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Moving Forward with GSC Strain

May 2, 2020

GSC strain was first called Girl Scout Cookies, and Northern California's Cookie Family first cultivated it in 2012. This Sative-leaning hybrid was crossed with a cut of OG Kush and the breeder's F1 Durban Poison strain. GSC is a plant with a powerful flower and multiple branches. This strain has a short stature, which is very common for Indica strains and is famous for its tight internodal structure. This structure is responsible for the iconic spear-shaped flowers with lavender calyxes.

If you choose to cultivate GSC indoors, the strain's flowering time is around 62 to 71 days as soon as you switch light cycle from veg to flower. For outside cultivation, growers from the Northern Hemisphere will have to wait until mid-October for harvest, while those from the Southern Hemisphere, they need to wait for mid-April. Whatever way you want your GSC to cultivate, your main goal is to grow the plant tall, and this will require training, pruning, and complete exposure to sunlight so it can reach its maximum yield potential.

Thin Mints is the most popular phenotype that was produced during the first batch of GSC weeds.

Ever since this strain was first propagated, GSC has gained several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and that includes the first-place trophy for Best Hybrid during the 2013 Southern California Cannabis Cup.

History of GSC Strain

GSC or originally called Girl Scout Cookies, is a hybrid cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush. This strain's reputation has grown so large that it goes beyond the boundaries of California. GSC comes with an earthy and sweet aroma that will launch you to euphoria's top floor, where your full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. This hybrid with its THC heights has gained multiple GSC numerous Cannabis Cup awards. A little goes a long way when enjoying this strain. To those patients who need a strong dose of relief, GSC can offer help for nausea, severe pain, and appetite loss.

Girl Scout Cookies strain has different phenotypes such as Platinum GSC and Thin Mint, which exhibit some differences when it comes to the effect and appearance. But generally, GSC mjseeds showcases its beauty with twisted green calyxes that are wrapped in purple leaves and fiery orange hairs. Since GSC strains can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, some patients and consumers choose to cultivate this cannabis stable themselves despite the waiting time which lasts between 9 to 10 weeks before they finish flowering.

There are so many reasons why many people love Girl Scout Cookies, aside from the fact that it won many awards from the Cannabis Cup because of its nearly alien-like quality. GSC has been known as the favorite of a stoner for decades, and it is attracting many patients and consumers through its earthy and entrancing aroma. GSC's sweet but little minty flavor will remind you of the Girl Scout Cookies, which you have loved and consumed for many years.

Girl Scout Cookies is a very popular strain for those patients who have different health conditions, histories, and symptoms. If you are looking for a way to relax and get your head clear from many things, GSC is greatly recommended. Because of its top-shelf qualities, every stoner, connaisseur, and medical cannabis patient will want for more.

To top it all, GSC is one of the most potent strains of marijuana flowers that you can find in the market. This means that Cookies Girl Scout is an excellent solution for patients of medical cannabis around the world who experience several challenges of different medical conditions.

Growing GSC Strain

growing gsc strain

If you want some growing pot plants in your backyard, we should say that GSC is not an easy option. But this strain is not very challenging as well. When we talk about the difficulty level of growing Girl Scout Cookies strain, we can say that it can be found in the middle. As long as you are willing to learn and do the needed research, you can cultivate a good batch of GSC.

Once you have got your cannabis seeds online and you have properly planted it, you will need to wait around 9 to 10 weeks for the strains to flower. This is considered as the average length if we will consider the other strains. Growing Girl Scout Cookies strains is possible for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Yet, for outdoor setup, you need to meet some proper climate, which is an abundance of sunny warmth and weather that is Meditteranean-like qualities so your GSC seeds can flourish and grow.

Choosing to cultivate this outdoors will require you to maintain the recommended growing condition, and harvest time can be expected during mid-October. But if you want the indoor setup, you can grow your seeds well with the help of hydroponic methods. Girl Scout Cookies are reasonably mildew and pest-resistant, and the fertilizer requirement is low to average, which means Girl Scout Cookies are low maintenance if you choose to cultivate this plant. Girl Scout Cookies strains that are growing indoors may have the height between the average range. Often, the plants end up smaller than most of the cannabis types. But you should not worry because it gives a powerful punch effect no matter how small its size and lowers its yield.

Is GSC an Indica or a Sativa?

Girl Scout Cookies of GSC is an Indica-dominant hybrid. But this strain has a strong Sativa component (ratio of 40 Sativa and 60 Indica) resulting in high THC. Girl Scout Cookies can reach the THC levels, which is up to 28 percent, making it one of the most potent strains that are sold to medical marijuana patients. So if you are thinking about planting marijuana seeds that will help you with your medical condition, or you need it for consumption, GSC seeds are a great choice together with Tahoe OG seeds because they can share the same effects on your body.

This strain is a very effective treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression. Some patients and consumers also claim that it is good for the appetite, but with some side effects like dry mouth. 

How strong is GSC strain?

GSC can bring different effects to your body. If you have tried using this strain before, you will understand why it is one of the most loved strains in the market, not just for patients, but as well as for consumers. It has balanced qualities that are representing both Indica and Sativa strains. Girl Scout Cookies can be considered as the strongest marijuana strain since it can both deliver an uplifting yet relaxing effect. With Girl Scout Cookies, the high THC content you will be sent into the combination of heady, cerebral, and thought-provoking mood and euphoric full-body high. 


Despite the many challenges that you may face during the growing conditions and the potential average cultivation yield, Girl Scout Cookies maintains as the world-renowned because for so many reasons. One is because of its incredibly high content of THC and amazing quality, while other reasons are the effects of intoxicating aroma and the pleasingly sweet flavor.

Though GSC strain started as small from the California mountains where it was first created, this strain has increased its popularity and is globally desired and praised, especially in towns and cities all over the US. Because of the popularity and demand of Girl Scout Cookies, dispensaries are expecting to keep supplying this mind-blowing strain so they can keep on helping those medical cannabis patients who are fighting with different medical conditions and symptoms. 

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