Is there a minimum age for smoking weed?

There are many uprising issues talking about the legality of cannabis whether a bill has to pass through concerning about the minors as cannabis have been observed and experienced for years affecting adolescents and minors in negative ways exposing them to at a far greater risk of becoming dependent on cannabis, exposure to an uncontrollable high lightened emotions and health issues.

Until today, research laboratories have still no profound findings about the certain disadvantages from consuming weed but it doesn’t mean that there’s really nothing.

There’s no room for risk when it comes to it. Having an age limit or not, always remember that consuming poor quality strains just because of its massive availability and affordability has a very great difference compared to consuming the strains that belongs to the high quality varieties.

That’s why lots of seed banks such as the canada seed bank ensure the quality of strains you could satisfactorily acquire worth the money you invest.

According to Elliana Lev on her ‘Should there be a legal age for buying and smoking pot’, “Experts believe marijuana use can change the brain before it's fully developed, which research suggests happens by the age of about 25. But the CMA acknowledges in its submission that setting the legal age at 25 would be unrealistic, since those between 15 and 24 are smoking pot at twice the rate of the rest of the population.

Setting the limit at 18, the age of majority, or younger, on the other hand, raises the spectre of Grade 12 students making extra cash by selling legally purchased Pink Kush to minor niners before the Halloween dance.”

Setting the age range when talking about the legality of weed consumption really depends on a State’s law as there are a lot of places where the legalization of weed consumption has different set of dynamics to consider.

But mostly, everything will be according to the user, on how he/she will be able to control his/her own standard of “moderation” and how he/she will be able to handle the effects.

Many activists who voted for the legalization of the weed consumption doesn’t only cares about its medicinal benefits but also the greater risk of suppressing from acquiring it as it could lead to the re-entrenchment of the unlawful market or further production of poor quality cannabis products just to cater an urgent need or an inaccessible or a cost that can’t be obtain for those who are financially incapacitated but mostly in need.

In today’s time, educating our youth about its harm is much more effective than depriving them of acquiring it as it weighs more than what the law says about when they’re old enough to acquire it.

With the help of a truly youth-centered approach, legalization with a low age of access will construct the perspective and impulse to inhibit latent destructions of cannabis expenditure.

In some places where weeds can be legally purchased and distributed, be sure to choose the trusted seed banks generating high quality of strains and happy customers.

Make it a habit of checking their menus as much as you can and read the customers’ feedbacks on a seed bank’s official website page.

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