White Widow



White Widow strain of marijuana is arguably one of the most popular strains worldwide. It is one of the most delightfully balanced hybrids that are the product of Dutch genetic work. Its genetics begin with Brazilian and South Indian strains, and the final product is something that was so special that it became the parent of other “White” strains. Although its white offspring are also very impressive strains of weed, We think that this one stands strong as the best of the White varieties.

One of the most beautiful things about this strain is its XXL-sized yield. It is a fast turnover of an extremely high-quality product, making it great for commercial growers. Its incredible popularity also makes it a clever choice for commercial growers, or even small-time growers, to invest in. Just like a perfectly balanced sativa-indica hybrid, it grows to be about average height and has a low to average flowering time of 55-70 days. It has thick, strong branches to support its thick, lusciously heavy buds. It will grow indoors or outdoors, but in outdoor situations, it requires a sunnier, warmer climate. These seeds are regular seeds, meaning that they will produce both male and female plants.

The reason this strain is called the “White” Widow is because of an extremely generous frosting of white trichomes from Mother Nature. This should be an indication of how potent this strain is! Its effects are an incredibly high euphoria and happy mood, although it is quite relaxed. This is perfect for social gatherings or for creative energy. The strength and potency of this weed make it extremely pungent, with an earthy, woody aroma.

Overall, White Widow is a great strain to have growing in the garden. It is a delight to watch its buds flower into clusters of beautiful white crystals, and it looks absolutely wonderful in the garden. It produces so much bud there’s no way you could be disappointed, and the strength and effects make it one of the best seeds to buy. This is a top-rated strain!

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Genetics Kerala x Manga Rose
Plant Type Hybrid
Cultivation Indoor
Plant Height Medium
Average Yield 325 - 425 g/m²
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
THC High