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The Truth About CBD High

April 21, 2020

With different CBD products out on the market today, users want to know if CBD high does exist. If they consume it, can it cause them serious complications? Of course, users need to know these things. Not knowing anything about what they're putting in their body can place their health at threat.

Everyone needs to learn that cannabidiol cbd CBD is different from tetrahydrocannabinol THC. They are cousin-compounds. Both the CBD and THC substances originated from cannabis plants, but they have far different and contrasting effects on the user's body. 

THC is considered a psychoactive substance that when consumed, it changes the user’s way of thinking. In different circumstances, it is a non-psychoactive compound that doesn't get you high.

On the other hand, there are products under CBD labeled full-spectrum that contain a trace value of THC. The Cannabis produced substance, though, is safe and has beneficial effects compared to that of THC substances.

There are Cannabis-produced items that are labeled as a full-spectrum CBD and consists of trace amounts of THC. However, there are well-known brands today that sell full-spectrum CBD products, which contain 0.3 percent THC or less. This amount of compound found in THC is proven not good enough to intoxicate someone who will use it. But if you are on a drug test, there is a possibility of failing the result while consuming high doses of the full-spectrum of the cannabis plant produced CBD. Drug screenings detect the accumulated CBD, THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids, which can cause a person’s drug test to fail.

In this article, it will explain what THC, CBD and their importance as well as the benefits of using it. It will also discuss the reasons why CBD will not even make you feel high like THC does. It will also discuss the difference between CBD, THC, and why you need to choose which strain to use.

CBD: Medicinal High

medicinal high

Once it was extracted from Cannabis, it can be directly added to various products, most specifically in lotions, oils, and tinctures.

Today, one of the most popular CBD products is the CBD oil. You can take it directly or under the tongue, but the other way you can make use of it is adding it to your favorite drink or food, and even use it for your vape pen.

CBD products are promoted as a natural means to lower a person's anxiety or just to relax. Some find that it can easily lessen the symptoms of depression. But this is not equal to the high 'feels' caused by marijuana or THC. Though taking a high concentration of CBD will give you an uplifting feeling or intoxicating effects or any other side effects, that cannot be tagged as high. There will be some given side effects of THC and CBD like dizziness and nausea, but you will never experience the highness effect at all with CBD.

What Is CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is defined as the naturally occurring substance you can find in a sticky flower of Cannabis. It's a kind of plant with a medicinal history in the past, and today, its properties are being tested, then confirmed by many experts in the world. It has a non-addictive compound which is safe to take. CBD is just one of those hundreds of "phytocannabinoids," which is a unique substance of CBD and supplies the plant to attain its therapeutic feature.

Since CBD is considered a naturally occurring cannabis substance, it can be used as ingredients to many products such as oils and other edibles that give out a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Unlike THC, which is considered the major component in marijuana, it is entirely not showing psychoactive effects. Taking CBD may help you aid your troubling issues. The cannabis substance effects are what you need to keep calm and at ease.

It's important to know that CBD and THC are both essential to the therapeutic aspect. But compared to THC, CBD will not make a person feel intoxicated or "stoned." This only shows that CBD and THC act differently in various receptors of the body and the brain. There will be a different use between THC and CBD, and that is what you need to understand. If you are in doubt about these compounds, you have to see and talk to any health providers to discuss with you the difference between THC and CBD.

what is cbd

CBD can neutralize and lessen the psychoactive effects and factors of THC. It will depend on the amount of compound being consumed or used. Of course, many would want the benefits of Cannabis on their health without feeling high or less of it. The certainty that CBD get as a therapeutic-potent and non-intoxicated substance, it's easy for it to take or use as CBD oils or other products. It makes it even more appealing as a treatment option for those who are first-time taking CBD.

One best strain that is worth exploring related to CBD is the blue dream CBDs. This is the most advanced and the newest creation, which provides not only an outstanding characteristic but also exceptional benefits from CBD itself. Also, the Shark shock strain known as a peacemaker is worth knowing too. It only grows in a dense, compacted white skunk that gives out aroma. Another strain you should explore is the Kings Kush. It's a kind of hybrid that can grow successfully in greenhouses, indoors or outdoors. New strains have their rights reserved by the developers.

In the past years, the consumption and processing of Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica has made a lot of advancement already. Concentrated products have been introduced like oils, and they have been allowed as cleaner ingestion products that become widespread. The new technologies that have been introduced with CBD may bring consistency with dosages more advantageous to patients and new users. Safer measures and methods for its consumption have been given already. Undeniably, there are accurate results on detailed cannabis sativa studies and effects that will continue to rise and challenge proper authorities too.

Non-scientific anecdotal evidence shows how it can treat discomforts and all other illnesses related to this. Those who are suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as pain due to epilepsy and cancer, can evangelize with the use of CBD substance molecules.

What are the benefits of CBD

According to a survey given to 5,000 people, there are more than 60% of CBD users who are taking it for their anxiety problem. Does it help them?

Today, CBD is marketed as a heal-all cure. Manufacturers claimed that CBD could possibly help with everything from anxiety symptom relief, alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and memory impairment, heart disease, pain management, high blood pressure, paranoia, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and other diseases of the central nervous system, to stopping cancer and other health benefits. But Cannabis can only be classified as a Schedule 1 medicine. This hinders American experts and scientists from studying the ability of CBD and supports these claims. There are some studies available, but only a few and small and were done mostly on animals in some laboratories.

CBD shows a lot of promise. Experiments were conducted, and it suggested to help lessen anxiety, relieve schizophrenia symptoms, and ease any pain you feel.

One of the popular marijuana strains that can justify some claims about CBD is the critical cure strain. It's a mellow high CBD with 7 to 11 percent THC content and 7 percent CBD content on average. It is considered an Indica-dominant hybrid that provides a sleepy effect to help numb the physical pain you're feeling. It is mostly used for patients who are experiencing chronic pain, inflammation, depression and the like. It's easy to plant this flower hybrid, and in just 55 days, you will see it bloomed and ready to go.

This kind of evidence on certain strains of CBD makes good proof to show how effective it is to many illnesses like epilepsy. And just like last year, FDA approved the use of Epidiolex, which is a certain medication used in treating Dravet syndromes and Lennox-Gastaut. These two are considered a rare form of epilepsy. This is the first FDA approval on the use of cannabis-related drugs.

A previous report of WHO or the World Health Organization also shows that CBD-produced products are truly safe for everybody. But if you are pregnant, though you can use it, there will be a negative effect on the body and to your unborn baby. If any case that you are under any medication, you have to consult your health provider before taking or using CBD oil. This is to make sure that there will be no negative impact from mixing two medications used at once.

Growing CBD Plants At Home

The best way to grow high CBD and marijuana or THC strains at the comfort of your own home is to simply identify a strain that is more likely to create Cannabidiol. If you become successful in identifying those strains, find out the appropriate genetics for it. It would be better to use clones rather than seeds to prevent guesswork in the succeeding days.

After you choose the right clones, you must grow the plants in a place with adequately high temperatures to resist the urgency of an overwater flow.

One example is the critical mass bud strains. This is a combination of Skunk number 1 and Afghani. With its huge "critical mass" production, the branches of the said bud favor to snap from its own weight. Exact flowering time is from 6 to 8 weeks. But because of the many productions of this kind, the strain will possibly experience mold. It can be lessened by growing it indoors and reducing its humidity. Also, the supreme seed is an ideal one, too, for in-home growths. The flowering time is quite long, with a 10 to 12 weeks period.

If you are living in a certain state where you can legally grow these kinds of plants at home, it will be less of a worry for you while cultivating it. Being that said, remember that there are still rules apply. If the law said that you must keep it away from being viewed, then you have to follow it to avoid getting penalties and being troubled. Otherwise, the law will only allow you to grow CBD for commercial purposes. But you will also be needing a state's permit. Even in this situation, there will be a lot of issues since there are some states that fail to implement and give clear instructions. If you can avail of final guidelines, then please do so to expect a transparent picture on how to deal with growing CBD under your care.

Conclusion: CBD for Medicinal purposes

CBD is extracted from a special Cannabis plant. Comparing cbd vs thc, cbd doesn't produce the same "high" ability as what you can get from THC or marijuana.

The things you can expect from using CBD are to help make you feel  less anxious and relaxed more if you use some CBD oil infusion, edibles, cbd tincture, cbd gummies, cbd topicals and other cbd product. It is recommended to see your doctor before using these CBD products.

You have to be keen in observing high-quality products made of CBD substance. Check the label all the time to confirm if it undergoes testing for quality. If you see a brand and don't have that important label, then don't buy it because it might not be legitimate.

Remember that there is ongoing research on the potential benefits of CBD and its highly produced products to a person's health. The United States Food and Drug Administration is closely monitoring new products which contain CBD. So expect that you will discover a lot more of it, specifically about its therapeutic uses. For now, CBD gets good feedback from those who already take CBD and shows no serious side effects just like what they get from THC. Yes, CBD high safety and efficacy are not that crystal clear to some, but there are recent and future studies already aligned that suggest this substance can entirely provide a powerful and safe natural means for an individual's health issues.

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