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Shining Silver Haze Feminized

Cannabis Feminized Seeds
THC : High
Type : Mostly Sativa

Shining Silver Haze Strain is the result of a long quest to find a Haze strain with the flowering period more in line with an indica plant. It is 75% sativa and 25% indica. It was created by crossing a Haze with a Skunk x Northern Light hybrid.

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Indoors Shining Silver haze will grow quite short, about 100 cm. tall, as long as the veg. time is kept short. Yields are very good with 600 - 650 gr/m2 being cropped in as little as 9 - 10 weeks which is very fast for a Haze strain. Outdoors it needs the warmth of the Mediterranean, or even warmer regions, to reach its potential, of 2 meters or higher, but 600 - 650 gr/plant is quite possible by late October in the northern hemisphere.

THC production is very high at 21% with medium levels of CBD. The effect is unbelievable, an instant head high. The flavour is a mouth-watering combination of sweet and spicy/Hazey. This strain will really lift your mood and provide some motivational energy.

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Shining Silver Haze Feminized
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Shining Silver Haze Feminized
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Shining Silver Haze Feminized
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Additional information


Haze x (Skunk x Northern Lights)

Plant Type


Indoors, Outdoors

Plant Height


Average Yield

500 - 600 g/m²

Flowering Period

12 - 14 weeks




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