In which countries is it legal to consume marijuana

While a lot of places have passed medicinal marijuana laws, and tens of others have laws on the books but don’t care what the hell you do, these are countries where you can purchase Cannabis seed and smoke it recreationally with little to no chance of being arrested, although you could get hit with a fine. Here are some of the countries where you can consume marijuana legally and freely:


Growing pots in small quantities are legal in Colombia. In 2012, the country had decriminalized the possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana, but smoking in public was still illegal. This simply means that in the South American country, the sale of weed is illegal and so is transporting it, but one can legally grow up to 20 grams for personal consumption.


Though medical marijuana has been legalized in Canada, selling of weed is technically illegal in the country. However, it is legalized and regulated by some cities. The country led by Justin Trudeau is currently working on legalizing recreational cannabis. Canada is on track to become the second country in the world to legalize the consumption and sale of recreational marijuana after Uruguay made the big leap in 2014.

Czech Republic

Usage of cannabis comes with some flexible conditions in the country. Medical marijuana is legal in the Czech Republic. More so, Czech drug law does not consider the usage of the drug a criminal offense, just possession of large quantities. It’s technically illegal, but possession of up to 15g is decriminalized, also the purchase of up to 15g is legal in the country.


The country legalized Marijuana on a national scale in 2014. It is legal to grow, sell and also consume cannabis in Uruguay. However, only pharmacies are allowed to sell the drug to citizens over the age of 18 and who are on a government registry.


Marijuana in Spain is not criminalized as long as you smoke in private. It is fully legal for private use only at home. However, it is illegal to transport it or sell it.

United States

Possession of weed is illegal in the US at the Federal level but legal in some states like; Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Many states in the US, such as Hawaii and Vermont, have passed medical marijuana laws.


Portugal has decriminalized possession and consumption of cannabis, as long as you don’t have more than a 10-day supply. All drugs are decriminalized in Portugal. However, you can’t sell them but can transport and grow your own.


Marijuana in the Netherlands is legal for use in coffee shops (not the normal cafes). Such products are available and can be smoked in designated coffee shops.


The country in 2013 decriminalized marijuana for people over 18 with 10 grams or less of the drug.


Romania waited until October 2013 to legalized marijuana. The Eastern European country has legalized medical marijuana derivatives. The law allows for people to have products that contain cannabis compounds rather than the green itself. It is legal for medicinal use under certain conditions.


Marijuana is illegal in India but is tolerated in several provinces, due in large part to its close association with Hindu spirituality and traditional medicine. Worshippers in Hindu holy cities like Varanasi can purchase bhang (a cannabis-infused beverage) and other marijuana edibles from government-authorized stores.


Although marijuana has long been entrenched in the Jamaican and Rastafarian culture, its use was illegal until early 2015, when lawmakers voted to decriminalize the possession of up to two ounces (56.6 grams) and allow users to cultivate up to five plants in their home, the Guardian reported.

And despite the seemingly general tolerance and global use of the stuff, not to mention the changing attitude of American voters, pot is still something that can land you in jail, unless you’re in one of these countries.