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An Introductory Cannabis Strain Guide for Exploring New Flavors

April 7, 2020

Cannabis Strain Guide for Beginners

For an individual who will try cannabis for the first time, a bad first experience may be a reason for him to forget cannabis as part of his life forever. Typically the bad experience is usually because of the unpleasant side effects associated with THC, but what first time users of cannabis do not realize is that there are ways of minimizing those unpleasant feelings. This Cannabis Strain Guide aims to educate and introduce beginners to popular marijuana strains in the United States.

If you are a beginner or low-tolerance consumer of cannabis, finding low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strains from good marijuana seeds will bring a pleasant first-time experience. It will be the perfect starting point for beginners. There are strains of cannabis with equal parts THC and CBD, but some contain almost no THC at all. It is well to start off with products which address a particular need.

CBD Varieties

The following are some of the widely embraced CBD varieties.

Sour Tsunami

This strain will not get you high. It is a CBD-dominant 60% Sativa and 40% Indica strain that delivers only trace levels of THC. It is the result of an NYC diesel and a sour diesel cross. It will not make you feel high like when you smoke traditional high-THC varieties. Sour Tsunami will wash away your tension, stress, and anxiety without you ending up stoned. The mellowing effect of products like this answers the question of smoking weed without the high.

Sour Tsunami


Harlequin delivers a balance of THC and CBD, being an even-keel strain of cannabis that gives only gentle euphoric effects. The CBD will act as the training wheels for the use of THC, allowing you to experience cannabis without any fear or anxiety.


This is a balanced strain that will provide you a tolerable dose of THC wrapped in CBD. Because of the balanced levels of the two cannabinoids, it will be easier later to ease into euphoric experience very slowly using extra control.


It is a great cannabis strain for new consumers who are still hesitant to try THC. CBD will bring you into deep relaxation with clarity and peace lightly falling on the mind. Products like this are perfect for stress relief.

Starting with THC-dominant cannabis strains

After being introduced into cannabis by using CBD-dominant strains, you should slowly ease into a THC-dominant cannabis strain. You must settle first in a comfortable place while you start with a low dose of cannabis.

Many cannabis strains today typically have a THC ceiling of 20-25%, you should start with less than 15% THC to get a less overwhelming experience. It will help if you use only lab-tested cannabis to give you an idea of how much THC a flower contains. Besides smoking weed, you can also use other products like gummies and other edibles.

Going into the second stage of your cannabis use, you can choose from the following:

Blue Dream

It is the unspoken champion in this category. It leads you into a mellow experience while enjoying the sweet taste of mixed berries. It will leave you smiling as the tranquil effects envelope your body and mind.

Blue Dream

Jack Herer

Jack Herer will give you a gentle lift of mood, bringing you warm, invigorating euphoria effects. There is conjecture about its lineage, with hints of Northern Lights, Haze and Shiva  Skunk. 


It is a colorful strain that will bring sunshine with every exhale. Its lighthearted qualities will bring out the laughter.

Cannabis Strain Guide: Popular Varieties

If you are a cannabis lover, it is safe to assume that you are always on the hunt to find the best weed strain. There are thousands of weed strains and products available on the market but the following are some of the most popular and potent strains for your enjoyment and therapeutic pursuits.

Wonder Woman Strain

Wonder Woman strain is an Indica dominant hybrid, produced from two female plants, one of which produced male flowers through manipulation. The parent strain can produce either Sativa dominant or Indica dominant offspring.

Wonder Woman is 100% female strain. This magnificent Nirvana kush produces long-lasting high, huge yields, feminized seeds, and fast maturation.

Wonder Woman marijuana induces uplifting cerebral high followed by sedation. It uplifts mood, promotes giggles, and boosts creativity. Those effects will be followed by relaxation of the mind and body, then sleep. This strain boosts appetite, helps with nausea, relieves stress, and controls pain.

NYC Diesel Strain

NYC Diesel strain is a Sativa hybrid that produces a citrus sweet flavor with a tinge of a bit of diesel. The rare taste delivers a powerful high that energizes the users and activates their minds. The activation is often coupled with feelings of euphoria and a burst of creativity. Highly recommended for stress relief. Along with these effects are a mildly numbing stone that makes users, particularly new ones, to be more lazy and in need of sleep.

This Sativa strain is a ‘wake and bake’ medication that starts off medical users’ day that is full of energy.


Great White Shark Strain

This is Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis created by The Green House breeders. The plant has a THC level of around 14% to 15%.

The Great White Shark strain has strong and long-lasting effects with a quick onset. Many users refer to this strain as a “one-hitter quitter” because of the quite powerful body stone. The smooth smoke lulls you into an enjoyable euphoria. It is recommended to smoke on lazy, introverted days. It is good for meditation, creativity, and heavy pondering, but not recommended for busy days that require plenty of social interaction.

Skittlez Strain

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a fruit flavor. It offers users the chance to taste the rainbow, and see the rainbow also. The plant’s thick flowers appear in a variety of purples and greens, with orange hairs sprinkled throughout. The purple hues are due to the high concentration of anthocyanin pigments.

Skittlez strain comes relatively quickly. Some pressure around the eyes and temples may occur at the start of use, but later, will appreciate the action on their sensory perception. Visual and auditory distortions are common among users.

Pineapple Chunk Strain

This strain has a very strong Indica-stone. It is a cross of Skunk #1 and Cheese, making it quite smelly. Users like the smooth feel of the smoke in the mouth and the taste of pineapple undertones.

Recreational users get stoned with Pineapple Chunk strain. It produces long-lasting high and is considered the best couchlock strain in the world.

Sunset Sherbet Strain

Also known as “Sherbert”, the Sunset Sherbet Strain is a cross developed from the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain and Indica Pink Panties. This brings a strong flavor profile and at the same time provides a lot of energy for various activities.

It soothes the user and has an upbeat vigor. The first few tokes serves as a sampler to a more languid feeling of euphoria. The user is bathed in pure energy and a hazy peaceful cloud, allowing for several tranquil hours while working with a clear mind.

Know strains of cannabis guide

There are plenty of other strains in the world, and breeders keep coming up with more strains and varieties. Typically, they may start with a landrace or a native plant and start their experiments from there. In some instances, the breeders try to extend the characteristics of popular or classic strains like acapulco gold, silver haze, hindu kush white widow, or super silver haze.

Although not always accepted socially, cannabis has provided humans with medicinal relief and recreational enjoyment for years. With the growing support and legalization of cannabis use throughout the world, people are learning how to incorporate cannabis into their daily lives. Becoming popular today is microdosing cannabis, which is the intake of a small, controlled dose of cannabis for the desired effects without the feeling of high. To achieve your desired results for your marijuana intake, it is important to know and understand the different strains of cannabis and its effects.


Using cannabis for the first time is similar to what it was like when you entered a bar for the first time. When the bartender asked you what you wanted to drink, you felt overwhelmed and simply asked for the first drink that came to mind. If the drink that you asked for the first time turned out to be too strong for your taste, that might be the first and the last time that you will see the inside of a bar.

It is always necessary that you have some basic knowledge of things that you will indulge in. If you will be drinking, know the different types of drinks and the effects of each. The same with cannabis. There are many strains of cannabis with their characteristics and effects. If you know the effects that you are looking for, you should know the strain that you should choose.

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