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LA Confidential

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THC : High
Type : Indica

LA Confidential Strain is a pure Indica with its roots in the history of early Californian Kush’s and a magnificent specimen of the marijuana breeders art. This classic Indica shaped, multi-hued plant oozes class from every leaf and bud.

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The initial feeling you get from this strain can often be misleading as it is definitely a “creeper”. The first few hits are pleasing and almost cerebral; however, after a few further pull on a joint or a minute or so after a good bong rip, a big hammer will knock you right back into your seat! Do not be deceived through the intense body stone is not particularly sleep-inducing and that luxurious slightly trippy high you expect from Kush genetics compliments the overall feeling beautifully.

The genetics of LA confidential are some of the oldest and most respected in the marijuana grower’s world; OG LA Affie crossed with a landrace Afghani. This has created a perfectly well balanced rich Indica strain that is particularly hardy and well suited to both indoor and outdoor growth. Its growth pattern is exactly what you would expect from a landrace inspired Indica plant- medium height bushy and reasonably tight internodal distances. The colouration of LA confidential is another of its sought-after traits, lime green shade leaves with more purple-tinged upper buds and leaflets. The aroma is a nose-pleasing blend of sweet spicy kush and a more earthy undertone, which is only enhanced during the later stages of flowering and when you are harvesting. The taste is just as well balanced with the initial flavour being decidedly sweet like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. This is quickly transformed into a more usual spicy skunk flavour that is very tasty however you smoke it.

LA Confidential hold a near unique position as a classic original strain that is a modern master all rolled into one outstanding plant.

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Additional information


O.G. LA Affie x Afghani Indica

Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

400 - 500 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 - 10 weeks




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