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Big Bud Feminized


Big Bud Feminized Seeds is an all-female and massive yields, what more could you want? Big Bud is one of the largest producing marijuana plants in the world and with an outstanding quality smoke, this strain is consistently in the top ten strains available to growers and smokers alike. The purpose behind creating Big Bud was to produce a plant with maximum yields. Big Bud has a subtle Skunk taste with a long lasting high. Big Bud feminized has been further stabilized to improve consistency and yield.

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Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds
Big Bud Feminized

Based Country: Netherlands
Pack: 10 Seeds
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Price: €78.70
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Genetics Skunk x (Afghan x Northern Lights)
Plant Type Mostly Indica
Cultivation Indoor | Outdoor
Plant Height Medium
Average Yield > 600 g/m²
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
THC High