What is the average harvest for one cannabis plant?

Cannabis Grow

Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in growing cannabis for medical demands, personal use, and even as a source of income, and are hesitant to inquire about the yields though it really varies on too many factors. Beginner growers and people who don't raise but are considering growing usually ask about how much will they generate from one cannabis plant. Unfortunately, a more explicit response to this question is very complicated as there are a set of factors on the menu that determine how much weed you will be able to grow from a single plant. These factors include the type of the plant, the cultivation method either it is an indoor or outdoor, the quality of soil, fertilizers and even the pesticides being used, the amount of light your plants will be able to receive that even using artificial light could sustain its needs but basically must be maintained and adjusted if needed, and most of all, the skills and the capabilities of the grower to nourish the plants and help it developed to its highest potential.

The yield of one outdoor cannabis plant can range simply anywhere from 0 to 1500 grams. However, assuming a plant growing on a desired condition and environment, photoperiod plants will generate approximately 200-600 grams per plant while auto-flowering plants will yield about 30-120 grams per plant. The gain of indoor harvests is habitually estimated by the number of grams/watt or what they call the gram per watt method, not per plant considering its growing space and the potential of the lighting regarded during cultivation. For outdoor grow plans, where lights aren’t a concern and weeds can grow tall and big because of the unlimited space which you can just neglect the use of pruning techniques and also be considering a good weather condition, you will not need to raise more than a couple of plants at a time if it's just for personal use.

Making sure your plants have enough space, right nutrients, maintained with the right equipment, good ventilation, and adequate lighting are the key to harvest a high-quality cannabis plant. Some plants are heavy yielders, while others won’t yield much no matter how much they’re maintained and nurtured, thus, high yield and high quality are clearly not the same things, and many strains with low yield are much more valued than strains with high yield because of their quality. But one thing is for sure, hard work can really produce a full pound of flower buds.

The original genetics of the plant plays a very significant role during cultivation. Seeds are vital that is why most growers preferred to purchase seeds and germinate it on their own and keeping some exceptional seeds upon distribution. When planning to grow weeds of your own, be sure to be ready in investing a greater amount especially for equipment like filters, timers, and exhaust fans which are known to be very expensive for growers. We all want to get the greatest yield out of our weed crop and to be able to experience its benefits as much as we can so avoid tightly saving your money when you desired to have a productive one.

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