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Easy Sativa Feminized


Easy Sativa Feminized Seeds is so easy outdoors! It’s all in the name, an easy new-style Sativa variety for in the greenhouse and outdoors. One of the best outdoor bud producers in Holland!

One of the best outdoor bud producers in Holland! Most of them flower under 18 hrs light and start flowering half July and reward you with a gigantic amount of large buds in September. There is some variation in bud shape and taste (between spicy and sweet), but all a clear Sativa high. Well worth a try! Good outdoor / greenhouse performance needs to be vegged at least 8 wks. Not suitable indoors

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Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds
Easy Sativa Feminized

Based Country: Netherlands
Pack: 10 Seeds
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Price: €55.90
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Genetics Unknown
Plant Type Mostly Sativa
Cultivation Outdoor
Plant Height Tall
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering Period 12 - 14 weeks
THC High