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Germinating Cannabis Seeds - All You Need To Know

January 21, 2020

Germinating cannabis seeds refers to the process of sprouting seeds, and can happen when a white tendril bud pops out of the seedling. This first little white sprout is the marijuana plant’s first known root called the taproot.

The rest of the plant’s roots will most likely sprout from the taproot. From the taproot, offshoots will emerge and these will push the seed up and break the surface. The very first leaves will then emerge from the seedling.

Elements Needed To Germinate A Seed

Except for clones, a marijuana plant starts off as a seed. These are delicate objects and require care in germinating, as well as growing them till they bud. Different strains like Bay 11 weedLemon Diesel WeedNYC diesel seeds and the popular Maui Waui seeds have their own traits.

These must be addressed when growing them in their growing spaces. Germinating a marijuana seed is like germinating a bean, except that this is more delicate.

Your seed will need the following for proper germination:

  • Warm place – warm temperatures can get you the best seed germination rates. But you have to make sure it is not too warm. Some seeds may germinate in cooler places, but it will take a longer time.
  • Quiet place – Be careful not to move the seeds while you wait for the taproot to come up.
  • Moisture – make sure to keep them moist but not soaking wet. There are instances when you can soak some hard seeds for a day, but you are not allowed to leave them soaking for longer.
  • Be gentle – you have to be very careful whenever you check your seeds, you have to treat them very when you move or check them. Do not touch the white root, this is very fragile and can snap.
  • Plant with root facing down – as you plan germinated cannabis seeds, make sure to point the
    white root pointing down to the growing medium.
  • Plant at knuckle deep – as you germinate seeds, you must not place it too deep into your growing medium. Instead, ensure it is around an inch or half an inch down the surface of the medium.

When germinating cannabis seeds, you have to make sure that you get it from the best marijuana seed banks. This ensures you have the best possible strain and higher yields.

Proven Ways to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

To begin with your cannabis seed germination, you will start from the seed. You must, first of all, learn how exactly to germinate seeds with a 99% success rate. The cannabis seed with good genetics will germinate very fast.

The seed will pop, and grow above ground within 5-7 days. Newbies like you may be so very eager to get started, but, you must take your time, and allow nature to take its course.

Cannabis seeds will need a very stable environment when they germinate. Practice patience. so long as you have done your best and followed this guide, your seed would most likely germinate in a week.

Kitchen Paper Method

The kitchen paper method is a great way to germinate cannabis seeds. You will need a few things to get started: seeds, paper towel, pH-measuring device, and water. You will also need the lid of an old glass canister or petri dish to start germinating.

Place open the paper towel and place it in the lid of the petri dish. Drizzle some water on it. Then, place the cannabis seeds in the middle and fold your paper towel back. Keep the dish in a dark and warm place where temperature can range anywhere from 25 degrees to 28 degrees and wait.

The lid is the best way to keep the paper towel wet and moist. But, make sure to not wet it too much. The root needed some motivation to look for moisture and will grow better.

Advantage of the paper method

You will get the most control over the germination because you can see the seeds growing. Sort out the seeds and throw out those that don’t germinate. You can also use various growing media together with the paper method. The seeds can be placed later in hydroponics or soil set up for the best results.

The main drawback of this method is that the sprout must be transplanted to the soil or any moisture-locking media like vermiculite. The main root will be very delicate and should not be touched or handled. You can use tweezers on the body or the cotyledon when you move them over to moist soil.

Rapid Rooter Method

The rapid rooter method is the recommended alternative to the popular rock wool method. The sprouts can, later on, be used for hydroponics set-up like rock wool cubes. But, it is also possible to use these for the soil method of germination too. The downside is it is rarely used like peat pellets.

To get started, you can pour the reverse osmosis water ph balanced into a petri dish or container that can hold the rapid rooter plugs. Drain off water and get the plugs. When using soaked cannabis seed, place it into the hole found on top of the plug then move some of the fingers to the top and put it into the humidity dome. Later on, you can take your seed that has sprouted by using tweezers.

Grab the top part of the seed and make sure not to touch the taproot of it. Next, place the seed into the hole tap root upside down and cover it with some rapid rooter finer. Place it again on the humidity dome.

The moment your seed begins to sprout, leave in the dome and take off the lid so they can breathe at least two times a day. Be sure that the temperature ranges anywhere from 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit or at least 23-27 degrees celsius. Set the humidity level at 70% to 80%. Your cannabis seed must be at least 6” to 8” inches high before you transplant them all to a proper growing medium.

Coco Pair or Jiffy Method

The coco pair or jiffy method is another good way of germinating seeds. The diff pots are made of small pellets that are soaked with water that’s pH regulated. As soon as it reaches a large size, you can have your cannabis seed on it and wait for it to grow. Make sure you keep the pot moist all the time until such time that the seed finally sprouts.

The pot is of a material designed for further root penetration. The moment you see the roots come out of its sides, you can place the seeds on a bigger container for planting.

You may help identify various strains by placing an appropriate name tag on your pots. You must not touch the seeds after you place them into the pot. This is a precautionary measure that will help reduce the probability of killing them as you transplant them.

It is also very likely to use the jiffy on various grow media later on. You can use both soil and hydro for this purpose. But, you can not use the jiffy in very high-pressure aeroponics.

Soil Method

The soil method is also known as the regular or conventional method. This involves the mixing of some high-quality potting mix to your compost. You can imagine that this kind of method can be useless, but, many growers find success with it by following the needs of the seeds. Make sure you follow the guidelines to check if soil must stay moist or if watering is needed only after the seed pops out.

You can get started with this method by mixing some 2/3 quality potting soil and some 1/3 parts compost. Place the seeds on top and then cover it with a layer of soil. Pat the soil down to ensure the seeds will not move around. Water if necessary. Wait until the seeds burst out and it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for the sprout to come out.

Rockwool Method

The rock wool method is used for the house to cut noise and avoid any instances of mold. Check with a local nursery near you and get some rock wool cubes, with holes or without in them.

Place the rock wool in water for a couple of hours, or longer. Make a hole in them with a toothpick or pointed object. Drop your cannabis seeds into the hole and push it down. Place the rock wool on the window ledge and wait for it to germinate.

This kind of method will work for any hydroponics system where you can use the rock wool in the process. The main drawback is the separation of the young plant from the rock wool which can be tough, so you have to be very gentle when doing so.

Important Gear for Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Many growers prefer to buy complete grow packages since they often have every single gear you need to grow your marijuana seeds. But, in some instances, a grow package can create a huge dent in the pocket, and they can even come with some stuff you do not even need. For germinating your marijuana seeds, here are the most important gear to have:


There are 3 main kinds of grow mediums you can use, they are the soil or compost, soilless mixes, and hydroponics.

Soil Medium

The soil or compost is a recommended growing media for marijuana since it is easy to use, all-natural, and accessible everywhere. A good cannabis soil medium contains the nutrients, which will provide nourishment for your plants for the first few weeks of their life.

Soilless Medium

The soilless potting mix has non-soil components like perlite, peat moss, rock wool, coco coir, and vermiculite. This can be a perfect choice for growing marijuana. With a soilless medium, consider your plants to be growing in almost the same conditions as soil. The only difference is that the plant feeds all the nutrients from the water.

Moreover, the soilless mix is helpful in the sense that is likely to have no bug infestation or issues with overwatering.

Hydroponics Medium

When growers talk about this medium, they often refer to growing cannabis with roots sitting over the water. The most common type of hydroponics is Deep Water Culture or DWC and it has a very popular medium known as bubbleponics or the top-fed DWC system.


Lighting is essential for all plant life and in growth stages. For this purpose, some use plain sunlight or a regular light bulb. There are various kinds of bulbs out there for your grow lights like HID, LED, CFL, and fluorescent. When you use grow lights, never place them too close to your seeds. The light can burn their new leaves and kill your marijuana plant.

You can use CFL bulbs that are full-spectrum, with at least 5,000-5,800K with 45watts or more. The usual fluorescent can work too. You will need a cool white (6500K) or a warm one (soft white) with 2500k-3500k range.

Additional Tools

For additional tools, you will need humidity domes. This will keep the humidity at the right levels, promote healthy growth for your plant. They are very cheap and can come in several sizes. You can use it over and over again with the right cleaning, storage, and sanitation.

Reverse Osmosis water or distilled water. Do no use tap water. Tap water is treated to be potable. The treatment includes adding chlorine into the water to kill off any bacteria. They can have lots of contaminants that can impact seed growth.

Clean water for marijuana plants can include distilled water, or have a reverse osmosis filtering system installed.

Enjoy your Plant

Now that you have finally reached this stage, you have gone past all the challenges of germinating cannabis seeds.

By following these simple tips and guidelines, you will have better chances of success. It is high time you enjoy your plant and the fruits of your hard labor!

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