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Afghan Kush

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THC : High
Type : Indica

Afghan Kush Strain is original indica cannabis strain that comes from where the earliest cannabis plants are said to have grown. This bud is said to have been found in the mountains that live on the border of India, Nepal, and Afghanistan, the Himalayas. This is also where the famous Kush comes from, as there is a section of the mountain range called Hindu Kush.

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This strain has played an important role in the gene pool of many other strains as its genetics have been used and passed down. The main interest that geneticists had in the Afghan strain was its incredibly resinous buds, and they were interested in passing this genetic down to other strains of marijuana. This is why many strains have Afghan parents! It has been selectively bred in Holland to create seeds for indoor cultivation and is enormously popular around the world.

Pure strains can be very hard to come by on the commercial market, and so having this is actually a prize for marijuana connoisseurs. It is a delight to smoke and to grow, and it's hard to find plants whose genetics are original.

Afghan smells earthy and spicy and sometimes even smells like incense. Its undertones are sweet. Its aroma is exactly to match. The smoke of Afghan is thick and heavy, and the effect is a very strong, sometimes soporific buzz. It sedates the user into a deep, euphoric meditation and is therefore not recommended for use before doing something important.

This is really an ideal strain for growers because it ticks all of the boxes. It grows well indoors or outdoors, but for outdoor climates, it prefers a warmer, sunnier, Mediterranean climate. It is 100% indica, which means it grows like an indica into a shorter, more compact plant. It is strong and sturdy to support huge buds that produce quite a heavy yield. A little bit of extra care ensures an even bigger yield, and the flowering time is comparatively short at 50-65 days.

The Afghan seeds available are regular seeds, meaning that they will produce both male and female plants. This is an ideal seed for growers who are even interested in experimenting with mixing the genetics of this plant with others!

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Additional information


Afghani Kush

Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

400 - 500 g/m²

Flowering Period

7 - 9 weeks




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