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Cheap Autoflower Seeds - Where to Buy Them Online?

January 22, 2020

If you are just starting in the cannabis industry, then you should begin with auto flower seeds. They are recommended for novice growers because they are easy to tend. To help you find the best seeds in the market, this article will tackle the wide-ranging varieties of cheap auto flower seeds in the market today.

Autoflowering Seeds

What exactly are auto-flowering cannabis seeds and what does auto-flowering means?

Autoflowering seeds are sativa or indica species that are crossbred with a ruderalis species. Once you cross an indica or Sativa with a ruderalis, a fast flowering cultivar is produced, which gives a tremendous amount of yield. Ruderalis is native in areas with short summers, such as Northern Europe, Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Since these areas have minimal summer days, this variety is automatically programmed to flower in a short period. This means that there’s no need to alter the light cycle to encourage the plant to transition to the flowering stage.

Starting with autoflower seeds

Autoflower seed is the perfect variety to start with. Unlike regular seeds, autoflower seeds don’t need a lot of attention. It will begin to create buds after a few weeks and it doesn’t need different light cycles, provided that they are given a sufficient amount of light.

Before you start with auto flower seeds, you have to consider its pros and cons first. This is where you will find out if it is a quality seed to begin with. Autoflower seeds have several advantages, not just for first-timers, but also for expert growers. If you are planning to opt for autos, you should be well-acquainted with its pros and cons.

What are the Pros of Autoflowering Seeds?

Autos are a small strain yet they grow and flower quickly. Their small size is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of growing space. They fit perfectly in tiny grow tents, ideal for discrete growing operations. In terms of their flowering stage, growers who don’t have a lot of time to devote to their garden will find an advantage in this fast-growing strain.

Besides this, autos don’t need a specific light schedule. Regardless of their age or the amount of light they receive, auto-flowering seeds will flower. Aside from being undemanding, they also produce massive yields.

What are the Cons of Autoflowering Seeds?

Autos are generally small in size and they can’t be cloned. This is why the majority produces small batches of buds and fewer yields compared to other varieties of strains.

Though the specific light cycle is not required when growing autos, it is highly recommended to follow an 18/6 light schedule. Also, it’s good to know that auto flower plants have less THC content. This is because of its Ruderalis genetics.

Feminized vs Autoflowering:

There is a fine line between feminized and auto-flowering feminized. Feminized seeds create an all-female plant and will not automatically begin to flower. On the other hand, feminized autoflower seeds will automatically flower.

Lowryder Strain

The Lowryder strain is considered as a hybrid strain and it was inbred for almost nine generations to stunt its size, resulting in a dwarflike variety. It can only grow for a maximum of 16 inches, almost similar to the height of a bonsai, making it the perfect option for grower’s balcony or windowsill. The tiny size of Lowryder strain comes from the varieties of cannabis Ruderalis that is crossbred with William’s Wonder and Northern Lights #2.

It has a slow yet strong cerebrally stimulating effect. Consumers are advised to be patient when using this type of strain. It has a subtle earthy scent that spreads from its tightly packed buds, which instantly autoflower in just 40 to 45 days.

Lowryder is a resilient plant that can survive even in a cold and harsh environment, which is why it is well-known in northern regions, such as Canada and Finland.

Caramelicious Strain

The Caramelicious strain is another hybrid marijuana strain that is known for its sticky buds and delicious caramel taste. This is the go-to dinner smoke for most potheads and its sweet flavor and euphoric high is sought after by many.

GDP Seeds

Granddaddy Purple or GDP seeds were established in the cannabis industry in 2003 by Ken Estes. This is a popular indica hybrid that is a mix between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This California native offers a deep berry and grape scent, a feature inherited from its Purple Urkle parent, while its huge, compact buds are the characteristics it inherited from Big Bud.

GDP flowers have a deep purple shade, a gorgeous backdrop for its snow-like white crystal resin. GDP’s strong effects stimulate the body and mind, offering a blend of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria.

Though your body is more likely to be couch-locked, your mind will wander in a dreamy buzz for as long as the effects of GDP last. Just like the majority of indica species, GDP is usually purchased by those who are seeking relief from insomnia, stress, appetite loss, pain, and muscle spasms.

After a 60 day flowering period, Grandaddy Purple is ready for harvest and it comes with a tremendous amount of yields.

White Cheese Strain

The White Cheese strain is the renowned indica-dominant hybrid from Zambeza Seeds. It is a cross between Afghani genetics and Super Skunk. It displays a skunky and cheesy scent with a hint of earthy aroma.

It delivers a laid back indica effect without being couch-locked. White Cheese eliminates anxiety and stress with its happy high. It is a favorite strain among growers because of its short flowering period, tightly packed buds, and enormous yields.

Jack Herer Strain Autoflower

The Jack Herer strain autoflower is the iconic Sativa-dominant marijuana strain, it got its name from the famous cannabis activist and author. It is a mix between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze.

It was produced for the massive resin production of indicas and cerebral high of sativas. Its broad genetic profile made way for several varieties of Jack Herer and each phenotype bears exceptional effects and noteworthy features. This 55% Sativa hybrid is usually described by consumers as clear-headed, blissful and creative.

Jack Herer is a native of the Netherlands, where it was first produced in the mid-1990s. Later on, it was hailed as a medical-grade strain and was distributed by Dutch pharmacies. Ever since then, this spicy and pine-scented sativa dominant hybrid has brought home various awards for its potency and quality.

Most breeders cultivate this legendary strain in places with long summer days and Mediterranean climates. Jack Herer can autoflower after 50 to 70 days.

Incredible Hulk Strain Seeds

The Incredible Hulk strain seeds renders stimulating effects inherited from its parent strains: Jack Herer and Green Crack. Its flavors range from pineapple, blueberry, and earthy, which are true delights for the palate. High social energy and creativity are some of its most notable effects. It is the ideal daytime treatment for minor pains and aches.

What is the best time and temperature to grow Autoflower Species outside?

For those who are planning to cultivate cannabis in an outdoor setting, you can begin as soon as spring starts and continue your growing operation until fall. In most places, March and October are the hottest periods. Note that the outside temperature should be at least 15 degrees and timing is essential if you are cultivating outside.

If you reside in areas with a warmer climate, you get to take advantage of the 6-8 months of summer. You are lucky because you can harvest for at least 3 – 4 times. But, if you only have a summer of 4-5 months, then you only get to harvest for 2-3 times.

When is Bloom-Time for an Autoflowerer?

Autoflowering strains automatically produce buds even if they are only 3-4 weeks old. On an average setup, marijuana plants are ready to harvest 3 months after the germination period. Sometimes, it takes even less than that.

Autoflowering Weed Plant: Which amount in Grams can I get out of them?

When harvesting autos, expect that you will only get half an ounce or about 14.18 grams for each plant if you get it right. But some autoflowers create more than this. For instance, Lowryder auto strains are generally tiny and they produce fewer amounts of buds. If you want to increase your harvest, better plant more auto strains.

Cultivating auto flower seeds is the best option for beginners. It is easy, fast-growing, and undemanding. It doesn’t need a lot of attention and care, thus making it hassle-free for novice farmers to cultivate such strains. Autos don’t need to follow a specific lighting schedule, as long you give its desired amount of lighting, it will thrive and flower.

Lastly, this small strain produces higher yields in such a short amount of time.

Autoflower Seeds and Light

What makes auto-flowering marijuana strain unique from others is the fact that it doesn’t need light schedules. Every auto-flowering seed begins to flower after several weeks, regardless of the lighting schedule the grower follows. This eliminates the worry of having to follow the perfect cultivation period.

Why should I use Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are the best starting line for novice growers. This is the variety of seeds that can bloom in a matter of a few weeks. It is easy to grow because it doesn’t need a lot of attention from the grower.

Those with limited knowledge of grow light can also take advantage of growing this strain because it doesn’t require complicated lighting fixtures. Besides this, autos are relatively small, making them ideal for stealth growing operations.

The strain creates high yields, especially if it is exposed to 12 hours of sunlight each day.

Key Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana strains are descendants of Ruderalis, which is found in Russia. Most marijuana strains are photoperiod, which means that they need triggers before they transition to different growth stages.

Ruderalis is different because it doesn’t need any kind of signal. Inheriting the genetic profile of Ruderalis, autos can automatically enter the flowering stage without any triggers.

Regardless of the light or sun schedule, growers can expect that autoflowers will produce their buds. In just a few months, these buds are ready for harvest.

Things to consider before ordering Autoflower Seeds

Now that you know what to expect when growing autoflower seeds, below are the essential things you need to consider.

1. Growing Method

Once you have your auto-flowering strains, the first thing you should think about is the type of growing method you will use. Just like any plants, autos tend to grow well in certain growing style.

Autoflowering plants grow well in the great outdoors, especially because they don’t require accurate light conditions. However, see to it that the variety of auto strains you choose has a strong resistance to pests and molds.

Skunk strain is one example of a resistant marijuana plant and it is recommended for first-time growers.

2. Growing Space

This wouldn’t be a problem for outdoor growers because the natural environment outside offers enough space for auto-flowering plants to thrive. However, if you want to keep your growing operation private, indoor growing is your best choice. Autos are generally small so you don’t have to use a large room to accommodate all of them. A regular grow tent would be a great option.

3. Growing Period

If you know the right time to harvest your auto-flowering plant, then you already scored yourself a great advantage. This is because you’ll risk picking your buds too early or too late if you don’t know the flowering period of your plant.

Timing is crucial during harvest because it impacts the THC content of the bud and the overall production of the plant. If buds are harvested too late, they will begin to decay, together with the cannabinoids and this can decrease the THC content.

That’s why it is very important to pick the buds once it is ripe.

The duration of the flowering period is typically written in the packaging of the seed. This being said, you can never go wrong during the harvesting period, as long as you read all the essential information about auto-flowering seeds provided by the seed bank.

4. Expected Levels of CBD, THC, and CBN

Knowing the cannabinoid levels is vital when growing auto-flowering plants. Everyone has a unique preference when it comes to the high they want to experience.

Some prefer high-levels of THC, with a massive amount of Cannabinol, while others opt for low-levels of THC and more of CBD and CBN. This is the main reason why growers need to be aware of the cannabinoid content of their buds.

CBN normalizes the high by decreasing psychoactive effects, which is beneficial for people who want to eliminate the anxious feeling that is associated with smoking cannabis. Aside from this, it also helps alleviate stress.

5. Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Opting for feminized seeds is a great choice because it eliminates the worry of cultivating male plants. This is the kind of seed that will guarantee that you will reap an amazing harvest.

For expert growers, these seeds are highly recommended. With zero male plants to think about, there would be no sexing plants and growers don’t have to switch between vegetative and flowering stages. Work becomes less and the harvest increases.

6. Autoflowering Species

Ruderalis is an eastern European and Russian seed that has been in the indica and Sativa world for a long time now, helping growers achieve fast harvest with its timed flowering period.

Autoflowering seeds share the genetic profile of Ruderalis species. It is well-known for making the lives of growers easier and less stressful. What sets autos apart from other strains is its flowering period that is based on age and not light.

Even if it is exposed to sunlight for more than 12 hours, it will still produce flowers. Furthermore, auto-flowering seeds are also resistant to pests and molds, another characteristic inherited from Ruderalis.

Auto strains take outdoor growing to a different level. With three or more harvest each year, this is the future of cannabis growing.

7. Legalization Laws

Lastly, you need to check the current legalization laws in your area. Does it allow the cultivation of marijuana for personal use? Or do you need a medical marijuana card to plant your supply of weed?

Knowing the legislation that governs your area will keep you safe from penalties.

Buy Cheap Autoflower Seeds

If you are planning to purchase cheap autoflower seeds, note that female marijuana plants can create hundreds of seeds each cycle.

If you know the process of developing seeds, you don’t have to spend a lot purchasing them in seed banks instead you can collect them yourself.

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