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K2 Strain has an attractively short flowering time and will grow very well with the Sea of Green method. Because of its compact structure and tight, weighty buds, K2 is a great choice for indoor cultivation in relatively small grow-spaces. Outdoors, K2 will happily grow into chunky, pine tree shaped bushes when cultivated in climates with a long, warm summer.

Named after the second highest peak in the Himalayas, K2 is an Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrid with a heavy yield.

K2 has a long-established reputation in Holland as a reliable commercial cannabis strain to buy because it is even easier to cultivate than the “White” varieties. The smoke is potent, acrid and sweet, with just a hint of Skunk. A large proportion of Indica genes in the makeup of K2 produces a long-lasting body stone, enlivened by an initial uplifting effect from the Sativa component. Enjoy being able to experience the heights of K2 without having to actually climb any mountains!

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Plant TypeMostly Indica
CultivationIndoor, Outdoor
Plant HeightMedium
Average Yield400 - 450 g/m²
Flowering Period6 - 8 weeks

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