Why you should use a seed bank for your seeds


The seed bank is the resting habitation of weed seeds and is a vital element of the life cycle of weeds. The best seed banks are the sole source of future weed populations of the weed species both annuals and perennials that reproduce only by seeds. For this reason, understanding the fate of seeds in the seed bank can be a significant component of overall weed control. When weed seeds enter the seed bank, several factors affect the duration for which seeds persist. Seeds can sense its surrounding environment and could use these stimuli to either become dormant or initiate germination. Soil and crop management practices can directly influence the environment of seeds in the soil weed seed bank and can thus be used to manage seed longevity and germination behavior of weed seeds. A seed bank stores seeds to preserve genetic diversity, in the form of seeds or cuttings.

There are a lot of reasons to store seeds:

  • To have an on-hand the genes that plant breeders need to increase yield, disease resistance, drought tolerance, nutritional quality, taste, etc. of plants used in agriculture.
  • To forestall the loss of genetic diversity in rare or imperiled plant species in an effort to conserve biodiversity ex-situ.
  • Climate change. These events could cause certain species of plants to go extinct as it will cause extreme weather conditions or much worse, bring new pests into some environments.
  • Natural disasters. Can wreak havoc on a region’s ecosystem.
  • Disease. Quickly and easily wipes out any crops and plants.
  • Man-made disaster. It can be as devastating to plant life as natural disasters. An obvious example would be war. In fact, one of Iraq’s vital seed banks was looted during the fighting.
  • Research. Indigenous people have used plants as a traditional or practice to cure sickness for centuries. One in every six wild plants is used for medicinal purposes without knowing what disease the plant or herb could eradicate.

Many medicinal plants that were used centuries ago by humans are frequently used now due to the existence of chemical-loaded medicines, thus seed banks offer a way to preserve that historical and cultural value. Seed banks are considered seed libraries for it contain all the data that could help growers to tend their plants appropriately with passion and care. Most seed banks are funded sometimes with the government or large organizations and seeds are usually accessible for research that could benefit the public.

Advantages in Seed

  • Seeds acquire from highly regarded seed banks are of recognized ancestry and genetics. You will have a logical thought of how the variety will perform in terms of outcome, quality, and flowering time.
  • Grower’s seed must generate robust plants that are free from any kind of diseases and pests.
  • Hybrid vitality. Females developed from seed germination always have an increased yielding rather than clones. Cannabis growers desire to revitalize their growth and development with the similar victorious strain for some reasons that strains can drop their vitality as they are continually exposed to our environment nowadays.
  • Breeding and crossing alternatives are doable because of the male seeds. The feminized seeds can generate an increased proportion of female seeds not all of the seed is 100% it is never an assurance.
  • Gives growers a lot of information while attending its growth till its harvest season.

Disadvantages in Seeds

  • Trouble may arise from overcharge during shipping.
  • Price. Cannabis seeds can be costly, not just per package of seed but considering the flowering of a crop may take some time.
  • Not fixed hybrid strains.
  • Not all of the seeds will be possible to germinate. Just the 50% of the unfeminized seeds can make a female while the feminized seeds can generate up to 90% of females but never 100%.
  • You take a lot of seeds packs before you determine a contender having extraordinary parent cannabis to propagate.
  • You have to be an enthusiast in growing when you utilize seed for growing cannabis because this may take effort, time, money, and a lot of patience before you come up for a harvest.
  • Uncertain outcome of the quality of the production.
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