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Things Only Medical Marijuana Users Understand

January 30, 2020

There have been several controversies surrounding the use of medical marijuana, because of several laws and legislations that seem to be in conflict with what medical marijuana is intended for. Nevertheless, individuals with life-threatening health conditions seek the refuge through the use of medical marijuana in the hopes of getting better or being able to manage the state of their health. 

As such, here are some of the things that only medical marijuana users understand.

Medical marijuana can be taken in several forms

Contrary to what many believe that marijuana can only be taken in by smoking weed, it can actually be consumed and ingested in the form of a chocolate brownie or even a lollipop, making it easier to treat children suffering from epilepsy. It can also take the form or a topical lotion, spray, oil or cream, making it easy for the elderly to treat certain skin cancers. Each of these methods work differently, but many of those who use medical marijuana divulge that they immediately feel the effect of the drug once they smoke or vaporize it.

Medical marijuana does help treat their health conditions

More and more users of medical marijuana vouch for the effectiveness of the drug in treating their inflammation, pain, and even anxiety. It even gained more popularity when several parents claimed that it greatly helped control the seizures that their children suffering from epilepsy experienced. There are several studies that show that certain people encountered a significant drop in their epileptic episodes after being treated with medical marijuana.

However, even with the proper medical marijuana treatment, there are instances wherein passing on is inevitable, and there is no other option left but to accept the face of death. It is in these instances wherein you can still let the memory of your loved one live on through marijuana cremation urns that reflects how medical marijuana was a significant part of their life. This is also a way for a patient that even though the outcome was inevitable, stands by and shows support the use of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana can be difficult to acquire

There are certain states that consider the use of medical marijuana as legal, while there are other states which allow a restricted use. Nevertheless, there are still several parts of the globe that deem the use of medical marijuana as illegal. This makes it difficult for several patients to acquire the drug even if they need it for their treatment. Apart from this, not all doctors are willing to provide a written recommendation allowing a patient to use medical marijuana for their treatment. A written recommendation from a licensed doctor is necessary for patients to be able to acquire the drug. Apart from this, the health condition of the patient must also be one that qualifies for the use of the drug, otherwise, there is no possibility for the patient to be able to get hold of medical marijuana. There are even states that require patients to get a medical marijuana ID. These requirements make it more difficult for patients to easily get hold of medical marijuana, sometimes even discouraging them to further pursue this possible cure for their disease. However, there are still those who are persistent in acquiring medical marijuana, particularly those who have already proved its benefits.

Medical marijuana sometimes has side effects

Medical MarijuanaLike with any other drug in the market, patients using medical marijuana also experience side effects from using the drug. Some demonstrate blood shot eyes, while others seem to be depressed. There are also those who report feelings of dizziness and hallucinations, while others encounter a faster heart beat and lower blood pressure. Nevertheless, the side effects vary from one person to another and more often than not, the side effects also depend on the certain ailment or health condition they are treating. Some even report that the drug somehow affects their judgement and coordination, which lead them to further injuries. Other parents ceased using medical marijuana, particularly for their teens because there are studies that show that it could impact their mental health.

There are definitely things that only those who have experience using medical marijuana first hand will understand. Currently, medical marijuana is only approved to treat two rare and specific cases of epilepsy, but more research is being done to possibly expand its use to treat other forms of ailments and diseases. However, government agencies are still wary and taking the necessary precautions in legalizing medical marijuana because it is still a substance that can easily be abused.

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