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Gelato Feminized

Cannabis Feminized Seeds
THC : High
Type : Mostly Indica

Gelato Strain has been one of the outstanding strains of the last few years, as it comes from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies family and really lives up to the family reputation. Strong (over 25%), super tasty (think candy citrus ice cream) and beautiful. This is an absolute must try.

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Hailed as one of the best-tasting strains of marijuana available worldwide, Gelato really is one of the best varieties on the market today. Coming from the same stable as the phenomenon that is Girl Scout cookies and the more recent Sunset Sherbert, when you try Gelato you know you are in for a treat.

Specifically bred to maximize the traits that made its parents so well known, the flavour is absolutely out of this world. Tasty overripe berries and sweet candy is the first aroma that greets you when you Gelato is in full flower. When smoked the taste is reinforced on the exhale with more lemony citrus overtones that compliment perfectly. Selective breeding has enhanced not only the flavour of this strain but also the potency. Regularly measuring in excess of 25% THC Gelato is not for newbies; that being said, this is no coma-inducing couchlock. The high is almost instant. I few gentle pulls on a pipe or bong and a VERY pleasing feeling of calm and relaxation will envelop you. This does not mean that you will be sitting down. Gelato is an energizing uplifting high that really makes you want to dive into something creative or thought-provoking. There are even quite a few users who have found that it really enhances lovemaking…..

Gelato grows in a very typical hybrid shape with reasonable spacing between branches allowing for good light penetration deep into the plant. Multiple stems all produce thick colas loaded with rock hard buds. THC crystals blanket all the nugs and will often run down the stem on to the upper parts of even the large shade leaves.

If you like Girl Scout cookies of Sunset Sherbert then you have GOT to try Gelato, its marijuana evolution at its finest!

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Gelato Feminized
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Gelato Feminized
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Additional information


Sunset Sherbert x Girl Scout Cookies

Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

500 - 600 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 - 10 weeks




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