What is the average size of a cannabis plant?

Growing Cannabis Plants

Growing marijuana plants personally can be one of the most worthwhile phases of being a cannabis devotee as this could give you the freedom to choose the genetics you wanted to have and understand each strain's traits because as you can see, cannabis plants all grow differently and have wide range of factors that could affect its growing cycles and end results. If you are a grower, one of the questions that would totally mess up your mind if you don't get the right or best answer is the average size of a cannabis plant. Well, I couldn't see any problem with that if you're into that fact as accurately, the actual height of the plant is one of the common ways to indicate the cannabis plant's flowering cycle. But again, each strain has a unique set of traits that you will be able to learn as you'll read throughout the pages.

Sativa strains of cannabis

Known to grow long, tall, and thin that can grow up to 20 feet when grown outdoors and is known of having much longer vegetation periods than the Indica strains. This strain is favorable for indoor cultivation especially during summer seasons where the temperature is pretty warm as this strain has the trait to adapt and thrive in such conditions better. Using the following equation for sativa strains, you'll be able to find the estimate for your plant yield.

2.5V = H; where (V) is the vegged plant height and (H) denotes the plant height at harvest

 Indica strains of cannabis

This strain tends to grow short typically about between 3 to 10 feet tall and fat, normally yielding more than the sativa strains. If you only have a limited space but is putting a great interest in growing personal cannabis plant, then this strain might be the great solution as you can control its exact shape and size through trimming or pruning. But this method requires knowledge and extra care to prevent your plants' growth cycle from getting disrupted. Following is its corresponding formula for yield estimation.

1.5V = H; where (V) is the vegged plant height and (H) denotes the plant height at harvest

 Hybrid strains of cannabis

This strain is specially made from experiments, combining elements of both the indica and sativa species through the breeding process in hope of capturing Sativa effects in a plant that is more flexible to grow or to formulate an equal stoned effect that grants physical and cerebral influence. Hybrid strains can be selected for a unique variety of size, buds' appearance, and other traits as some strains grow similar to sativas while others grow more like indicas. Here is the equation for hybrid strains.

2V = H; where (V) is the vegged plant height and (H) denotes the plant height at harvest.

The average size of your cannabis plant totally depends on what type of weed you’re growing and the type of growing conditions you’re growing it in, either it's an indoor or outdoor cultivation, understanding the space, lighting, and ventilation requirements. When growing outdoors, considering that you have the natural elements on your side, you do still have the control over your plant's end result. If you think that it is pretty easy to grow your own cannabis plant that you can even make it work and become a pro overnight, then try to understand and weigh the role of pot size, light quality, water, ventilation, humidity, and temperature conditions, plant training and maintenance, then, think again.

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