New Purple Power



New Purple Power is a purple cannabis variety that descended from a Haze with strong Thai and Colombian influences, an Afghani cultivar and a very early flowering Dutch Skunk. That means that this strain is exotically colourful as well as extremely resilient in harsher climates.

The first purple cannabis varieties to arrive in Europe in the late ’80s came straight from the West Coast of the USA. Because of their incredible colours, flavours, and strong highs, they gained popularity extremely quickly. But they were generally well-suited to the Southern climates, and were not faring so well in harsher Northern European climates. Breeders got down to work to create purple strains that were more suitable for growing outdoors in the north, where it can get very cold and wet.

New Purple Power is one of the successful outcomes of those breeding programs and it was soon noticed that the colder temperatures at the end of the Northern outdoor season brought out even darker purple, red, and blue colours than were seen in the US strains. This encouraged people to fall more in love with New Purple Power as a decorative addition to the garden, as well as a powerful smoke.

Of course, New Purple Power doesn’t mind warm, sunny climates, but it is even known to be able to withstand the less marijuana-friendly Dutch climates. It is resilient and strong and strongly resembles a sativa plant. It is more appropriate for outdoor growing, as it is extremely tall. The leaves are long and thin and look like fingers. They, too have swirls of colour in them. This strain produces quite a hefty yield for the grower, and with a little bit of extra attention the potential is enormous.

Smoking this bud is a delight, as it has quite a mild, although uniquely sweet and sour, aroma. The taste is tropical and fruity. The high from New Purple Power is upbeat and quite clear, meaning it’s perfect for social situations. However, it also gives a long-lasting body high that lasts longer than the cerebral high.

New Purple Power is a perfect addition to the garden because it looks absolutely wonderful. Purple buds are usually coveted among smokers because of how exotic and hard to find they are. The best way to have purple buds is to grow your own, so add this easy-to-grow strain to your garden.

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Genetics Haze x Afghani x Dutch Skunk
Plant Type Mostly Indica
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor
Plant Height High
Average Yield 400 - 450 g/m²
Flowering Period 7 - 10 weeks
THC High