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Marijuana Seeds for Sale – Are Online Banks Reliable?

May 30, 2019

So, you’ve finally decided to start your very own cannabis garden and would like to order some seeds to get everything started. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of purchasing marijuana seeds from a local dispensary. The good thing is that there is plenty of shops that have marijuana for sale online. However, how is one able to tell which online shops are safe to buy weed from?

The prospect of being able to buy weed online is tempting because it’s convenient. With just a few clicks of a button, one can purchase marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank online and have them discreetly shipped to their doors. From Bruce Banner 3 feminized seeds to Malawi gold seeds, there are plenty of options for one to choose from online.

But there are still those that question if getting marijuana from an online seed bank is even a safe thing to do. One really can’t blame other people for feeling this way because cannabis remains a highly controversial subject even though medical marijuana has become more widely accepted by the mainstream community.

Marijuana for Sale – Important Things You Have to Look For

A lot of scammers have become increasingly efficient in the way they dupe innocent customers by making believable looking scam sites. These scammers are a big reason why some people are hesitant to buy marijuana from an online seed bank because the way they make these sites makes it difficult for one to tell if they are indeed legit.

Read Customer Reviews

When attempting to buy weed online, there are some important things that one must look out for. First, know more about a seed bank’s reputation and background by reading comments and reviews left by customers. Whether one has purchased cannabis online several times before or is completely new to the experience, it is always important to read up on reviews first before deciding to shop from a seed bank.

Some seed banks sell low-quality cannabis seeds for exorbitant prices while others may just end up robbing one of his money. It is the buyer’s responsibility to get to know as much as possible about a seed bank before creating an account to purchase marijuana seeds for sale.

In addition to reading reviews, one should also look for any complaints left by unsatisfied customers regarding the quality of their products and their overall shopping experience. If there are plenty of negative reviews left by customers, then it is best to look for another seed bank to purchase from. Remember that there are plenty of seed banks to choose from, so one will never run out of options. Customers expect to get the best cannabis seeds from their hard-earned money, so it’s a good idea to take this matter seriously.

Study the Strains You Plan on Buying

After one has found a seed bank to buy from, the next thing step is to study the strain that one is interested in buying. For example, if one wants to grow mango feminized seeds, then one has to get as much information about the strain before making a decision. Different strains require different conditions and environments to thrive fully, and it will fall upon the grower to know this kind of information because not all indica-sativa strains are created equal.

Be careful when purchasing strains online because most scam sites will have incorrect information about their products and even use the wrong photos of the strain they’re selling. Scammers have an easy time pulling the wool over the eyes of first-time growers who never bother to do their research. Knowing more about the strains you wish to purchase will help you make a better decision with regards to which site to buy weed online from.

Look at FAQ Pages

Before placing an order, one should check out the FAQs (frequently asked questions) of the website. Check out at least 3 to 5 seed banks and their FAQ pages, especially the parts where they explain their customer service. Read about their rules regarding deliveries, payment methods, shipping, and any promos they might have.

One can easily tell if something is off about a FAQs page. The FAQs section should look professional and make sense, and not look like it was made by an amateur with a bunch of copy-pasted texts. One should also look up the seed bank’s policies regarding refunds and returns of damaged or low-quality products.

Beware of Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

With regards to payment options, one should proceed with caution when shopping from an online seed bank that has cryptocurrency as a payment method. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are popular and already used as a payment mode by many online businesses, scammers use them to steal valuable information from shoppers. One might not be aware that they are already giving scammers sensitive information, so always observe caution when dealing with online seed banks that use cryptocurrency.

Know Their Delivery Options

Reliable seed banks usually offer stealthy shipping options. One should look for companies that have a long history of doing this and have plenty of experience in doing discreet shipping. Stealth shipping is sometimes pricey, but it’s worth it if one wants to ensure that his/her purchase is delivered on time without any hassles. Stealth shipments often involve the use of unmarked packages, and some even have special items where the seeds are kept and stored.

Some seeds may also get shipped using the seed bank’s or breeder’s packaging, which is usually a good thing because it helps ensure that the seeds’ viability and freshness get preserved.

Always Ask for Tracking Numbers to Track Your Order

Tracking numbers are a good way of knowing just how serious a breeder is when it comes to providing their loyal customers with good business. Tracking numbers are normally provided to buyers once their orders have been sent for delivery. With tracking numbers, one can track his/her orders and have an ETA of when to expect the package to arrive.

Scam sites usually don’t provide their customers with tracking numbers and those that do usually give fake ones. Buyers should be careful about this as they may end up getting tricked into spending their money for nothing.

Ask Recommendations from Those Who Have Experienced Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online

Talk to people who have ordered marijuana seeds online before and ask them how their shopping experience went. Ask them if they ever run into any problems while shopping online for marijuana seeds for sale, particularly with the shipment. One should also ask them if the quality of the seeds was compromised when they were delivered. The questions might seem basic and unnecessary, but they can help one make a smart and informed decision when shopping from an online seed bank.

Marijuana for Sale Online – Best Quality at Royal Seed Bank

Growers who wish to purchase only the best cannabis seeds at affordable prices should look no further than Royal Seed Bank. They have everything from Somango strain seeds to Cali Mist strain. Royal Seed Bank has more than 350 different marijuana strains available from 7 of the world’s most reliable seed banks.

The company is well-known if the marijuana community for comparing many of the world’s most popular strains for low prices. It is considered one of the very best places to look for some of the most affordable marijuana strains online. All the seed banks associated with Royal Seed Bank provide discreet international shipping, so one won’t have to worry about their orders going through some complications.

Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online – Conclusion

When shopping for cannabis seeds online, one should always observe caution because some online seed banks are used by hackers to steal important financial information from would-be buyers. Seeds that are sold for unusually low prices might be too good to be true and should always be met with some degree of scrutiny as breeders rarely sell high-quality seeds for budget prices are usually nothing more than a pipe dream.

Most high-quality cannabis seeds sold online require discreet international shipping which usually comes at a price. However, it is a price worth spending good money on as this ensures that one’s orders always arrive on time without arousing any suspicion. Shopping for marijuana seeds for sale online need not be an overly complicated process as long as one remembers the important tips given above and to always shop from reliable seed banks with good track records.

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