How to spot the cheapest price for ganja

Marijuana proscription costs a lot, not just to taxpayers who have funds hundreds of millions of dollars to state administrations’ war against medical marijuana and provide billions of dollars each year to cover the enforcement of marijuana possession laws. Consumers must buy cheap cannabis seeds from drug dealers in most states, paying a hefty risk premium whether they are buying for medical or recreational purposes, but here are some tips to on how to gather ganja on its cheapest cost:

Know the average marijuana prices

You can find information on average marijuana prices by visiting your local dispensaries website or finding their menu on Weedmaps. But menus are not always the actual price as most dispensaries in Colorado offer discounts and other deals to attract and retain their customers.

Get coupons

Go to Cannasaver for free printable marijuana coupons that can save you as much as 50% or more on your marijuana purchases. Check your list of lowest priced dispensaries, and then look at the list of the best marijuana dispensaries. If you find any matches, click on the store name and you’ll be taken to a page of coupons for that particular dispensary.

Look at dispensary websites for more ways to save

Once you’ve selected the marijuana dispensary you want to go to, check the dispensary’s websites and look for links to promotions, daily specials, or member perks.

More is less

It’s true for ganja just as it’s true for groceries and most other items: the more you buy, the more you save. The only way to get the cheapest marijuana possible is to buy ounces rather than smaller increments.

Go for variety

If you’re only taking one type of weed, you’ll quickly build up a tolerance, and the potency of the weed will seem to diminish with each bowl you smoke. Different strains of cannabis affect the mind and body in different ways. By enjoying a wide variety of buds, you’re likely to feel higher and get maximum benefit from each little piece you toke, which enables you to get more bang for your buck. Look for a dispensary that allows customers to split up quantities between different types of herbs, for instance, getting an ounce in the form of four quarters of different types of weed instead of just a single variety.


This again seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true that the more weed you share, the less money will you spend at your dispensary on weed. What goes around comes around, and that guy next door who you shared your last tiny bowl with yesterday might very well show up at your house tomorrow ready to smoke you up with a plump ounce of Colorado’s finest weed. If you want to save money on weed, sharing beats out stinginess every time.

Buy in Bulk

Generally, the more weed you purchase from a dispensary at once, the cheaper per gram will it be. While a single gram might run you around $5-$10 in Denver, an entire ounce consisting of 28 grams can be purchased for $150- or even less, if you’re coupon savvy. Determine how much money you have to spend on herbs in your monthly or bi-weekly budget, and when possible, procure the full quantity of buds you expect to need in a single purchase. The flower themselves will likely be cheaper, and you’ll also save money and time by avoiding extraneous trips to the local dispensary.

Grow It

If it’s legal for you to do so, why not grow some marijuana yourself? You might not have the greenest thumb or the most high-tech set-up, but any herb you manage to grow yourself is a herb that you won’t have to purchase. Cannabis cultivation can be a complex art, but mastering the basics is very simple.

These aren’t the only ways to attain ganja on its cheapest cost or way, but they’re some of the most effective stratagems you can employ without having to cut down on your weed intake. With a little savvy, you can get as high or as medicated as you like for a lot less cost.