Cannabis Autoflowering Seeds
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Swiss Cheese Autoflowering

Cannabis Autoflowering Seeds
THC : Medium
Type : Predominantly Sativa

Swiss Cheese Strain will knock you off your feet with her penetrating smell. Not suitable for a discrete grower. She is, however fastflowering, has big internodes and creates tight, bulging buds.

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We took our the Jock Horror Autoflowering (with her Mexican Haze Roots) and a classic Swiss Cheese clone and combined the two to create this amazing autoflowering strain.

The Swiss Cheese Autoflowering provides a powerful cerebral high that will activate your senses with a soothing physical effect towards the end. The aroma is both pungent and sweet, just like a proper oldschool Cheese. The taste clearly has that cheese taste too plus a peppery aftertaste.

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Swiss Cheese Autoflowering
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Swiss Cheese Autoflowering
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Additional information


(Swiss Cheese x Skunk#1) x Jock Horror Automatic

Plant Type


Indoor, Outdoor

Plant Height


Average Yield

250 - 350 g/m²

Flowering Period

7 - 9 weeks




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