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Critical Strain is our latest “massive” production plant. For a long time, we wanted to add a strain similar to Big Bud but we couldn’t find anything that stacked up.

To produce the largest yielding Critical to date we worked with over ten Critical varieties and five Big Bud phenotypes to produce a truly monster yielder. Super easy to grow, Critical will produce a huge harvest indoors and out. The plant has a very strong fruity skunk smell and taste and finishes very fast in 45-55 days flowering. Buds grow tight, dense and close together to produce the maximum yield possible. Indoors the size of the plant may need some controlling. For a large yielder, the stone is intense but not too overpowering with a sweet skunky tasting smoke. Our Critical is a great commercial plant and is also ideally suited to a beginner. The plant thrives both indoors and out.

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Based Country: Netherlands
Pack: 10 Seeds
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GeneticsBig Bud x Critical varieties
Plant TypeUnknown
CultivationIndoor | Outdoor
Plant HeightMedium
Average Yield>600 g/m²
Flowering Period8 - 10 weeks

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