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Nitro Lemon Haze

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THC : High
Type : Mostly Sativa

Nitro Lemon Haze Strain is a turbocharged, sativa dominant strain that delivers outstanding citrus flavoured buds, fast! Our breeders have worked hard to reduce the flowering time to just 8-10 weeks, making it one of the quickest sativa dominant hybrids available.

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Indoors, Nitro Lemon Haze reaches a manageable 100-110cms, yielding upwards of 650g/m2. Outdoors it can get up to 2 metres, with significantly increased yields. Don't be afraid of using LST and FIMMING methods to help keep the size manageable, it copes easily with both. It does well in soil or hydro mediums, with soil maximizing the distinct citrus lemon flavour. The smoke and high are outstanding, starting off mellow and cerebral but VERY long lasting as it settles into deep body buzz. On the inhale you get lemon citrus candy with undertones of skunk. If you want a great tasting sativa but don't want a 14-16 week flowering time, then Nitro Lemon Haze is right up your street.

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Nitro Lemon Haze
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Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

500 - 600 g/m²

Flowering Period

8 - 10 weeks




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