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Budget Pack Feminized


Budget Pack Feminized Strain is aimed at giving you the opportunity to try 3 top class strains with different genetics for a bargain price!

We’re offering the legendary and incredibly potent OG Kush, the sweet tasting blue strain Blue Dream and a classic, skunky hybrid, White Widow Skunk. 
The Budget pack is available in 15 / 30 seed packs for an unbelievable price! 
15 Seed packs contain 5 x OG Kush Feminized, 5 x Blue Dream Feminized and 5 x White Widow Skunk Feminized. 
30 Seed Packs contain 10 x OG Kush Feminized, 10 x Blue Dream Feminized and 10 x White Widow Skunk Feminized.

This 15 seed pack is only £69 GBP ($92 USD) saving you £26 GBP ($40 USD) on the individual prices OR only £131 GBP ($175 USD) for the 30 seed pack saving you £59 GBP ($95 USD) on the individual prices. 
Each variety is labeled so you know which is which.

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Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds
Budget Pack Feminized

Based Country: Netherlands
Pack: 1 pack (15 Seeds)
Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping For Order Over 60€
Bonus: Get Free Seeds With Every Order
Price: €€78.66
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GeneticsOG Kush x Blue Dream x White Widow Skunk
Plant TypeMix

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