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Durban Poison Strain – Things to Know as a Grower

December 16, 2019

Durban poison strain of marijuana is very popular among many cannabis users worldwide. It is known for its spicy but sweet anise-like smell and provides a one of a kind clear-headed but euphoric cerebral effects.

Durban Poison – Information about this Strain

This 100% pure Sativa came from Durban, in South Africa. It gained popularity all over the globe for its sweet taste and aroma, as well as its uplifting and highly energetic effects. It is the best strain to use if you want to stay productive during a hectic schedule, explore the outdoors, or simply be creative.

Even though it is purely Sativa, many of them finish rather quickly and do not stretch that much. Expert users of this strain claim that the true and authentic South African Durban Poison strain is very racy and it can finish up for as long as 6 months, however, this is not the case for versions that come in seed form like African seeds or Afropips that finish long.

The growers will take delight in its oversized resin glands that make this variant a perfect choice for concentrated extractions. The buds are very chunky and round, and it leaves a thick, heavy coat of trichomes on various areas of the Durban Poison plant.

What is Durban Poison?

Durban Poison is a 100% pure Sativa originally from South Africa. It is very popular and in demand for its stimulating, euphoric, and getting things done effectively. It is a landrace strain that comes with very concentrated THC contents. Other terpenes and cannabinoids add to the stimulatory and energy-giving after effects.

The Durban Poison strain has been widely described to have flavors that are sweet, spicy, and earthy. Its aroma is lemony, pine-scented, and citrusy in general. The Durban Poison is highly valued for its stimulating effects on the user. The after-effects can be very useful for people with medical conditions as ADD and ADHD. It can be used on patients to help them maintain focus. It can likewise be helpful for those who harbor depression or are suffering from mood disorders where the slightest hint of euphoria and clear-headedness can go a very long way.

Durban Poison Review including Aroma and Flavor

The Durban Poison plant appears tall. It comes with green leaves that often stretch out from the center with buds, pistils that are orange-colored, and are rich with THC trichomes. The fragrance and aroma of Durban Poison are that of lemon, spice, and pine. Its natural fragrance is pure with traces of landrace strain. It has trapped all of the strong and medicinal cannabinoids as well as terpenes it can into its buds and leaves in order to survive the competition of diverse and harsh

The Durban Poison plant appears tall. It comes with green leaves that often stretch out from the center with buds, pistils that are orange-colored, and are rich with THC trichomes. The fragrance and aroma of Durban Poison are that of lemon, spice, and pine. Its natural fragrance is pure with traces of landrace strain. It has trapped all of the strong and medicinal cannabinoids as well as terpenes it can into its buds and leaves in order to survive the competition of diverse and harsh environments.

Durban Poison Origin, History, and Genetics

The Durban Poison is the fruit that originates from Durban, a port city in South Africa. It was discovered by a marijuana enthusiast and brought the strain to the USA during the marijuana experiments and explorations done in the 1970s. The genetics of this particular strain is made of pure landrace Sativa, it gives off a clean and stimulating effect with a spark on the imagination while leaving a very energetic, but euphoric high on users.

This particular strain came from an environment under the South African sun where heat is scorchingly hot. This strain needs a lot of sunlight. The Durban Poison also came from a place of great biodiversity, so it can very strong against pests and weeds that would attempt to suck up all its organic resources. It is able to surpass many challenges by equipping itself with highly rich cannabinoids, terpenoids, and other important nutrients. The Durban Poison strain will utilize it to strengthen itself and safeguard against possible infestations, in order to obtain a powerful ally in humans as it provides us with recreational as well as medicinal resource. For further information on growing Durban Poison, check out the Cannabis grow guide.

Durban Poison As Medical Marijuana

The Durban Poison has high THC levels that can easily rise up to 20% percent more. This is substantially high to pack a solid punch. Considering its strong Sativa genetics, the results are quite remarkable. It is highly celebrated for its capability to energize and offer a ‘euphoric’ mood. It is the leading choice for those who resort to medical marijuana to treat melancholia, depression, and persistent anxiety, as well as other mood disorders. In this particular depression type, the patient is often found unhappy and very weak. They can be very lethargic, unresponsive, and despondent.

Patients with mood disorders and depression who resort to Durban Poison will find some fire in their lives. It gives a sudden rush of euphoria to afford them a chance to see past their sad thoughts and refrain from wallowing in their unending miseries. More so, its anti-inflammatory effects will help them in the long term to help reduce brain as well as body inflammations which is often the main reason for their depressive and manic episodes.

The stimulating effects of Durban Poison make it an excellent choice for conditions that result in inattention such as ADHD and ADD. The marijuana strain is able to give the stimulation required to bring about calm focus without the adverse effects of traditional stimulant treatment for medical conditions in adults.

When compared to other stimulants, it will not leave the user wired and unable to sleep in the evening. It will never aggravate any symptoms of hyperactivity among sufferers. It will even provide a gentle stimulus that will enable the patient to feel happy, energized, focused, and productive when taken with a doctor’s supervision. It can also be taken at home to enable the user to complete projects, be creative, and productive all the time. It fosters focus and creativity when taken medicinally.

The Durban Poison strain as medical marijuana can help speed up metabolism, enabling the burning of more calories and help boost appetite. Those who suffer from disorders associated with lack of appetite can find the strain very useful. This can happen in medical conditions such as anorexia and other eating disorders. This can also prove useful for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy where appetite can be reduced or diminished.

The boost in appetite can be a huge lifesaver for those who are wasting away in diseases, enabling the sufferer to regain lost weight throughout the course of illness and improve their overall health. The increase in appetite is widely known as munchies, and Durban Poison has been noted as a widely smoked weed in many medicinal and related scientific literature.

Moreover, Durban Poison marijuana strain is also a very powerful cure for nausea. One disorder that can benefit from it is unstoppable nausea caused by Cyclical Vomiting syndrome. Many patients who suffer various forms of dysautonomia experience nausea on a day to day basis. Those who have problems keeping food down can also use Durban Poison in a smokable form to help relieve their nausea without swallowing them. This makes it easy for the patient to eat more and eventually reach a healthy weight range and ultimately enhance nutrition levels in the body.

Durban Poison Grow: Important Knowledge

Many growers claim that growing weed from the Durban Poison seeds and cuttings is deemed to be very relatively easy. The seeds are available from the best seed bank for USA.

Many cultivators who grow it indoors choose to grow the Durban Poison cannabis seed and cuttings using a hydroponic methodology. The flowering can take up to 10 weeks. A grower can collect approximately 13 ounces of high-quality Sativa per square meter. This powerful strain makes it a profitable inclusion in your current repertoire. Growers can source out their Durban Poison from marijuana seeds in Canada.

The Durban Poison is best grown outdoors where it can easily stretch out and grow very tall. It can thrive very well with lots of sunlight and warm temperatures. The rich soil packed with fertilizers can boost high-quality yield, just be sure that the Durban Poison is properly hydrated.

Durban Poison Effects on the Human Body

Durban Poison cannabis is the best strain that can help lighten up your spirits whenever you are feeling down. The sudden rush of euphoria is sure to lift your spirits high and will not bring you down. Some use it as a great perk me up just like a very strong cup of espresso coffee. The energizing effect you get from it will never tire you down. This can be a big boon on your productivity and creativity, enabling you to accomplish tasks.

The best use of Durban Poison marijuana is when you have artistic projects or you want the experience shared with your friends. This can include decorating something, painting a room, or offer feedback on another person’s work of art. This strain of weed will put you at ease in a social setting and make you more focused, thoughtful, and energized. You will find a deep sense of happiness and meaning with your friends as you express it creatively through art and related media.

In the same vein, you can always have some good time with your friends as you giggle and feel some tingling sensation all throughout your body which makes you feel warm, safe, and uplifted. As with other marijuana strains that result in a very strong sense of munchies, you will need to have healthy food, snacks, and meals ready when you enjoy the Durban Poison weed. It will surely help you enjoy your binging with your friends and have a great appetite for more.

You will partake in deeper and meaningful conversations at the dinner table and make emotional breakthroughs as you go deeper and understand the feelings, emotions, and expressions of your loved ones and friends. You will be keen on hearing their voice and or the look in their faces. You will be sensitive to others and start to apologize for the slightest of hurts and be able to easily mend any broken or strained relations.

Some users make the mistake of stocking up their fridge with very greasy, unhealthy, and fat-laced junk foods. This is a very bad idea and can eventually turn into a destructive health habit. The negative feelings you obtain after eating that much food can in turn ruin that perfect ‘high,’ so stick to the 100% healthy stuff so that you can remain to enjoy yourself, even after the Durban Poison high eventually subside and come down after a couple of hours.

The Durban Poison may be used together with edibles and can also be smoked as it also comes in a smokable form. When you use this weed strain as edible, you have to know exactly its THC content. Given that the Durban Poison is a very stimulatory kind of cannabis, you do not want to overdose on those baked brownies, so make sure you count your THC accordingly. With the edibles, the effects can set in rather slowly but is sure to last very long. If you intend to work on an art project or anything that requires your creativity, using Durban Poison cannabis is sure to slow down its release for an extended period of time.

The Durban Poison cannabis is also available for vaporizers. Vaping the Durban Poison can be very stylish and most probably a healthier way with which to consume your pot. Make sure you grab a vape pen that is highly compatible with your Durban Poison cannabis, regardless of whether it is made of hash oil, dabs, or herbal.

Lastly, the Durban Poison cannabis dabs can also be utilized with a nail, cab cap, or oil rig for a highly intense experience perfect for advanced cannabis users. If you are a beginner, we suggest you steer clear of this option.

Durban Poison: Our Conclusion

Durban Poison is a great daytime cannabis strain as it offers clear and functional effects that help stimulate creativity, sociability, and enhances overall mood. It offers an energetic vibe and is seen as one of the pure-feeling Sativa variations that are available in the market today. The authentic South African Durban Poison is known for its extremely racy, stimulating, euphoric but borderline psychedelic effects that are widely used in Europe and the United States.

Its primary medicinal health benefits are a boost in energy, migraine relief, appetite enhancing the effect, and anti-nausea as well as other therapeutic effects. There are many versions found in the market that is available in the seed variety, such as the Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, African Seeds, and Afropips Nirvana.

The Durban Poison is well known and loved in the Netherlands since it is one of the very few sativa that can finish outdoors and their short flowering varieties are best suitable for northern climates. They can grow very tall when outdoors, and many of their varieties can be well grown indoors.

Basically, the Durban strains are regarded as the ‘Espresso’ of all cannabis. It is the racist Sativa and it is very stimulating as well as offers a clear-headed high with no negative traces of numbing or being stoned. It can wake you up, cut clearly through bleary foggy thought and leave you very clear-headed and bright. Moreover, it affords you the right amount of energy to go ahead and seize the day. It provides tons of energy and gives you intense feelings of euphoria where everything around you feels vivid and vibrant that you can’t take a smile off of your face. It may cause you to feel paranoia and some level of anxiety if you are upset, but it will never keep you numb at any point.

It is recommended for activities such as jogging, biking, driving, studying, partying, and or socializing with intellectuals. Users love its purple leaf overtone and its citrusy or anise taste and smell.

The Durban Poison contains high THC levels that can easily rise up to 20% percent or more. This is substantially high to pack a solid punch. Considering its string Sativa genetics, the results are quite remarkable. It is perfect for you if you wish to fuel up and get some work done right away. It has an earthy and slightly sour taste when smoked.

Some users do not like the taste but they all love the stimulating and uplifting ‘high’ it offers which makes it an ideal option to promote focus. This kind of strain can leave you with a good clear-headed high that can make everything around you appear sharp and vibrant. Some who used Durban Poison even described it to be meditative. It proved useful for those who suffer from depression, ADD, ADHD, and other mood disorders. Undeniably, the Durban Poison cannabis is best used for those who want to focus any time of the day or night.

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