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Top Trends About Completely Processed CBD Products

December 30, 2019

The awareness and growth of the CBD products have grown at an exponential rate in recent years. This is a global trend, wherein most countries are aware and taking action on handling CBD products. In the US, CBD has taken great leaps from being a relatively unknown compound to something that many people have at least heard of or have an inkling as to what it is. Awareness leads to consumption in the business world, and in just a span of a few years, a great surge in the number of people consuming CBD oil and other products can be observed. We’ll discuss more about the trends of completely processed CBD products.

USA Continues to be the Largest CBD Market

The United States continues to be the largest CBD market in the world and will be so in the coming years. This is because the majority of the research and development of CBD products are conducted in the country. Thus, people in the country have the first access to revolutionary products and those that undergo testing phase. Also, producers and manufacturers of CBD products in the US are looking at the global stage and are coordinating with importers and business partners from countries that legalize CBD or allow CBD for medical use. Thus, along with the growth in the US market, the global market will also see an increase in the coming years. Canada is also seen as a promising market being the second largest CBD market. With all these market trends buzzing, the US presents a huge market opportunity for everyone. It has a projected $22 billion market by 2022, with Canada and the rest of the world following with $6 billion and $4 billion, respectively.

Legalization of Hemp CBD Oil and Products

Changes in legislation across the world when it comes to CBD consumption can have a significant impact on the market and consumption of CBD products on a global scale. Updates on the legal status of CBD means more people can legally experiment with CBD oil products. Again, the US is in the spotlight when it comes decriminalizing and making hemp CBD oil and products. In recent years, great strides have been made in making hemp CBD oil legal for all.

Thanks to the Agricultural Improvement Act or the Farm Bill, CBD oil is granted legal status, provided that it has less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives a high sensation) and comes from the hemp plant.

The US isn’t the only country that’s working towards the legalization of CBD oil. The UK has a similar provision, with a lesser amount of THC content allowed (0.2%). Other countries that have worked on the legalization of CBD oil are The Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Chile and Canada.

The legislative atmosphere in countries where the CBD is currently not legal is showing hints of change. This is due to the supporting statements made by key authorities and organizations such as WHO about the positive health effects of CBD oil.  This can help these countries lean toward the legalization of CBD oil in the future.

Social Consumption

Social consumption is an emerging trend when it comes to marijuana and CBD product intake. Due to the legalization of CBD oil and products, social consumption is also gaining momentum from regular CBD oil consumers, especially those using CBD vape juices. For now, there are specialized lounges for marijuana consumption in cities like San Francisco and Denver. Other cities are also looking to introduce social consumption opportunities.

Availability of High Quality Products Across the World

Marijuana being cutted

Research and development of CBD products get a major boost from legalization. With major health institutions like WHO providing key findings on the health benefits of CBD, producers and manufacturers are taking the research a step further to provide high quality products, along with the growing consumer demand for high quality products.

CBD oil has a wide application when it comes to medical supplements and health products. Its chief applications are for anxiety relief, seizure treatment, pain relief, insomnia treatment and many others. With the US leads the way in CBD product research, it’s no wonder if the best cbd oil for pain is produced from one of its states. Many productions and manufacturing facilities in the US use state-of-the-art extraction methods that yield high purity and high quality products that ensure the safety of consumers. Also, extensive research by manufacturers in conjunction with medical and scientific studies have resulted in a variety of products that can be administered in different ways to relieve pain, such as tinctures, balms and lotions.

Currently, there are no strict regulations when it comes to the production of CBD oils and products, To remedy this, CBD researchers, specialists and other scientists have provided numerous articles and publicly available research to educate the users of CBD products in knowing and determining what to look for in a great product.

Influencers Tying Up with CBD Oil Companies

CBD companies have found great partners in influencers when it comes to expanding their market or having great exposure of their products to a relatively new audience. Just like what the term implies, influencers are individuals who are in important government positions, known businesspersons or executives, philanthropists, celebrities, or any reputable individual who has a significant number of followers. Their recommendations have a high chance of influencing consumers to try out certain products. This is why CBD companies often arrange an exclusive partnership with a reputable influencer to gain more access their target audience achieve better sales numbers. Influences can make the difference in changing the points of view of their own followers and unfollowers, especially when they share positive experiences and testimonials about how CBD oil and CBD products have improved their quality of life.

Tie-ups with Other Industries

While during its infancy, CBD oil had a negative connotation due to its relation to cannabis. This negative picture prevented some companies who saw potential in the CBD market to support it at first. However, as awareness of the many positive uses of CBD spread to many users and interested parties around the world, the trend of crossover industry support for CBD has swiftly emerged in different parts of the globe. We now see trends of companies from different industries tapping into the CBD industry to be part of its growing market. Now, we see some established and known cosmetics companies promoting CBD-infused skincare products. The food and beverage industries are also slowly incorporating CBD-infused food products like candies, chocolates and processed foods. Beverages like coffee, soda drinks, protein shakes and beers are slowly incorporating CBD oil infused variants.

With the growing potential and wider acceptance of CBD products around the world, it’s not surprising why certain trends are emerging. With all the hype regarding this revolutionary product, it still pays to be careful with its consumption and to consult your doctor or a medical professional if you wish to use CBD products for medical use. One thing is sure, the CBD industry is here to stay and is sure to grow in the coming years. It is exciting to see new developments on the many uses and applications of this innovative substance.

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