorful genetics of Hawaiian and Trainwreck. The aroma is somehow related to fresh mango and pineapple, with a flavor of pineapple, cedar, and pine. This powerful hybrid offers a prolonged uplifting effect, which is ideal to take during creative travels and busy afternoons.


  • Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, and Energetic.
  • Medical: Fatigue, Depression, Pain, Stress, and Lack of Appetite.
  • Flavor: Tropical, Pineapple, and Sweet.

Green Crack

Green Crack is pure cannabis so don’t let the name fool you otherwise. It is usually called as Green Cush and it delivers powerful energy and focus that will help you get through the day in full mental sharpness. Green crack has a sour and fruity flavor, which is somehow likened to a mango. For daytime use, this strain is highly recommended since it helps smokers beat depression, stress, and fatigue.


  • Effects: Focused, Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, and Euphoric.
  • Medical: Stress, Headaches, Pain, Fatigue, and Depression.
  • Flavor: Citrus, Sweet, Earthy.

Strong Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana that is rich in CBD is sought after in different parts of the world because of its health benefits. By combining an equal amount of CBD and THC, RQS managed to effectively hybridize authentic medicinal marijuana strains. Now, it is on the top-tier of strains that work best for medical marijuana patients. This is possible because of the latest breeding technologies that help cultivators choose the ideal growth trait, effect, and appearance of the plant. Growers can now find the strain that’s in line with their needs and growing ability.

Identifying the potency of marijuana is not easy and once you find the strain that you like, there are still several factors that you need to consider. The primary factors that can impact the potency of the bud include: growing medium (soil or hydroponics), growing space (indoor vs outdoor), humidity, amount of nutrients, temperature, levels of carbon dioxide, and light source.

Furthermore, there are numerous methods of growing marijuana and each has its share of pros and cons. For instance, if you want to cultivate your crop using the UVB spectrum, you should either look for a mountainous location that is near the equator or invest in several UVB emitting LED grow lights. These problems all have downsides: walking up to a mountain to tend your bud will consume your energy and leave you feeling tired while purchasing LED lights are costly and can take away all your resources.

Also, genetics play a huge part in your plant’s potency. Genetics holds all the information about a certain plant, including its flavors, aromas, CBD and THC level, and growing habits. Marijuana takes both the traits of its parents, the same way as humans do. Stable genetics create predictable characteristics that are passed down from parent plants, while unstable genetics usually produce offspring with unpredictable characteristics, which can branch out to several problems. Thanks to the modern art of breeding, growers can now choose the ideal traits, effect, and appearance that they want for their plants.

If you want to cultivate marijuana strains for personal or commercial use, choosing the best one that will suit your growing capacity and requirements is essential. It will give direction to your growing process and help you stay right on track. Choosing a strain that is beyond your growing ability would be difficult for you to manage. Most of the time, it would be hard to achieve the yield that you expect. Choose your strain wisely to be successful in the cannabis industry.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana plants automatically begin flowering 2-4 weeks after germination. Traditional varieties – Sativa and indica dominant – are considered as photoperiodic plants. This means that if they are grown in an indoor set-up, they are conditioned to transition to the flowering stage when the lights are turned on for 12 hours and off for the rest of the day, leaving the plant in darkness for 12 hours. How about if they are grown outdoors?

This usually causes problems since the plants will only flower once a year. This is the problem that you won’t ever face with autoflowering seeds. They are Sativa or indica plants that are combined with a Ruderalis variant, making them the ideal choice for growers who live in areas with limited summertime and shorter daylight hours. Thanks to its Ruderalis genetics, auto-flowering automatically completes flowering in less than 6 weeks.

Unlike standard cannabis seeds, the plants grown from autoflowering marijuana seeds can drop the slow-paced blooming stage and head straight to this stage within 4-6 weeks after germination; as long as it receives an appropriate amount of light. Autoflowering marijuana strain is a combination of marijuana ruderalis genetics and another usual strain. Looking at the result of this unique genetic pairing, cultivators can enjoy a series of advantages and several disadvantages when tending such strain.

Autoflowering strains are available in most dispensaries or pot shops online. Along with feminized and regular seeds, autoflowering is always present when you browse through the store’s marijuana seed catalog.

What is Autoflowering Marijuana?

The marijuana plant is popular for being genetically versatile. It has created massive variants with different characteristics, effects, and growing traits that are developed all over the world. Marijuana ruderalis is one popular species of marijuana that came from the temperate regions of the world. Being able to adapt to this type of condition, ruderalis developed the capacity to flower according to age, and not based on the length of available sunlight. This is what sets the plant apart from other common types of marijuana that demands a strict light schedule to transition to the flowering stage.

This unique trait gave breeders an idea to combine the genetics of ruderalis marijuana with cannabis sativa and indica genus. This genius hybridization gave life to hybrids that have the cannabinoid content of indicas and sativas, and the flowering habit of ruderalis. Another reason why ruderalis has to be bred with other strains is because of its low cannabinoid content and yield, which cannot compare to its Sativa or indica alternatives.

Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Seeds

As mentioned above, cultivating auto-flowering seeds has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages of planting auto-flowering seeds.

1. Fast flowering period and harvest time

This is a big advantage for cultivators who want to see the value of their harvest right away. It also serves as a great advantage to those cultivated in areas of the world where the fast growth and speedy harvest are crucial requirements. Autoflowering strains grow much faster, unlike Sativa and indica strains. There are auto-flowering strains that can transition from seed to harvest in as fast as two months. Having such a short growing period, there are even auto-flowering strains that are named as “Quick one”. Another great example of a quick growing auto-flowering marijuana strain is Royal Dwarf, which has a harvest time of 8-9 weeks.

2. Autoflowering plants are compact and small

Another advantage of auto-flowering strains is that they grow into small plants. This is due to their cannabis ruderalis genetics. Sativa plants are known for their enormous height and thin leaves, which can grow into massive bushes if cultivated outdoors. Additionally, indicas have limited structure, but they have wide and thicker leaves. In contrast to indica and Sativa, pure ruderalis plants are closest to the appearance of weeds. They are thin and small but sturdy and versatile as well.

This characteristic is the main reason auto-flowering strains are little in size. This is an incredible advantage for growers who want to grow plants in a limited growing space or those who reside in places that restrict marijuana growing. The speedy growth cycle and small size of autoflowering strains deemed them as the best choice for discreet and compact growing areas.

Some examples of this little stature are the already mentioned auto-flowering marijuana strains above. Quick One can only grow from 50-60 cm in an indoor garden and 60-100cm in an outdoor garden. Royal Dwarf, on the other hand, can have a height between 40-70 cm in an indoor environment and 50-90 cm in an outdoor environment.

3. No light schedule or photoperiod needed

Another notable advantage when growing auto-flowering strains is that you don’t need to monitor their light schedule to encourage them to flower. They flower through age, which is their most unique characteristic.

Autoflowering strains will automatically transition to the flowering stage, no matter what light schedule is given to them. For instance, you can expose them under a light schedule of 16/8 every day, which means 16 hours light and 8 hours of darkness per day, until they complete both vegetative and flowering stages. This is completely different from regular marijuana strains, which demand a change in light schedules for them to jump to the flowering stage.

This specific trait offers a huge advantage for outdoor growers since it would be possible for them to cultivate numerous harvest every season. Multiple harvests mean more weeds and more earnings for you. Furthermore, if you forget to plant your marijuana right on schedule, you can always start late in the season using auto-flowering seeds and still make it in time for harvest before the weather becomes too harsh. It’s always a win-win situation when growing autos.

Disadvantages of Growing Autoflowering Seeds

Now that you understand the advantages of growing auto-flowering seeds, it’s time to delve into its disadvantages. It is important to know these because they are subjective and they can affect the perspective of different cultivators. What is considered a disadvantage to some might be an advantage to others, and it is necessary to present them one by one.

1. Autoflowering seeds have limited size

As you’ve read in the first part of this article, auto-flowering marijuana strains are small in size. This is one characteristic of autos that are advantageous to some while disadvantageous for others. Generally, because of its ruderalis genetics, auto flowering seeds are relatively small.

For cultivators with a spacious growing room or private outdoor garden, they may choose strains that can develop into enormous plants with massive yields. Though there are methods that can be used to optimize the yield of these autos, they are still genetically smaller, and thus it would be difficult to achieve the gigantic yields that one can get from sativa strains that almost look like a tree instead of a marijuana plant.

2. Expensive lighting fixture

As mentioned earlier, autoflowering strains can be exposed under more light especially during the flowering stage. This is a great way to optimize the process of photosynthesis and increase energy production within auto strains. However, having a generous amount of light will also lead to expensive electrical costs which some cultivators treat as a disadvantage.

3. The decrease in cannabinoid content

Since auto-flowering marijuana strains are well-known for producing less amount of yield, its cannabinoid content may also be lower compared to other varieties of strains. Generally, buds produced by auto-flowering plants have fewer THC content because of their ruderalis genetics. They still offer a good amount of kick, but if you are a consumer who is looking for something stronger and with a higher THC content, autos may not satisfy you.

Here are the most popular autoflowering marijuana strains that you can check out and try.

Big Bud

Big Bud was developed in the United States right before it was introduced in the Netherlands in the 1980s to safeguard it from the ongoing War on Drugs. It is an iconic strain among cultivators because it produces enormous yields. Thanks to Sensi Seeds, this indica was preserved for the modern potheads to enjoy. It produces large buds with a limited number of leaves, completely different from other marijuana strains out there. It radiates a spicy and earthy aroma and offers laid-back full-body effects, all because of its indica genus.


  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy, and Uplifted.
  • Medical Attributes: Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasms, Stress, and Insomnia.
  • Flavor: Pine, Earthy, and Woody.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is the result of mixing Hawaiian and Trainwreck – two of the most robust and delicious strains in the industry. Its aroma is comparable to fresh fruits like mango and apple. Its taste is a combination of pine, pineapple, and cedar. This powerful hybrid will give you a long-lasting, energizing body and cerebral effect, making it the go-to strain for those who are doing creative projects in busy afternoons.

  • Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, and Energetic.
  • Medical: Fatigue, Depression, Pain, Stress, and Lack of Appetite.
  • Flavor: Pineapple, Tropical, Sweet.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a dominant indica strain that produces powerful buds, thanks to its parent plant, the Skunk #1. By combining the iconic genetics of Skunk with Afghani genetics, Sensi Seeds managed to produce a plant with viscous and chunky buds that are renowned for its incredibly sharp yet surprisingly sweet flavor. Super Skunk offers a strong calming effect that settles firmly in different parts of the body, perfect for beating body pains and stress.


  • Effects: Uplifted, Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, and Euphoric.
  • Medical Attributes: Pain, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia.
  • Flavor: Herbal, Spicy, and Citrus.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights autoflower is still one of the most popular strains in the cannabis industry because of its rapid flowering phase and resinous buds. A combination of Thai and Afghani strains, Northern Lights is the main foundation of some iconic hybrids, known as Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Sensi Seeds is the breeder of this famous strain and rumor has it that it was first grown in Washington before it was developed in Holland way back 1985.


Northern Lights is coated with purple crystal buds and it offers a blend of spicy and sweet fragrance. It has psychoactive effects which result in dreamy bliss. Its relaxing properties can ease the muscles, treat pain and fight off insomnia. It is also a popular natural treatment for depression and stress.

Autoflowering Strains are Easy to Grow

Autoflowering cannabis strain has a reputation of being the easiest strain to cultivate. It is no wonder that it is popular among novice growers. With simple care and a low-maintenance light schedule, you can have a bountiful harvest with autos. Other varieties of strain require strict light cycles to move up to other growing stages, but auto-flowering strains eliminate all of these complicated requirements. It even allows you to have multiple harvests during the summer.

For those who are into small marijuana plants for that stealth growing activity or limited space, autos are relatively smaller, typically within 12-23 inches and they can fulfill the height requirements you are looking for. This is a huge advantage for legal growth that has a height limit.

Autoflowering Seeds vs. Feminized Seeds

It may be stereotypical but for growers, female marijuana plants are more valuable compared to male ones because of their resinous buds. Before, seeds from indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains are called feminized and seeds that are taken from strains that have been combined with Ruderalis are referred to as auto-flowering. This is because the majority of auto-flowering seeds have been altered to be feminized as well. With this, the more appropriate difference should be auto-flowering vs photoperiod seeds, however considering the argument, it’s much better to settle with the much-used terminology. So, what are the things that you should consider between auto-flowering and feminized seeds?

If you are into numerous harvests in one season, auto-flowering strains are suitable for you. They have fast flowering periods and produce shorter plants that result in a generous harvest. On the other hand, feminized seeds grow bigger over time and they have a longer harvest time. They are fragile during the flowering phase and they can only have one-time harvest per year. Their yield is usually abundant, stronger and with fewer leafy leftovers in their buds.

Pruning is not essential for autos since they only stay in their vegetative stage for a short time. In contrast, feminized plants require expert pruning to produce exceptional plants.

Another advantage of growing feminized strains is the fact that you can clone them. A clone is created by cutting a portion of the plant and replanting it. It will have the genetic structure of the parent plant, as well as its age. For autoflowering strains, the clone will begin flowering even if it’s just a small plant, which means it will have a small harvest.

The feminized clone has a lot of time to go through the vegetative stage, allowing it to develop into a bigger plant when harvest season arrives. Growing auto-flowering plants requires the planting of the new seed for every growth cycle, while one seed of the feminized plant is enough to grow a large marijuana garden. Besides these general considerations, you might want to dig a little deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of growing with auto-flowering vs feminized (photoperiod) strains, especially if you are planning to cultivate in an outdoor or indoor growing environment.

Final Words

When you look at auto-flowering seeds, they have amazing features that will surely impress marijuana growers in different parts of the world, however, feminized seeds also present great characteristics. If you are waiting for the right time to grow auto-flowering or feminized seeds in an outdoor or indoor garden, now is the perfect time to begin planting. By this time, you need to weigh your options and begin making your decision.

Are you just an amateur who just started playing in the field of cannabis and wanted to harvest your plants as soon as possible? Or maybe you don’t mind purchasing new seeds for every new plant because you believe that it will bring you numerous harvests each year? If this sounds like you, autoflowering seeds are the right way to start.

On the other hand, do you have a green thumb and you like to wait before harvesting the flowers of your huge, matured plant? Or do you have plans on cloning the parent plant to fit your certain needs? Then, feminized seeds are the ideal strain, to begin with. No matter what seed variant suits your needs, you will find them online in hundreds of dispensaries and deed banks.

The search for best weed in the world is a passion, an experience, and an adventure. Cultivating marijuana plants requires careful consideration of what you want out of your experience.

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