How to relax with ganja
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Marijuana and relaxation have always had a bit of a funny relationship. On the one hand, nearly half of cannabis users say that their goal is to relax. Yet many people are also familiar with the marijuana freak out or have seen a paranoid friend disappear from a party because they “just can’t handle it, it’s too much, man” kind of. It is important that persons understand how cannabis affects the body, the compounds, and uses of the substance, and separate the benefits from the dangers upon purchasing cannabis seeds for sale. The following are the most common ways to get your ganja up and working in your system for an ultimate high.


It is the safest, fastest, and coolest way to get your senses consuming cannabinoids for the ultimate pleasure. Just like smoking, vaporization involves the application of heat that’s just enough to vaporize THC and all other active compounds from the cannabis. For natural cellulose like the cannabis, temperatures exceeding 230°C would burn the material. That’s why manufacturers make it a point to keep their vaporizers’ heating elements just hot enough to release the active chemicals, but not exceedingly hot to incinerate whatever botanicals you have.

Most pen vaporizers, on the other hand, only have the power button to switch the atomizer on or off. So, to keep the heating coil from overheating, do not press the button for longer than 10 to 15 seconds, and then wait for about 20 to 25 seconds to take another hit.

Getting ‘Gastro-Cannabic’: Eating

Does your ‘canna-petite’ keep you coming back for more of those luscious brownies mixed with cannabutter? Eating cannabis proves very safe because you do away with burning the plant materials, in turn avoiding any toxins that would have otherwise caused you more harm than good. If you want to be more creative and introduce baked goods and even sweets to your friends, a hefty amount of cannabutter in your kitchen will always come in handy just in case you’d try to flex your culinary muscle. An alcohol extract (tincture) can also be put to good use when preparing sweets like candies.

But as healthy and nutritious as these dishes are, keep in mind that it takes about three to four hours for the active cannabis compounds to take effect in your system. The idea of ingesting by eating is those who would rather see a milder, longer lasting effect as compared to experiencing the sudden high. Take extra care though, as effects vary from one person to the other. Try making drinks infused with cannabis essence for much more ‘gastro-cannabis’ pleasures.


A typical bong, sometimes called a water pipe, bing or moof, is like a supersized cigarette made of glass with a specialized chamber filled with water, through which smoke bubbles up and, as their supporters claim, gets purified, filtering out unwanted residues and chemicals that usually come with the smoke. Bongs function and look similar to hookahs, only that the former come in smaller, more portable designs.


Call it J, Jay, Spliff, Blunt, Doobie, Fatty, and all those urban street names for this once overwhelmingly hailed way to get that high the old-fashioned way. Joint refers to rolled paper stuffed with your favorite herb. Others use actual cigarette rolls with the tobacco contents removed and replaced by dry, ground cannabis. But really, it doesn’t matter what type of paper you roll as long as you’ve got the goods inside. Joints are probably still the most widely used method to deliver THC into our system. Simply light it up like a cigar and you get that instant pleasure the old-fashioned way. Among all your options, using joints is the fastest way to deliver the psychoactive compounds into your system. Compare that with vaporizers, which take a few more seconds to heat up. But as effective as joints may be, the obvious catch is the burning process, which makes this method as unhealthy and toxic as smoking tobacco.