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Which is better - CBD Vape Juice or CBD edibles

October 3, 2019

If you do a quick google search about CBD products, you will probably notice that there are thousands of different Cannabidiol based products -- CBD for short -- ranging from classic, more expectable products such as juices to the utterly ludicrous and intriguing. Now on the market, you will find CBD hot dogs, CBD burgers, CBD shampoo, CBD dog food, popsicles, candy canes… okay, I think you get the idea.

This is all because of the Farm Bill in 2018 which legalized the commercial production and sale of hemp products with a THC content lower than 0.3% and keeping to other regulations.

So, what’s the deal with it? Are these products just gimmicks? Do they all have the same effects as each other or do each of them have genuinely unique characteristics.

Well, we tested out a range of different products to find out the difference between two of the main products: CBD edibles and CBD vape juice. In this article, I will detail some of the key differences that we found between the products -- oh, we certainly found some big differences alright.

Edibles - What’s good about them?

CBD edibles

Large variety - Well, one obvious advantage of edibles is that they’re just that -- edibles. They are food! This means that there are an infinite amount of different edible products available.

If you don’t like one type of edibles, so what? Pick a different one. This is arguably better than vape juice where the variation is restricted to different tastes and what seems to be a few variations in sensation.

Easy form to takeEdibles are an easy form of CBD to carry around with you in any situation. Imagine you’re outside a board room where you are about to give the biggest presentation of your life in front of some pin-striped, executive dinosaurs. You get anxious. You want some CBD to calm you down over the day. Well, you can’t just crack out an e-cigarette and vape in the boardroom -- how unprofessional! How uncourteous of you!

Alternatively, if you whipped out a bunch of gummy bears, you just look like a bit of an eccentric.

No inhalationYou might be an introvert who has heard about the benefits of CBD and you want to try it but not with the bravado and banter of having people sarcastically saying: “nice hit bro”.

Or, you might just want to take CBD without the sometimes unpleasant sensation of a vape hit going down the wrong pipe or tickling your throat. You might just be keen to keep your lungs clean from any sort of vapor.

CBD can be reacted with other foodstuffs to produce a modulated or altered effect - For instance, if you eat CBD potatoes (just listing a random food, not even sure CBD potatoes exist but as I'm writing this, I am becoming ever more intrigued) before sleep, with lavender tea; the relaxation you would get from the two substances working in sync would be multiplied.

This is because Cannabidiol and certain naturally occurring, household ingredients, like Lavender, contain substances called Terpenes that produce a relaxing effect.

Easy to moderate doses - There are many variables determining the volume of CBD absorbed from a hit of CBD vape juice, such as tidal volume -- the volume of air taken in during a normal breath -- or overall lung volume -- the amount of air your lungs can take in during inhalation.

However, with edibles, as part of the packaging, you will be told how much CBD you can take in per unit of the food. Of course, it is not going to be exact because there are factors such as your digestive system and metabolic rate which will affect this. But you can be generally quite sure of how much of a product you are getting.

This can be advantageous because vaping too much CBD vape juice might just be a waste of your precious and expensive juice.

Vape Juice - a more enjoyable way to take CBD

girl vaping cbdLots of flavors - I know earlier I said that there are limited variations of CBD vape juice, well… that’s not really true. There are literally hundreds of flavors of CBD vape to choose from -- some which you would find hard to find in foodstuffs. Just take a look at the hot juice website to see a few of the many flavors you can find:

Quicker effect - Whereas the effect of edibles is dispersed over several hours, the effects of CBD vape juice can occur within 10 minutes of vaping. Also, while only a small percentage of CBD will be processed by the body during digestion -- you can adjust your inhalation to alter the level of CBD you intake. Therefore, if you want a larger effect, quicker, then a greater inhalation may help you achieve this.

This flexibility that comes with using a CBD vape is often preferable for people in highly stressful jobs, who need a quick hit.

Variety of effect - The vaping experience can be tailored to give you different sensations that you just won’t get from eating CBD products. Vape hits can be altered to give the sensation of a ‘throat hit’ versus a ‘lung hit’ depending on whether you inhale using your mouth or your belly.

Quick-relief - If you are needing immediate pain relief, CBD vape juice is the one. As I mentioned, digesting

Great funWhile you are probably consuming food for the effects, vaping is a culture -- it is a thing to do with your friends. Over time, you can cultivate your cloud chasing skills and show them off to your friends.

Addiction relief - By emulating the habit of smoking a cigarette, without the necessary carcinogens of burning cigarettes, you can make it easier to stop smoking. Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Throughout the day, you may get cues, such as lunch-time, which motivate you to have your regular cigarette. If you have got a vape in your pocket rather than a cigarette, you are unlikely to go out of your way to find cigarettes.

Studies have shown that it is easier to quit smoking when you have a replacement for it than when you attempt to quit cold turkey.


What’s clear is that neither of the two CBD products is ‘better’. There are pros and cons to both of them. You could just mix and match, try out vape juice one day and edibles another.

At the end of the day, since the contents of both of the products are being absorbed into the blood, they produce generally similar effects. The only real difference are in terms of effect on your body is the rate at which the CBD produces an effect.

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