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Lemon Skunk

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THC : High
Type : Mostly Sativa

Lemon Skunk Strain is a multi-cup winning Indica dominant strain that is all about Flavour and Strength. It is strong with a high THC level (15-18%) and strong in terms of hardiness and resistant to most pests and disease that can affect marijuana plants. The taste is superb, refreshing, sharp citrus that is immediately apparent from early stages of flowering right through to the harvest and smoke.

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The high is quite complex and long-lasting. The Lemon Skunk high starts slightly psychedelic and heading towards serious couch lock. Lemon Skunk can be grown indoors or outdoors but note the plant can get pretty big so some care is needed. Yields are similarly large, up to 1-2 kg per plant outdoors. The plant can withstand dry weather but may have some problems with extreme rain.

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Lemon Skunk
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Additional information


Skunk # 1 x Lemon

Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

500 - 600 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 - 10 weeks




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