How to get most out of your cannabis culture

Cannabis seed bank

If you are going to take on this lifestyle, you have to commit to it completely. This is hard work and it takes dedication, planning, and desire. The rewards can be spectacular, but they can be spectacularly bad as well. After obtaining from cannabis seed bank, you must be properly equipped with strategies and knowledge to be used in order for you to nourish your herb properly and get the most out of your cannabis culture.

This is mostly the factors to be considered and followed tips when taking care of your own cannabis plant:

  • Light Supplement – as one of the best uses of power when growing indoors is engaging in fluorescent bulbs to supplement your HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting. Fluorescent lights, such as T-5s or CFLs (compact fluorescents) not only offer some of the best light spectra for plants, they also are very efficient with electricity usage and emit very little heat and can be placed lower on sidewalks to better penetrate the garden canopy and effectively get a light to the middle-third of your plants.
  • Proper Genetics – nothing in the biology of cannabis makes sense without an understanding of ‘genetics’. Behind every spectacular grow and every memorable cannabis experience is for someone who paid for good genetics, to begin with. A well-spent grow room is ineffective without the right DNA put into it.
  • Transitional Feeding – plants don’t need flowering food until you’ve got flowers forming. You just have to keep your plants on full strength vegetative nutes through the first week of flowering for indicas and second week for sativas. Then combine both veg and bloom for a week. Likewise, plants benefit from continued Metal Halide (MH) lighting for a week or two into the flowering stage.
  • Green Light – it’s important to catch pests, infestations, and molds early and act immediately. Powdery mildew on foliage surfaces and insect secretions can be seen at night and appears to glow with a green headlight or under a UVB light on plant leaves.
  • The Four P’s – pinch: do not pinch your plants if it is fewer than fourteen days away from beginning the bud phase. Pluck: fan leaves away only if they are blocking a lot of light from the other growing points; consider trimming a leaf blade or two away instead. Do a sparingly, fan leaves are the energy factories. Patience is a virtue, and to be a good grower you have to exercise this. Prune: this is better done all at once. Constant pruning creates stresses on your plants, as they are forced to keep “re-wiring” themselves.
  • Maintaining Motherplants – taking from the genetics of the mother plant could help the grower knows the proper treatment and honing the new ones and the best production gardens are almost exclusively grown from clones taken from healthy mother plants.
  • Grow Organic – aside from using inorganic fertilizer, switch to a natural approach for it doesn’t only help you to save time and money but it will also help minimize your carbon footprint granting you with higher quality cannabis that burns appropriately.
  • Emulsify - emulsify the neem oil using liquid silica before mixing cold-pressed neem oil with water.
  • Plant Lift – pick up the pots to feel the weight of the plants before watering to avoid overwatering.
  • Juicing with enzymes – organ soil and fertilizer will always be the preferred method for growing great herb, but without the proper attention, they release vital nutrients slowly, which can really be a drag on your flowering time. Bat guano, which is packed high with phosphorus due to the bat’s insect diet, also contains powerful enzymes to break it down quickly and prevent it from accumulating on the floor.
  • Super Cropping – with a proper care of doing this method, pinching, twisting and bending the tops of plants benefit your plants, garden, and growing space considerably by preventing plant stretching and saving you from a waste of valuable space and light.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide for Hydro – H2O2 not only keeps bacteria and algae at bay in non-organic hydro systems; it releases precious oxygen in the root zone as it works its magic.
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