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Jock Horror Feminized


Jock Horror Feminized Seeds is a three-way hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze. Jock produces so much resin that even its branches glisten with glands. This variety of marijuana has a unique fresh flavor and packs a strong “up” buzz. Our Jock finishes flowering earlier than the original Jack of a few years ago. One of our all-time favorite marijuana strains.

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Jock Horror Feminized

Based Country: Netherlands
Pack: 5 Seeds
Shipping: Worldwide fast and stealthy shipping
Price: €35
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Genetics Mexican Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk #1
Plant Type Mostly Sativa
Cultivation Indoor
Plant Height Tall
Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m²
Flowering Period 9 - 11 weeks
THC High