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White Widow Strain: Upbeat High and State Of Euphoria

January 8, 2021
 | General
What is White Widow White Widow Strain is world-famous for about two decades now. The breed came from Green House Seeds, cross between the resin-heavy South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace. It is potent hybrid strain cannabis, which you can find everywhere in the American marijuana industry. They are also available in coffee shops […]
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What is OG Kush?

July 12, 2020
 | Strains
OG Cush is a legendary and highly popular strain of marijuana. Kush is a type of cannabis that grows in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, one of the few places on earth where cannabis grows natively. Kush can easily be grown in the US because of the genetics that makes this plant highly resistant […]
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What is the Cherry Pie Strain?

June 29, 2020
 | Strains
People with sweet-tooth and enjoy using weed, they will love the Cherry Pie Strain. It has a moderate and strong THC volume that depends on the cut you used. You will expect some punches too when taken to the THC level properly. The weed is a combination of scent and fragrance straight from baked goods […]
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Top Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Issues Warning CBD Oil Not Legal In All States
CBD or cannabidiol a component of cannabis has recently gained popularity among US citizens because of its claimed benefits in alleviating pain among other health claims. The legalization of cannabis-based medicine in the United...
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Is Weed Legal In Virginia?
There are several studies that explore the use of marijuana, or weed as it is also called, for medicinal purposes. While there are those that vouch for its effectiveness in treating the symptoms of...
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Is Weed Legal in DC? Here's What You Need to Know
Marijuana, or weed, has long been used to treat specific ailments and diseases because of its several medicinal properties. Along with it came several by-products from the same plant where the drug is extracted....
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Buy Cannabis Online - Things You Have To Consider
If you plan to grow marijuana for leisure, or for profit, as a business, you have to start with a good understanding of where to get your supplies. The most important supply you need...
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Cannabis Legalization On Science Terms
An array of claims encircles pot politics, in which the touted ache-alleviating qualities of medical cannabis are piled up against the scary side effects of marijuana use. Do medical proof and scientific research disclose...
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