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How CBD Manufacturing Works Commercially?

November 20, 2019

The world was taken by surprise when CBD first hit the market. Many have mixed feelings about the product due and do not fully understand what it is. While others cannot deny the fact that it holds a number of benefits to your body, especially with pain, inflammation, and other ailments. However, for many CBD users, the question of how it's made is still not common information. This article is going to walk you through the steps needed to manufacture any CBD products currently on the market. Here are the steps used in manufacturing CBD:

Harvesting CBD plants

The first step of making the product always comes from the plant itself. Most CBD farms require very strict regulations to keep themselves in business as the buyers of the harvested plants can be very picky with their requirements. Most plants are bred specifically to contain a high amount of CBD while maintaining a very low amount of THC, for health purposes. In 2018, the agriculture bill was amended to remove hemp from the definition of marijuana; making it legal to farm as long as growers adhered to the regulated levels of THC in comparison to CBD in the plants. Buyers take the harvested plants to their facilities to begin making their product after this step.

Preparing the plants for CBD extractionIllustration of cannabis decoration

The plants must be prepared before they are ready to be made into CBD products. The hemp plants are prepared for drying in special machinery that prevents any contamination from occurring throughout the drying process. The plants are then sent to a grinder where they're ground very finely to prepare them for the CBD extraction. 

Extracting & refining the CBD

Once the hemp plant has been ground, several different processes are required in order to extract and refine the CBD available. The processes first start with dissolving the ground material in several active ingredients, then highly experienced engineers filtrate substances from each other. They then distill the product using extremely accurate machinery designed to keep the levels of distillation at a very stable rate throughout the whole process to produce CBD that is more than 99% pure.

Producing different types of CBD products

Depending on the certifications available, manufacturers can create several different types of products. CBD products have as wide a range as that of chocolate, pills, tinctures, capsules, soft gels, and coffee. Some highly experienced manufacturers over at Private Label CBD Oil even offer the ability to customize the dosage on products like CBD tinctures to your own preference, as they have several chemists ready on site. Checking the certifications that a manufacturer helps you figure out what products they can manufacture and what products they can’t. It's a bonus if they have additional accreditations like PETA’s Cruelty-Free Facility certification.

Packaging it

Once the products are manufactured, it's onwards to packaging them in containers that protect them from any damage until they reach their consumers. More often than not, the packaging is extremely similar to the packaging of other products with the same sensitivity, and is only distinguishable by the label or the clear green color that’s present in most products. Companies often try to increase their sales by designing their product packaging in a very appealing way to the consumers, this often involves clear labelling.

Selling it

With the number of newcomers to the market, selling CBD products has never been more difficult. Competition for selling CBD products in the market right now is fierce due to the increasing number of sellers, especially ones that have been getting very creative with their marketing and manufacturing strategies. Several new products are being introduced with CBD every week, so to sell your products in such a competitive market, you'll need to get yourself an edge over your competitors; maybe carve out a niche. Increasing your marketing efforts can be very helpful too, as you’ll have to make your voice be heard amongst the hundreds of other loud voices already in the market.

Learning about how CBD is manufactured is critical if you're looking to invest in CBD products yourself. Learning the ins and outs of this product can help you understand where you can integrate your business with regards to CBD, or it can just help you understand what type of product you’re consuming. Knowing what your products contain can be very comforting as a lot of food manufacturing companies plummet in sales if their customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of their manufacturing process. It’s advisable to make sure to check how other products are manufactured before purchasing them.

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