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Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

February 18, 2020

There are a number of ideal end goals that cannabis growers are always attempting to achieve. Whether that be higher yields, bigger buds, higher THC levels or intense flavors and aromas. With the tedious nature of growing cannabis, you may be thinking - the more, the better. Which is why we’re focusing on the highest yielding strains to get you on your way to reaching this growing goal.

To take the guessing game out of which strain you should grow, we’ve compiled our favorite high yield cannabis seeds for you to choose from. Here’s our choices for the biggest yielding strains you can find on the market today.


Big Bud

This indica strain is well known for big buds (hence its name) and minimal leaf coverage. Making it easy to grow, and even easier to relax with its calming indica effects. Earthy and zesty aromas deliver a delightful body buzz, and a lot of it. Big Bud is widely recognized for high yields amongst growers producing between 600-900 g/m2.

Critical Mass

Not only does critical mass produce yields of 650-750 g/m2 but also high levels of THC. Boosting 19 - 22% on average from nugs that growers say ‘bend’ the stalks they grow on from girth alone. However, you’ll need to reduce humidity while growing as the strain is susceptible to molds. Once harvested, the strain is citrusy with herbal notes and delivers pain relieving effects with a relaxed euphoria.

Power Plant

Power Plant produces powerful yields in a lightning fast growing cycle. The sativa dominant strain typically harvests in 7-9 weeks delivering quantities of between 550-650 g/m2 of varying sized buds. Be aware that the strain is highly pungent in natural earthy aromas making odor control a must. Typically sativa, Power Plant’s effects are uplifting in nature with clear-headed focus.

Amnesia Haze

A perfect strain to wake and bake with, Amnesia Haze delivers an energetic and uplifting buzz. The citrus and peppery scented buds are highly potent and yields are as high as 550-650 g/m2. Equally indica and sativa-like, dense, thick nugs grow closely to maximize use of space and yields overall. The strain will require de-leafing to let airflow and light reach the tightly packed buds.

Giant Skittlez

Giant Skittlez is aptly named as a high yielding strain itself. The sweet and sour scented strain is an indica dominant hybrid that is award winning for its effects. Producing yields of 550-650 g/m2, chunky densely packed buds are plentiful. The strain’s effects are calming yet head clearing in nature, perfect for anytime of the day.

White Widow x Big Bud

White Widow x Big Bud combines two legendary strains to maximize effects and produce high yields of 600-900 g/m2 . Pungent fruity tastes deliver a relaxing head high from generous THC levels. The plant is susceptible to molds so monitor airflow and humidity closely, ideally indoors. To maximize your end result be sure to allow your crop to mature fully, which is usually between 7-9 weeks for the strain.

Super Silver Haze

A sativa delight, Super Silver Haze is a favourite among users and growers for a number of reasons. With high yields of 600-800 g/m2, the strain is potent and pungent in sweet skunky and citrus scents. Delivering powerful sativa effects equal for the body and mind. Super Silver Haze is mood elevating and helpful for pain, migraines with its’ long lasting high. Versatile for growth indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, soil or hydroponics the strain can benefit from SCROG or LST methods of growing.

Bruce Banner #3

High potency and high yields come from a hulk like strain with Bruce Banner #3. Pulling THC levels of 25-29% the strain’s yield of 500-600 g/m2 has more to give than just a large quantity. The effects are euphoric, relaxing and can stimulate creativity, too. Bruce Banner #3 is preferred by growers due to being resistant to pests and molds, and is ready to harvest after 9-10 indoors. SOG growing methods can benefit yields and plant health.

Dos si Dos 33

An indica dominant hybrid, Dos si Dos 33 is as pleasurable to grow as it is to consume. Beautiful purple buds grow in dense patterns increasing yields with high resin production. Altough yields are around 600-700 g/m2 the plant is compact making it the perfect for indoor spaces. Being resistant to pests and molds, the strain is easy in nature for beginner growers too. The buds have a sweet, floral and skunky aroma that deliver mellowing and sedative effects.

Blue Dream

Another of the highest yielding strains, Blue Dream is potent and plentiful delivering 550-650 g/m2. The sativa dominant hybrid delivers aromas that are berry scented, and peppery with a powerful buzz to match. Effects are mellowing but not sedative, and can relax the body and mind. Growing is equally a breeze with yields returning in just 10 weeks with indoor growing environments. The strain can benefit from topping as it grows high in heights, too.

Tips for Boosting Yields

The first step to take in growing big yields, is choosing the right strain (like the ones above). Some genetics just output higher quantities, and that will get you started off right from the start.

But making sure you’re putting your best foot forward can help increase your yields, too. This means choosing the most ideal growing medium, container, lighting, nutrients and training. Even being patient with how your plants mature or when they’re ready to harvest can affect your final product. So here’s a quick guide on additional tips to boost your plants yields.

  • Growing medium – Hydroponic growing is the best medium for ensuring you produce the highest yields possible. However the startup costs can be high and if you are not used to this way of growing it can seem daunting. Composing your own super soil is the another good option for increasing yields from the roots. This organic method allows you to control the ratios of coco, soil, perlite and other mediums that will benefit growth the most.
  • Container size - Be sure you’re increasing your pot size as your plant increases in size too. When plant roots outgrow their containers, they won’t effectively intake water or nutrients.
  • Lighting - Increasing your intensity of light during flowering is another way to raise overall yields. In addition to making sure plants get enough light in the veg stage just prior. Not only that but evenly spacing lights out for maximum reach is just as important.
  • Nutrients - The nutrients you choose to feed your cannabis plants can maximize yields, as well. In the veg stage, a fertilizer with a balanced “NPK (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)) is optimal. Giving the right nutrients at the right time will affect yields positively so don’t just rely on a ‘all-in-one’ solution.
  • Training techniques – Pruning, topping, fimming and super cropping are all techniques to allow as much light onto bud sites as possible. Doing any will help to maximize yields, while low stress training helps, too. By supporting your stalks properly with trellising or staking, buds can also grow stronger and bigger.

Begin Big with the Highest Yielding Strains

The best way to begin achieving higher yields, is to begin with the biggest yielding strains. Choosing any of the high yield cannabis seeds we discussed today, will be your first step towards big goals. By implementing other techniques to nurture your maturing crops, you’ll be on your way to exceeding expectations before you know it.

Written by Francisco, Staff writer for MSNL

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