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Magnum Autoflowering


Magnum Autoflowering Strain is a quality auto-flowering strain offering high yields, delicious taste, and a classic, sativa dominated high. With a cerebral rush, this strain will give you an intense spiraling high that can be truly euphoric. Auto Magnum is potent with medium THC levels and although genetics are undisclosed, it continues to grow in popularity with its generous yields of up to 500gm.

Put simply when our breeders created Magnum Automatic they wanted to make the strongest auto they could. Something that would live up to Dirty Harry’s legendary weapon the 44 Magnum and all its stopping power. With Magnum Automatic they really cracked it.

Getting the best balance of strength yield and flavour is often a tricky task, this outstanding strain does exactly that. The flavour is sweet and spicy with a pleasing fruity quality that doesn’t get too acidic or harsh. The yield when grown outdoors, under the full Mediterranean sun, can be truly vast, especially for an auto. This slightly sativa dominant cross finishes in a marginally longer than average 75-80 days, but the additional week or so pays off very handsomely with a very high THC level (18-20%) and an outstanding yield of 450-550gsm.

Magnum Automatic naturally branches thickly and evenly allowing for excellent light penetration which in-tern contributes to a bumper crop.

Even though it is quite an even three-way split of Sativa / Indica /Ruderalis, the shape tends to be a little more Indica whereas the high and its effects are definitely uplifting and exceedingly giggly like a Sativa. The initial headrush levels out without becoming too racy meaning that all in all this is a highly enjoyable cerebral buzz from start to finish.

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Magnum Autoflowering

Based Country: Netherlands
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Magnum Autoflowering

Based Country: Netherlands
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Currency USD
Genetics Unknown
Plant Type Mostly Sativa
Cultivation Indoor | Outdoor
Plant Height Short
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering Period < 8 weeks
THC High

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