How to grow a big weed plant at home

weed seeds

Prepare your grow space

It’s pretty easy to cultivate one cannabis plant inside your home. It’s best to have your space equipped before you pick up a clone at a local dispensary or plant your marijuana seeds. Planning onward means that once you get your plant you’ll be able to start the growing method right.

Find a good light

If you’re growing in a small cabinet or a closet, you can get away with a fairly economical grow light. Some good choices are 24W LED or fluorescent setup. The fluorescent is the further powerful option of the two, and the benefits of each. Only pick for the 24W LED if your space is small enough, and you can get the plant fairly close to the light. If you’re growing just one plant, invest in a full-spectrum light. Plants need diverse kinds of light during different phases of the growing cycle. From the beginning, starting with a good quality full-spectrum light entails you won’t have to worry about changing the b down the road.

Ensure proper ventilation

A fan or two and some type of vent is vital for your plant when it comes to providing it an access to fresh air ensuring that it is getting the adequate CO2 for it to thrive. Fans can also aid by creating a bit of wind and this wind helps the plant become resilient and yields a mild amount of stress that encourages the plant to produce more cannabinoids and terpenes.

Find a good soil mix

A good blend is FoxFarm Ocean Forest mixed with some perlite. You can also throw in a little vermiculite for good measure. Perlite and vermiculite upsurge water absorbency and help inhibit nutrient – burn from the potent soil. Aim for about 25-33% perlite to the soil. If adding vermiculite as well, a target for about 10-15%.


If your cannabis is past the seedling stage and is ready for a big pot, a five-gallon bucket or container will do. If you live near a nursery or gardening store, check the recycling bins for sometimes they recycle old plant pots. Just make sure to wash it first to get rid of any potential contaminants. Warm water and soap should do the trick and set it out in the sun for a while to avoid moist on its surface. If you’re putting your plant in a confined space, deciding for a cloth container is highly beneficial allowing more air to enter into the soil, which makes for healthier roots and less risk of unwanted fungus or disease. Make sure to put a plastic tray or something underneath when the watering time rolls around.

Add nutrients or compost teas

Supplementing with some kind of fertilizer is required if you’re looking for a good crop of cannabis. This helps flowers nurture nice and big, as well as gives them the stamina to yield cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Compost teas – you can purchase compost and worm castings at a local garden store. Compost or worm casting teas are really fantastic for your plants and are nutrient-rich which were great for cultivating beneficial soil microbiology and are organic.
  • Organic nutrients
  1. FoxFarm nutrients – has a variety of nutrients to choose from, and their products are very popular among growers.
  2. Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil – for the flowering time when you want more phosphorous and less nitrogen that has an NPK ratio of 1-4-5.
  3. Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus – a calcium, magnesium, and iron blend.

Establishing light/dark schedules

During the vegetative state, before your plant begins to produce flowers, an 18/6 light cycle typically works well. This means providing your plant 18 full hours under the light and six hours in complete darkness.


To ensure that the water you’ll be providing to your plant, examine the water by using an air stone and aquarium pump to clear as much of the chemical because some districts apply chlorine to their water to prevent bacteria. Only water when your soil is completely dry, then drench and don’t water again until the soil is completely dry. You don’t need to water every day, in fact, if you do, you’ll risk excess fungal growth like fusarium.

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