Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Canada - Pros & Cons

Canada Seeds

You can buy cannabis seeds for sale from different online seed banks located around the world, many of which are located in the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In the countries mentioned above, laws on selling marijuana are more lax than other online stores located in other countries.

As I visited and read different articles or blogs regarding buying marijuana seeds, many people from different countries suggested that it is great to buy marijuana seeds at Canadian seed banks and European seed banks. In many states and countries that has home-grown law provisions in their medical marijuana laws, you can purchase seeds at dispensaries.  Seed banks are popping up in a lot of countries and will ship marijuana seeds anywhere around the world.

The Legality of marijuana seeds?

The legality of marijuana seeds depends on what country you’re living, it may or may not be legal to sell, purchase and grow marijuana seeds. If you are in a country which is allowing medical and recreational grows, maybe can probably consider it legal to possess marijuana seeds.

The pros and cons of buying marijuana seeds in Canada?



A lot of medical marijuana users have a lot of mobility issues, and getting to the dispensary is very challenging. Purchasing marijuana seeds online eliminates the need to physically go make purchases. With orders being delivered directly to the customer’s address, quickly and hassle-free. For those people who are living in countries which marijuana still illegal, so the option of buying marijuana seeds online means they don’t need to travel to get the marijuana seeds they needed.

Because of the current provisions in Canada, you can easily order marijuana seeds and it will be delivered safely across Canada.

While possession of marijuana in public places is still illegal in Canada, but if you have marijuana seeds delivered directly to your address and store or keep it there then you are less likely to face legal trouble.


For some marijuana growers, keeping private is a primary concern. And they are not comfortable purchasing personally in a dispensary. Online marijuana seeds purchasing is a very ideal option for discreet buying of marijuana seeds. Purchased marijuana seeds are tightly vacuum sealed and shipped in disguise packaging.


By becoming a member of an online retail marijuana seeds store, you can earn bonus points and discounts. And by referring friends you can be rewarded with points that can be used in your next order or purchased.


More expensive than other countries

Many new growers make their first marijuana seeds purchase on a Canadian seed bank, but when they experience or try other seed banks from other countries they soon realize that Canadian seed bank is more expensive than those in other countries.

Lots of Canada Seed Bank has little knowledge

I have read a lot of comments on articles and blogs regarding marijuana seed banks in Canada, and mostly their comments are negative. I have read that most Canadian don’t know what they are selling. Especially now that it is legalized, a  lot of Canadian seed banks will be on what we call a mini “gold rush”, as they will sell their seeds to buyers at the highest price possible they can get. However, they don’t have any idea on what they are selling, like the quality and strain of seeds they are selling.

Availability of marijuana seeds

Most Canadian seed banks don’t have many strains readily available, Canadian seed banks are only offering a dozen or two strains at best. That will not satisfy new growers. Especially, they are looking for a certain kind of marijuana to grow.

If you want to purchase and order marijuana seeds online, you should thoroughly review the online retail store review, read articles and blogs about the online store. Just to make sure will get the best marijuana seeds for its lowest price.

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