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Canada Seed Bank - Is It a Scam? We Reveal The Truth!

October 3, 2018

At the moment like for many years, the only way Canadians could lawfully possess cannabis seeds was to be registered with the federal government’s special medical marijuana program. That has always been a hassle in addition to the fact that generally the Canada seed bank has been expensive. But all of that is about to change.

Starting on 17th October 2018, any resident in Canada can buy cannabis in Canada they want to grow cannabis from a Canadian seed bank. That’s right it is being legalized, but that does not mean you should limit yourself to the seed bank. There are many other ways of buying marijuana seeds in Canada, and it shouldn’t cost you $15 per seed either (like many seed banks charge). We won’t go so far as to call these seed banks scams but they are highly lucrative businesses. Apart from price, there are many reasons to avoid them.

Canadian seed bank is 80% More Expensive Than Our Seed Engine

Many people have been buying cannabis seeds Canada for a very long time some for medical purposes other for recreation. These seasoned buyers know where to source the best deal from, and it isn’t from seed banks. Seed banks are extremely expensive. Doing your shopping online from the places we suggest can help you save 80% more on your purchase. So, you get more seeds, and in some cases better strains than from these seed bank.

Many Canada Seed Bank has no Knowledge

We have over the years spoken to many marijuana seed banks in Canada, and most don’t even know what they are selling. Also, as soon as it is legalized, many seed banks will be on what we like to call a mini “gold rush,” as they try to sell as many seeds to buyers at the highest prices possible. However, they have no idea what is it they are selling, the quality, strain and other stuff.

Not having much experience selling cannabis seeds means that buyers can end up with duds, i.e. seeds that don’t grow. Plus the seed banks don’t offer refunds so if you’re paying upwards of $15 a seed, that’s a waste of your hard earned money. You’ll also be pretty frustrated after weeks of hard work trying to grow it.

Most Marijuana Seeds Canada Not Available

We have visited Canadien seed banks, and most don’t have many strains. A Canadian seed bank may have a dozen or two dozen strains at best. That’s not enough to satisfy everyone. What happens if they don’t have the strain you need? Since there isn’t a law against buying or growing a specific strain why limit yourself to what the seed bank is selling?

We have over 330 different strains listed. Ours is one of the most comprehensive seed banks online, and you can find even the hardest to find strain right here, and it will be delivered to your home.

Low-Quality Cannabis seeds Canada

Starting October 17th, we will witness one of the biggest money grabs in history as the number of people buy cannabis in Canada will quadruple overnight. So, to keep up with demand and get in on the money train seed banks will stock up and sell like crazy. The only downside is that the quality will be sub-par. With yields under 50%, that’s a lot of money being wasted.

When it comes to buying weed seeds Canada, you want to buy quality seeds. After all, you’re not just investing money but time in growing the seeds. Each seed that refuses to sprout is a significant loss of time and effort. So, your goal should be higher yields. Unfortunately, you can’t expect most seed banks to sell you quality weed seeds, that’s the sad fact.

Zero Information and Guidance When You Buy Cannabis in Canada

Once cannabis seeds Canada is legalized many people who never considered it because of fear of going to jail would now want to grow them. However, a lack of knowledge on the part of the seed banks will be quite apparent. Most people will have no idea what seeds to buy and how to grow them. Even information on the internet can be either incorrect or severely limited. So, many people could end up spinning their wheels but with no results.

When you buy from us, we don’t just sell seeds but provide you with information. We can guide you as our professionals have years of experience. They know just about everything there is to growing and cultivating weed and are happy to share their expertise. So you learn how to grow while ensuring that you’re benefitting from high-quality seeds.

Save Money With the Best Marijuana Seeds Canada Alternative

Fake, low quality and strange strains are something we are all too familiar with, and because of that, we can help you avoid it. Ours is a truly professional online seed bank with 280 strains of some of the best weed seeds you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Not only are they easy to grow but are not heavy on the pocket either. You will save time, money and effort when buying seeds from us.

As professional marijuana growers ourselves we can provide you with information on growing marijuana seeds Canada. Also, point you in the direction of some excellent guides and books that should help anyone grow any strain in their backyard. Plus, we can also advise you on the best strains for various conditions like arthritis pain, Parkinson’s, etc. So, not only are we selling you excellent quality weed seeds Canada but ensuring your success with them.

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