Big Bud



Big Bud is available in a variety of seeds. It is available in both feminized and auto-flowering types. However, this seed is a regular Big Bud seed, meaning that it will produce some male and some female plants. That means some of them will flower and some of them will produce more seeds for you to plant.

Those who like to grow weed purely for the joy of harvesting a big sack of herb have found exactly what they are looking for in Big Bud. And it’s not just about the huge yield but the monster nuggets that grow on this plant. This is the answer for all of those people who can’t make their stash last until their next harvest.

Brought from the USA to the Netherlands for preservation, this strain has made it from the 1980s until today, meaning it’s been a strain loved by more than one generation. It boasts quite an impressive genetic line of Skunk and Afghan with Northern Lights. There’s no wonder people have loved growing and smoking this strain for over thirty years now, being both impressive in the garden and in a smoke.

Big Bud lightens the mood by making the user feel happy and euphoric. However, it’s the high indica content in Big Bud that gives it its powerful body high, providing a relaxing sensation throughout. Big Bud has been known to make users quite sleepy after using it. It is a pleasure to smoke this strain’s earthy and woody flavors and spicy aromas. You can even detect a citrus smell from Big Bud. Overall, Big Bud is the perfect way to relax, either alone or with close friends and family!

Big Bud is generally quite easy to grow, although it is a little bit time-consuming. Whether indoor or outdoor, Big Bud grows extremely well and produces ridiculously big yields. It requires a flowering time of 55-70 days, and for outdoor growers a warmer, Mediterranean climate is recommended. It is definitely well worth the extra time spent cultivating for the yields it produces. That is why this strain is generally recommended for commercial growers because the amount of enormous buds is basically unmatched. During cultivation, the smell of cannabis is quite subtle, but a gentle squeeze of the ripening tops will release a mouthwatering scent of sweet citrus, as well as leave you with sticky fingers from their thick coating of resin glands!

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Genetics Skunk x (Afghan x Northern Lights)
Plant Type Mostly Indica
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor
Plant Height Medium
Average Yield 400 - 550 g/m²
Flowering Period 7 - 10 weeks
THC Medium