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THC : High
Type : Hybrid

Crystal Strain is an award winner when both of its parents are also Cannabis Cup award winners. This strain boasts some of the best genetics in the marijuana gene pool, being the result of a crossing between White Widow and Northern Lights, two world champion marijuana strains. It is an indica-dominant hybrid, although both the sativa and indica components are felt strongly when it is used. The Crystal seeds available on Weed Seed Shop are regular seeds, meaning both female and male plants will result from these seeds.

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The result of this amazing cross of genetics is explosions of solid, rounded buds that begin at the internodes and grow along the branches, developing a thick, even coating of shiny trichomes as they do. Crystal is one of the whitest and most sparkling types of ganja, and this is where it gets its appropriate name from. This strain of weed is definitely for those who like to get fancy with marijuana and a little bit of crystal. Its genetics are top of the line and a powerful stone to contend with.

Smoking Crystal begins with a soaring cerebral high, no doubt caused by its sativa genetics. However, a very sedative body high soon balances out the strong sativa effects, and the result is a well-balanced body and head high. The smoke is thick and white because of the sticky resin, and this gives it a sharp aroma and sweet taste. Overall, this high is fast acting and pretty long lasting and great for those who love sativa but like to have a little something to balance it out.

Growing Crystal is not particularly hard, but with some extra care, this strain can produce an outrageously huge amount of weed. This strain grows well indoors or outdoors, but for outdoor climates, it prefers something warmer and sunnier. If this strain is grown outdoors in sub-tropical climates, it can shoot as high as 3 meters tall and produce volumes of huge buds you've never seen before! Growers are able to get yields of 750 grams per plant if it is grown correctly and in a sub-tropical climate. Indoors it will acquire an average height gain and only needs a relatively short flowering time of 50-70 days.

Crystal won the Best Seed Strain award at the 2002 Highlife Cup and is a beautiful addition to any garden! Whether you're an experienced grower or a novice, Crystal is a great strain to invest your time into. Aside from trimming to maximize yield, she really doesn't require too much work, and you don't have to compromise on quantity or quality!

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Additional information


White Widow x Northern Lights

Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

650 - 750 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 - 10 weeks




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