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Autoflowering Strong Pack


Autoflowering Strong Pack Seeds is here. All packs contain 15 strong auto-flowering feminized marijuana seeds – 5 of each variety including White Widow Max Auto Feminized, White LSD Auto Feminized and Auto AK47 Feminized. This value pack is only £85 GBP ($130 USD) saving you £22 GBP ($35 USD) on the individual prices. Each variety is labeled so you know which is which.

WHITE WIDOW MAX AUTO (5 Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds) 
Autoflowering version of the legendary White Widow Max Incredible potency and resin production Finished in just 70-75 days from seed Strong, long-lasting high.

WHITE LSD AUTO (5 Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds) 
Autoflowering version of super potent White LSD. Sativa dominant auto Super potent and big yielding auto Psychoactive High.

AUTO AK47 (5 Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds)
Automatic AK47. Highly resinous and compact, dense bud structure. Powerful indica stone. Ready in just 70 days from seed.

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Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds
Autoflowering Strong Pack

Based Country: Netherlands
Pack: 1 Pack (15 Seeds)
Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping For Order Over 60€
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Price: €96.90
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Genetics White Widow Max Auto x White LSD Auto x Auto AK47
Plant Type Mix

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