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Kush n Cheese Feminized

Cannabis Feminized Seeds
THC : High
Type : Indica, Sativa

Kush 'n' Cheese Strain is a hybrid cross of UK Cheese and Emerald OG Kush. It is a fast-flowering, high-THC, great-tasting marijuana strain that all connoisseurs should try. It is 60% sativa and 40% indica.

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The sheer quality of Kush 'n' Cheese belies the ease of its cultivation. Showing great hybrid vigour it grows into a medium-sized plant producing large, dense buds that are covered in THC-bearing resin. It will be appreciated by beginners and experts alike for its production and effect. Indoors 500 gr/m2 can be harvested in a flowering time of 55 - 60 days. Outdoors in warm climates, or in a greenhouse elsewhere, between 700 - 900 gr. can be harvested from each of your plants which can grow to a height of 3 meters outdoors in optimum conditions.

The aroma and flavour produced is very complex and includes lemon, oil and cheese. Thc Production is high with correspondingly low levels of CBD. The result of this is that Kush 'n' Cheese gives a long-lasting physically relaxing effect.

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Kush n Cheese Feminized
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Kush n Cheese Feminized
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Kush n Cheese Feminized
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Additional information


Exodus Cheese x OG Kush

Plant Type



Indoors, Outdoors

Plant Height


Average Yield

500 - 600 g/m²

Flowering Period

10 - 12 weeks




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